In the summer, the herds are open to the public with a ceremony to protect the Camargue

Some of them in Petite Camargue offer traditional evenings, each with its own character. An encounter with herders and herders to the sound of gypsy harps.

These evenings close out the gaur land exploration, sorting show, Camargue race, ferris wheel, cattle show, antlers, herdsmen’s game, accompanied by explanation of the breeding, traditions and life of a herd, demonstrations become important to maintain them.

At the end of these presentations, which also highlight the daily work of herders and herdsmen, the public will share a traditional appetizer, usually a brasucade, with the giants. families, herders, herders and amateurs.

Groul family, pioneers of the gypsy movement

The Church of Saint Louis in Vauvert is the source of the Camargue evenings that have become a classic of the summer service. At Mas de la Paix, special has always been and always is welcomed by the Groul family.

In addition to the predecessors, the three generations wanted to be present to receive the participants themselves. For the son of the first manager, Jean-Claude dit Cancan, it was their originality, quite simply, faithful to the original spirit of the evening.

Eliane, the always active mother, loves to talk about how Mas de la Paix first brought to the gypsies. “Incidentally, during one of the swings, we made them bring guitars to set the mood, she recalled. OWe put a banner on the street and the first night about 60 people came so we continued.

“We were born on horseback”

That was almost forty years ago. It must be said that this property, ideally located between Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and Aigues-Mortes, is intended for public reception.

A magnificent green entrance, original restored buildings, bullring and a large laupio (shelter). The origin of the farm was agriculture, but it was always sheltered by bulls and horses. Manade was created by Jean-Claude’s father, Jean-Claude Groul, director of the Grau-du-Roi arena, along with Eliane.

We were born on horsebackdaughter Laurence explained. Our father bought us a saddle at birth. I don’t use any other!“Daughter-in-law Karine and grandson Benjamin completed the family photo.

Crossing the swamp with wild bulls and horses

The manager is currently focusing on tourism and the manager is proud to announce this to the participants, explaining to them that they are helping to keep this tradition alive. He doesn’t hesitate to talk about survival, possibly thanks to his passion.”almost a profession of faithaccording to Cancan.

At each ferris wheel, he presents with nostalgia about the work, the tradition, and the difficulties associated with it. With his outspokenness, he shares his love of Camargue culture with the public, who blend into the decor and share a beautiful evening with the herders. “We want to promote our profession“Laurence said.

A passion tied to tradition for the Groul family, which harmoniously combines livestock with quality tourism. It is gladly open on Wednesday evenings, which is a time of true sharing and an opportunity to indulge in the productions of manade and terror.

On Thursday evenings, the herd of barges welcomes barges to its land at the Tour Carbonnière for another Camargue vigil, in a magnificent environment, with the crossing of the swamp with the cows. gaur and horse roam freely and the famous antlers.

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