More than 1000 hectares of protected natural area in Loiret!

Elected officials of the Department have just labeled the Eighteenth Sensitive Natural Area. This new formalization brings over 1000 hectares of protected natural areas within the Loiret.

Ministry of gaining growth trend! On Thursday, June 16, the Loire Valley community formalized its eighteenth Sensitive Natural Area (ENS), the Domaine de Flotin in Nibelle, and thus the area’s flora and fauna are conserved. its thousands of hectares. Objectives of elected officials at departmental level? Extend the ENS label, synonymous with rich protected biodiversity. ” The department wants to label two new locations every yearcomments by Marc Gaudet, Chairman of the Ministry Council, and Jean-Luc Riglet, Vice President of the Ministry of Environment in particular. Thus, we can count 26 ENS in Loiret in 2026. » Whether owned by local governments or private individuals, Loiret ensures financial support for their managers and promoters by organizing 150 events a year led by local associations head.

Seven Faculty Parks Loiret

Labels couldn’t be more lenient. It warmly welcomes young and old alike, from a few hectares to several hundred, of all kinds, from ponds to forests, through wet meadows or dry lawns. Like, for starters, the department’s seven nature parks. The Etang du Puits park in Cerdon won for the largest area, 136 hectares in the Loire Valley, and the Trousse-Bois park in Briare for the oldest with 20 springs. The first house has a recreation center with a wide range of water activities and the Sologne Natural Environment association offers discovery of 121 species of birds. The latter simulates a cocktail of oak forest, agarwood forest and a bit of pond to make its green space intoxicating with greenery. Then there are the Dolines de Limère park in Ardon, the Puiseaux and Vernisson grassland nature park in Villemandeur and the Courtils des Mauves park in Meung-sur-Loire. The last two castles embellish the castles of Sully-sur-Loire and Châteauneuf-sur-Loire with a total additional area of ​​385 hectares.

Other sensitive natural areas

  • Flotin Domain in Nibelle. 60 hectares in the forest with lake, orchard, ancient chapel… Tourist and recreational activities (walking, aromatic garden, beekeeping…)
  • Domaine du Ciran is in Menestreau-en-Villette. 300 ha of dry molinie fields, ponds… 131 species of birds, 19 species of animals… Activities for children (puzzles to solve, starter circuits for orientation, games…)
  • Courpain’s site at Ouvrouer-des Champs. 17 hectares with a pond on the banks of the Loire on an old quarry. Birds, dragonflies, green lizards… Guided tours and observatories.
  • Natural area of ​​the Savoies and Népruns in Amilly. 37 hectares of forests, grasslands and lakes. Birds, reptiles, amphibians… Developed fun and educational, futuristic cycle route along the Briare Canal.
  • Cercanceaux Sands in Dordives. 68 hectares of expanded floodplain and riverside area. Breeding birds and fish such as nightingales, conifers or chameleons, a rich flora … Observation, sightseeing and animation.
  • The banks of the Loire in Beaugency. 50 hectares of islands and banks of the Loire River. 441 species of plants, 25 species of spiders, aquamarine locusts, grass snakes, pike, beaver, otters… Guided tour.
  • Moulin de la Porte in Estouy. 21 hectares of ponds, lagoons and rivers. A remarkable flora, amphibians, reptiles, nesting birds including canaries, canaries, bats… Botanical walks, workshops, theater visits…
  • The natural site of Vannes-sur-Cosson. 7 hectares of roads and typical landscapes of Sologne. Colorful set of beetles, butterflies and flora… Animation of the city of Vannes-sur-Cosson and the Val de Sully Cities Community.
  • The locations of Grand Rozeau and Prés Blonds are in Chalette-sur-Loing. 40 hectares of riverside forest, vegetation along the water source. The 32 butterfly species include the near-threatened Center-Val de Loire moth, the critically endangered large Aeschne dragonfly, the reed grasshopper, the nationally ranked sniper… Activities for students and the general public of the House of Nature and Water.
  • La Noue Mazone in Châtenoy and Coudroy. 36 hectares of woodland around a beautiful pond that belongs to the Orléans canal supply system. Protected species such as reeds or night herons, proboscis lizards…

Loiret Nature app and puzzle trails

With the Department’s Loiret Nature app, you can explore sensitive natural areas through mostly free activities. They all appear, several dozen throughout the year, on Rendez-vous de la Nature’s 2022 agenda. Guided tours from 2pm to 4pm this Saturday, June 18 at the Courpain site, botanical outings on July 16 in the park Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, bat blues on August 27 at the Courtils des Mauves park, European heritage days by the shore in Beaugency on September 17, mushroom picking in Vannes-sur-Cosson on October 22, traditional pond fishing at Domaine du Ciran on November 27, migration stop at Cercanceaux sands on December 17…

Otherwise, cross the departmental parks following the accessible routes below. In the program: questions about plants and animals, codes and puzzles to find mysterious words. Send it to [email protected] for diplomas and surprise gifts!

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