King George for Pylediver: a message of hope for all “little kids”!

More and more we hear that it’s impossible to win the big race without investing a fortune, the beautiful stories of “small” hitting “big” are gone. Ladies and gentlemen, wipe your tears and start dreaming again, because it is possible. Proof with Pyledriver, a rock no one wanted in his youth, who flew away in King George for a group of friends, and William Muir, an unfashionable “old coach” who proved that all this that… is possible!

Pylediver, a phenomenon not seen in King George (photo by Alan Crowhurst)

Obviously, to win the big races, you have more chances with a big wallet, and therefore a big source. But we always remind you, you must dream of greatness even if you are not Croesus, and always try to keep going, because one day it will pass. For example, in France we have known “baker’s horse” Saonoisor even ordinary people on earth Cirrus of the Eagles. There are many other such stories, and one of them is the story of Pyledrivera curiosity spawned at the base, became a crack on the track, and allowed a group of friends to win today the famous “King George”, the Arc of the Summer Dispute at Ascot ago a crowd is delirious.

All the beauty of King Georges being contested over 2400m is also to see the 3-year-olds face off against the “old men”. Therefore, we can find the winner of the Irish Derby from the very beginning Westoverbut also the second of the cows Emily Upjohn. The first city to cut his throat completely out of old leather Broome, so much so that he sank when he started walking straight. Emily Upjohn, she got hit or not without too many reasons. Suddenly, this version turned into a fight of the “old champs”, turning to the advantage of Pylediver, who started dry and made his skin speak up to take the winner’s lead. Arc 2021 Torquator Tassonotable on British soil, and Mishriffdefinitely still there, but less sharp at 2400m.

Torquator Tasso (right), also achieved a great 2nd place, on route de l’Arc in the fall

As always in this kind of tournament and facing big names, Pylediver is wrongly overlooked by the bookies, he is perhaps inferior to some in pure class, but is exceptionally steadfast in his endeavors. his force. If others can fail, it rarely happens to him. At the same time, Pyledriver has always been very good. The Gr.2 winner was in 3rd on the long haul, 3rd in St Leger, then won the Coronation Cup (Gr.1) last year with legendary toughness, then he went. travel. 2nd in Hong Kong Vase (Gr.1), we saw him 4th extremely unlucky in Dubai, then 2nd in Gr.1 recently. He is currently claiming his greatest glory at the age of 5 and is on the way to nearly £2m in earnings. Not bad for a commoner’s horse!

Pyledriver triumphantly returns under the helm of Patrick Joseph McDonald, accompanied by his coach William Muir (must wear a pink tie)

We say it with affection, but yes, Pyledriver is a civilian. These co-breeders and co-owners, Hugo Leach, Guy Leachand Gary Devlin, in the eyes of the upper society of the simple racers, whose only means were horses to run on the small racetracks, unaware of the joys of celebrations with championship trophies. after the Gr.1. Their story with Pyledriver begins the day they bought his mother in France The Pylea humble flat course they want to try blowing up Philip Hobbs… with no results.

Pyledriver’s mother Pyle wore Gérard-Augustin Normand colors at Pia Brandt at the start of her career (aprh)

This girl from Le Havre doesn’t have the track record to be an adopted girl, but takes the lead thanks to her brother’s exploits Mount Ormel, who won the Grand Prix de Paris, then his own sister Normandel, the winner of his group. Therefore, his co-owners sent him to meet Port policethe son ofWelcome built for speed, who had a very short career at Tweenhills Stud before retiring early due to chronic arthritis. This crossing is supposed to give them a speed that gives them a big late run. Why not. However, it was a shower on the sales floor, as the foal was bought 10,000 Gns of ponies, without a real bid. Therefore, Pylediver is trained and sent to William Muir. This friendly and discreet personality has been licensed to practice for over 30 years, and oversees a small workforce in Lambourn, the “country Newmarket”. In short, it is not fashionable, but will become so.

Harbor Watch, Pyledriver’s father

On his debut as 2yo, Pyledriver won 50/1, and pleased a few at the stables, as the story goes they all put a £20 note on him. It’s been a true fairy tale ever since, popular with its beautiful trainer and team, with a horse managed by the hands of an owner who doesn’t overrun, but always meet current. Obviously, King George is another stadium, it’s the holy grail for an Englishman. This probably won’t allow Pylediver to find a place on a large stud farm, and possibly even a standard flat stallion.

Since then, his owners and breeders have produced 2 other winners with mom, including a 3-year-old Stockpyle, progressed and maintained with 2 consecutive wins by handicap. Of course, the siblings are all in William Muir, now affiliated with Chris Grassick. A distinguished guest joined them, in this case a 2-year-old boy from La Pyle, Shagpylewhose son? Frankel. This time, the partners broke the piggy bank, enjoying the fallout from their adventures with Pylediver. Like anything, sometimes it’s enough to just believe it a little, and that’s it.


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