KOOKAPI: “Benefits of Insect croquettes”

Insect-based Kibble, ideal for your pet and good for the planet. Like food for humans, feed manufacturers are changing the code. The startup KOOKAPI offers croquettes and treats made from insects and minerals. Hervé BECK explains how KOOKAPI provides healthier dog food and better food for our planet.

Does dog and cat food contribute to climate change?

This simple question may surprise you! The meat-based diets of our pets have a huge impact on the planet. This meat production actually generates significant greenhouse gas emissions. In the United States alone, dogs, cats and other pets represent the fifth largest meat consumption in the world. To combat global warming, we must reduce meat consumption globally, without necessarily forcing them to stop eating meat. Today, there are alternatives to beef and poultry that can meet 100% of the needs of a healthy animal while being more respectful of the planet. Therefore, scientific studies have shown the nutritional power of insect protein. Therefore, it is possible to move towards feed solutions that avoid intensive farming. This is the way of the future and the choice of KOOKAPI.

How can the KOOKAPI brand balance animal welfare and sustainable development?

“We are what we eat”. Foodtech KOOKAPI solves the problem of sustainable nutrition for our dogs and cats (the species that consume 20% of the world’s meat!) by offering a new kibble: environmentally responsible and ideal for health their health. With insects as the main ingredient, KOOKAPI provides our pets with high-quality nutrients that are especially good for them and for the planet. Our responsible approach is holistic: selection of ingredients with a low eco-mark, made in France, ingredients that are natural and traceable, transparent to the consumer. our use. With KOOKAPI, we are addressing owners who limit their meat consumption and those who involve their animals in this choice.

Why did KOOKAPI choose to be the sponsor of the 1% Label for Animals?

KOOKAPI’s two values ​​are respect for animals and our environment. Values ​​are shared with YouCare, an organization that fights against animal cruelty, neglect, abuses intensive farming and, like us, is starting the fight to protect it. and biodiversity conservation. As patrons of the “1% For Animals” Label, we pledge to donate 1% of our sales. Thanks to the donation, Label implements major projects to protect and care for domestic animals, preserve and regenerate the natural habitat of wild animals. The actions are in line with our mission: to reconcile animal love and happiness with a sustainable environment.


EVIDENCE: Chewing deer velvet for dogs

Deer velvet is derived from the annual molting process of wild deer in Europe. As a natural source of calcium and minerals, these naturally and safely treat your dog’s dental plaque. Whether whole, sliced ​​or beveled, deer antler velvet meets your chewing needs. Does not break into pieces, does not have an unpleasant smell, does not stick to the hair. A natural solution that is appropriate for your dog’s age, size and temperament and will also have the advantage of helping to soothe them.

Kiviks filter garbage bags

These are magic sieves that simplify bin cleaning! Biodegradable and economical, these stackable filter bags make it easy to remove cat urine and feces. A patented French innovation, Kiviks are designed to be scratch resistant and are best used with liquid binder fillers. Goodbye shovel, hello practical, economical and ecological gesture with Kiviks! Available in 3 sizes to accommodate any type of tray.

  • Website: www.kiviks.com

  • Price: €5.95

  • Sell: Small, medium and large surface

Hop Box: products for rabbits and guinea pigs

Hop Box is a themed box brand as well as an online store offering over 80 diverse, healthy and natural products (no chemicals or additives), good for your rabbit’s organism and guinea pig. With three types of hay, Hop Box is renowned for its quality. Meadow hay, timothy, Provence, with its long, dust-free fibers, from parts of France, is very popular with rabbits and guinea pigs. Hop Box also offers a subscription to receive monthly hay.

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