Livestock Summit is preparing to hold the 31st at Charolais . time

The 31st edition of Livestock Summit will take place from Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th October next. The will is always to strengthen the meeting place. “The summit is a tripod. It was first a business crossroads related to livestock, then it was a popular show since it was created Because the friendly and funny between participants throughout the Program. It’s finally a political crossroads insofar as it is frequented by many managers, who regularly come to keep an eye on the operation of the livestock industry. Some analyze it as a good forum for making various announcements. » emphasized Jacques Chazalet, its president during a press conference held on June 15 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Target 100,000 visitors

The organizers have set for themselves this year a 100,000 customers target for an edition must be the one that actually returns to health after the cancellation of the 2020 edition and last year’s vaccination constraints. In mid-June, 1,385 exhibitors confirmed their presence. ” Ours target 1,500 exhibitors should be achieved for this new version. » Underline Fabrice Berthon. A good dynamic is noted especially among exhibitors whose activities are related to energy transition and renewable energy. For this next edition, the organizers have Lobby 3 has been refurbished to enable better reception of visitors and improve the quality of animal presentations. The area dedicated to these suckling pig breeds will be expanded by 10 m to increase the area covered from 8,000 m2 last year to 10,000 m2 this year. “Larger, more open and spacious, Hall 3 will therefore be able to accommodate more stands. Cooperating with Interbev, a new ring measuring 14 x 9 m will be set up within it, to host animal presentations in addition to those offered at Zénith. » Fabrice Berthon indicated. Will the external surfaces for agricultural machinery increase by one hectare?

total 2,000 animals

total 24 breeds of cows, 26 breeds of sheep and 15 breeds of horses will be representing a total of 2,000 animals in attendance. As for the meat breed, around Charolais Make it even more special with 400 of the best specimens of the breed in 4 days. As Sébastien Cluzel, president of the Charolais breeder, has pointed out, the first French beef breed was intended to highlight “Its adaptability to all climates at all latitudes, its legendary docility and good growth potential. » A content that is currently highly rated because Make the most of your portions taking into account the price variation of the different types of raw materials included in the fattening rations. By playing with words, the idea throughout the program is to highlight ” Welfare “ owner of cattle Charolais and “good birth” livestock they select. One auction of a dozen breeders who meet the “Bien Naître Selection” criteria will take place on Thursday 6 October after the classification of the championships.

Back to the number of foreign delegations

One hundred conferences have been announced. Their topics necessarily have in common being related to livestock and the development of grasslands. After many brilliant years, the 2022 edition will be the edition of back to the number of foreign delegations. The Charolais competition to which delegations from all the countries in which the breed was bred are invited, the European Simulation competition and the Hereford European Congress are all recommended events. promote the international side of this show. “Many delegations from Mongolia, Georgia, South America, Poland, Slovakia, Ivory Coast… have announced their presence. Visits to farms and downstream business sites were planned for them. This is one of the great added values ​​offered by our salon. » emphasizes Benoît Delaloy in charge of international promotion.

Mongolian steppe

The Mongolia will be the country with the most special honor this year. ” Here The country responds well to the criteria that we love: a tradition of ruminant farming, large breeding areas and a desire to work with different partners in French cattle breeding. » emphasizes Benoît Delaloy. Located between Russia to the north and China to the south, Mongolia stretches over an area nearly three times larger than mainland France with 3.4 million inhabitants, half of whom are under the age of 27. Mongolia is first and foremost an image of the great expansioncloser to the arid steppes than to the Normandy steppes but are pastoral areas currently in great use 31.1 million sheep, 26.5 million goats, 5 million cattle and 4.3 million horses. The figures include the total number of individuals of these species. “We have imported cattle Limousins, Angus and Montbeliard. And we hope to deepen the partnership and exchange with your country. » Nyamkhuu Ulambayar, Mongolian Ambassador to France, explained. And to determine that his country is largest cashmere producer in the world and the second for horse meat.

Big challenges in the coming years

“Another important point, we want to hold the Summit this year under installation and transmission sign. A topic especially close to our hearts. This is a big challenge in the coming years. » emphasized Jacques Chazalet, its president. “For suckling pigs, half of the herd owners are over 50 years old and they jointly own 50% of the cows produced. » As Bruno Dufayet, president of Apramac, recalls, Grand Massif Central’s association of professional organizations promotes the Summit. These two figures alone sum up the importance of consolidating the number of installations if France intends maintain the family farm model which is still his. “Fortunately, we see many young people in our living room. It’s encouraging. » emphasizes Jacques Chazalet. The 2022 poster is also a good summary of the topic. Every year, the race is noticed at the top of the table and Herd Book Charolais and the organizers staged a father and his son, namely Laurent and Maxence Andriot from GAEC Clame-Andriot in Allier with Martinique, one of their cows. One wink is also a symbol for the future of French suckling pigs.

Find here the video of the Charolais competition in the Livestock Summit 2021

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