Laura Monier, a Breton in full bloom in Germany

At the end of April in Grimaud, Laura Monier took part in her first 5* CSI, a few months after discovering the 4* level. In partnership with the stable Welvert, founded in Saarland, not far from Lorraine and Alsace, it competes almost anywhere in Europe and is beginning to get encouraging results. At the age of thirty-two, Breton, meeting at CHI Wiesbaden, intends to become one of the elite.

Laura Monier with Kira Loe and Petter Patter at Hubside Jumping in Grimaud.

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Although proud to represent France in international diving competitions, Laura Monier lives and works in Germany. For four and a half years she worked for Gestüt Welvert, a livestock stable based in Saint-Wendel, one hundred kilometers northeast, in the Land of Saarland. Over the past few years, the mission of this organization has been to develop the competitive performance of this structure, led by a determined group of countries. Not from a family of equestrians, this 32-year-old equestrian, who started at the age of 12 in a horse club in Vannes, pursues her career following a guideline that is always close to her heart. : constantly looking for ways to develop and break through.

Fulfilling this wish, Laura Monier, who had already begun studying law, left her native Brittany at the age of nineteen to complete her equestrian training in a commercial stable, then with Walter Lapertot, with Éric Levallois in Normandy, Italy and in Germany, first with Paul Schockemöhle, before joining Graciela and Thomas Bruch in Saint-Wendel. A perfect spot in his eyes, allowing him “On top of that, explore some different techniques. Of course, there is not only one German technique, there are many techniques, but the Germans still lead, and I appreciate their way of doing things in general. They train their horses a lot, which seems very interesting to me.”, she pointed out.

In this journey, on the level of the tests, it went from 1.30m to 1.50m, and from breaking to the Grand Prix horse development. A few months after starting CSI 4*, she joined her first CSI 5* at the end of April in Grimaud, as part of Hubside Jumping. His best to date is sixth in the Roeser CSI 3* Grand Prix with Kira Loe (Bav, Clooney x Cruising) last September. Naturally, the French also have a mission to train Welvert ponies, with the aim of helping them qualify for championships. So she alternates between competitions, national and international, and prepares horses at home.

Laura Monier with Kira Loe at Hubside Jumping in Grimaud.

Laura Monier with Kira Loe at Hubside Jumping in Grimaud.

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The French team in sight

Laura Monier with Attack at the Sunshine Tour, at Vejer de la Frontera.

Laura Monier with Attack at the Sunshine Tour, at Vejer de la Frontera.

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Giving yourself time to do well, Welvert breeding, which produces seven to eight ponies a year, is not for the purpose of selling its products, but for keeping them for sport, which represents a extraordinary opportunity for Laura, who shined especially with twelve-year-old Petter Model (ZWEIB, Phlox x Quinar), recently ranked at 1.50m in CSI 3* at Lanaken, Attack (ZWEIB, Armitage 2 x Quinar), eight years old, and Amira B 3 (ZWEIB, All Music x Damarco), six years old. “We want to keep them, despite the great offers that have been made to us”, Laura said. Equestrians also appreciated two horses from Ludger Beerbaum’s stables, for sale: Diacontina (Han, Diacontinus x A Conto AS), seven, and G Liberation La Garette (SF, Montender 2 x Flipper d’Elle) , six years old.

As for her future, Laura Monier sets no limits, and hopes to soon be able to have the honor of being the first choice for the French team. “I am so proud to have been able to mount my first 5* CSI in Grimaud. It was a wonderful experience. We can also join a lot of 4* CSI. In the future, I would love to be able to compete in National Cups at 3* level. I want to go as far as I can and I’m full of projects. I am fortunate to be very well supported by my owners, the Bruch family, who even invested in Kira Loe to support Petter Patter. In addition, they give me complete confidence in the management of the barn, which is invaluable. Together we build and move forward.”she is proud. “If one day I find similar conditions in France, of course I’ll go back, but I have a lot of possibilities here so that’s not an issue at the moment.”

Cultivating a desire to progress, French women observe excellent racers a lot. “From my early years, Pénélope Leprevost has been a role model. I have always enjoyed his position. Today, my inspirations are of course more: Laura Kraut, Ludger Beerbaum and Martin Fuchs, among others. I gladly follow them whenever I get a chance to see how they work, how they work in general. ” Actual references, no doubt.

Relive the jump that allowed Laura Monier and Petter Patter to finish second in last summer’s Fontainebleau Classic CSI 1* Grand Prix

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