Livestock and stable competition in the heart of the Pays d’Auge

Created 8 years ago by Charles-Henri Fermé and Marie-Eugénie Angles, Norman, specializes in show dancing, including competition cages, ranches and livestock allowances for owners. Haras du Breuil is also developing a trade in horses necessary for the normal operation of the company.

A stud farm with lots of activities

It is in the heart of the Pays d’Auge that Charles-Henri Fermé and Marie-Eugénie Angles opened their stallion in 2016. Over 140 hectares of greenery, the grounds host a competition stable of horses. competition and children. Horses are born at the ranch, two barns are dedicated to the rental of horses from professional riders like Félicie Bertrand, Pauline Jouanneteau, or even more recently, Malagasy rider Romain Lescanne. Charles-Henri Fermé and Marie-Eugénie Angles set up a functional stable for sports practice and developed their project in good condition with: one carousel, two arenas (sand and grass), two tracks gallop in the grass and another barn drains in the sand. year round, but also a walker, mat and all the necessary gear for the comfort and well-being of the horses.

After 1 year of work, Haras du Breuil was able to welcome its first horses in January 2016. Since then, the estate has grown significantly and will have between 125 and 130 horses by 2022, 60 in the box and others in the pastures of the estate. with 22 births expected this year. Passionate about provenance and genetics, the couple quickly switched to breeding by selecting and purchasing confirmed broodstock, as well as continuing to purchase world-renowned strains every year. They also rely on their old mounts to produce about 10 ponies a year with afix Breuil. Charles-Henri Fermé and Marie-Eugénie Angles collaborated with Haras de la Pomme, mainly on modern insemination techniques and promotion of their stallions. They also work with Sadri Fegaier’s Haras des Grillons and take on residents who breed for other clients. Haras du Breuil also provides services for his steed with modern styling, Bellini Dufaure de L (Mylord Carthago on the Jubilée d’Ouilly), the leading horse of the rider Norman, with whom he has participated specifically last summer on the track of the Rolex Grand Prix des Masters de Chantilly.

Haras du Breuil

A solid structure to support stable competition

By surrounding themselves with a professional team, consisting of seven people, Charles-Henri Fermé and Marie-Eugénie Angles created the solid and necessary structure to support their performance as professional racers. Norman riders can now count on a fleet of about ten stallions, including some good horses with a future: Equinox and Enrico de la Pomme, in addition to Evita or Katmandu belonging to the owners. other. It was by building this boar farm that the couple were able to progress and move from the status of enlightened amateurs to professionals, especially working with celebrities like Bertrand de Bertrand. Belabre. If Charles-Henri Fermé now practices his sport professionally, the result for him will be to bring the highest level of excellence to a horse he has bred at Haras du Breuil, like Olivier Perraud with the Aiguilly crib or the Hcart family with Haras de la Roque.

Haras du Breuil is open for events

The former estate renovated by Charles-Henri Fermé and Marie-Eugénie Angles has become an ideal venue for equestrian events. Haras du Breuil notably hosted a fence selection day, a Horse Pass event, a platform to connect buyers and sellers, and a federal FFE course. Haras du Breuil also leases space to brands for photography.

…And to trade

Trade, through procreation, ponies and valuable horses, today carries the activity of Haras du Breuil in the image of Dali Pp Z sold to Mathilde Pinault. The commercial part is essential and allows the couple to grow and continue both financially and athletically. Stable returns highlighting new investments that generate new cash flow through sales and combined with properly done work increases the quality of your horses and thus access to the vital market. more beneficial.

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