Madoufing N’Diaye’s Chelsea team is better than the competition

The 2022 edition of the PMU-Mali Grand Prix is ​​organized by the Malian Equestrian Sports Federation, on Sunday, May 29, 2022, at the Bamako Horsefield. At the end of the races, Awa Kouma’s Maradona from Chelsea’s Madoufing N’Diaye stable took the victory flag, beating his rivals in the crack test, a race exclusively for local horses. The best side of the season.

After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Malian Equestrian Sports Federation has just resumed this grand horse competition. The races of this PMU-Mali Grand Prix were chaired by Bourama Touré, Chief of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in the presence of Fassery Doumbia, General Director of PMU-Mali, Mohamed Haïdara, President of the Sports Federation Malian equestrian , horse owners, as well as some workers of PMU-Mali.

The 2022 edition of the PMU-Mali Grand Prix brings together 96 horses from the different stalls of the Bamako Stables and the Nioro tournament. The horses are divided into six (6) races consisting of two pony races, a half-crack race, a super-crack race, a thoroughbred race and finally a race crack, dedicated to the best local horses.

Before the start of the races, the president of the Malian Equestrian Sports Federation pointed out that this PMU-Mali Grand Prix is ​​undoubtedly the biggest and most important event on the federation’s agenda as it will reward for the best horses and jockeys of the year. “Three (3) horse classes will participate in this competition: local horses, improved blood horses and thoroughbred horses. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate our horse owners, who have invested huge sums of money to buy back these horses from other horizons. This, to tell you, more than ever, we need your support to begin, on account of an urgent matter, the improvement of the horse breed in our country”. he say.

He also added that Mali is a historic land of livestock and agriculture, nothing can stop the country from producing beautiful and majestic horses. “Not long ago, we very pleased to welcome your willingness to move the headquarters of PMU-Mali to Bamako Riding School and thus help us build a worthy racecourse. In addition, the creation of a racecourse and equestrian school in Bamako, regularly approved by the Council of Ministers, will help us to do so”. he suggested, before thanking PMU-Mali for the budget contribution, as it is the basis of all the union’s activities.

These are the ponies that have started the races of this PMU-Mali Grand Prix 2022 edition. The first race of the ponies went to Boubacar Tandia’s Lagaré, followed by Boubacar Maïga dit Pocker’s Prétoria, and third place went to Christ-Waddle. For the second race, it was won by Moctar Kouma’s Kouma et Frères, followed by Alou N’Diaye’s Navigator and third place to Sadia N’Diaye’s Cumbe Jumbo.

Victory in the half-crack went to Ali Konaté’s Boidié, followed by Fatoumata Gassama’s Black Label and third place went to Tamba Sylla’s Baba Hama. League of Nioro’s Alberto won the super-crack event, followed by Mahamadou Massaba Sylla’s Sylla Biba and third place for League of Nioro’s Sani. The course dedicated to Thoroughbreds (horses of the improved breed) was won by Nucléaire of the League of Nioro, followed by Mamadou Kéita’s Figuira and third by Astan N’Diaye’s Paye.

The rift race dedicated to the best local horses was won by Awa Kouma’s Maradona, followed by Hawa Haïdara’s Bachar and third place for Mamadou Traoré’s Saramani. The winners of each event receive a trophy and a symbolic envelope as a reward from the charioteers.


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