My cat follows me everywhere: why?

Does your little cat follow you everywhere and does this behavior make you unhappy or worried? It’s nothing to worry about your cat following you occasionally in search of petting, woolen clothing, or something else, but having a tomcat constantly in its owner’s paws for rubbing can be very quick. quickly becomes uncomfortable for some people. How to explain this behavior? When should it be considered abnormal? When should you care? What solutions should be brought? Do you always have to consult? Let’s take a look at this profile by discovering the 10 main reasons why cats follow their owners everywhere.

Reason n° 1: kittens tend to follow their owners

Kittens are usually very quick to bond with their owners and turn the attention they give their mothers to their humans. As a result, he tends to see the latter as a second mother, who feeds him, cuddles him, and takes care of him. As a result, newly adopted kittens may tend to follow their owners everywhere, but over time and as they get older, this attachment tends to decrease quite naturally, because cats independent and evolve more peacefully with self-control.

Which solution?

In general, this phenomenon disappears as the kittens get older. If you don’t get too attached to him, he won’t get too attached and will be able to progress alongside you in a serene and independent way.

Reason #2: your cat catches you as bait

Even if your tomcat is properly fed with quality food, it is still a hunter. His natural instincts are implicit in him and can lead him to adopt the behavior of watching and observing. If your kitten gets a little bored at times, they may happily follow you around as if you were his prey and he had to hunt you.

The most annoying thing is that the animal can sometimes jump on your ankles when you get out of its reach to nibble on them. In that case, don’t argue! It hunts only prey that moves in its environment! He won’t understand your reaction.

Which solution?

In this case, you should keep the toys ready for the child to play alone when you are away and change them often so that the child does not get bored. Also, make time to play every day because play is so important to cats.

Reason 3: he watches his territory

Cats are very ordinary animals and are especially attached to their environment. They tend to mark their territory in a number of ways (by urinating, by rubbing against furniture and doorways, etc.). Therefore, the kitten can follow the owner and rub his cheeks and sides to release hormones on him. Therefore, he marks it as an element of his environment.

Which solution?

This is a natural behavior that you should not worry about. On the other hand, it is true that it can become painful if it is repeated too often. In this case, don’t hesitate to consult a behavioral veterinarian who can advise you on what to do.

Reason 4: the cat expressed the need

Your little cat may start following you everywhere simply to show you there is a need. Indeed, he might need cuddling, might be hungry, might want to see you change the bed, might want a cooler bowl of water or a playtime, etc. Then it’s a question of being able to. shows a simple need. Thus, it follows you everywhere, often meowing from time to time.

Which solution?

You just need to fulfill your needs. Check if his bowl is empty, if his litter box is dirty etc. However, if this behavior continues and you are unable to determine the cause of it, the cat may be showing signs of distress. out pain for you. Better to consult without delay.

Reason 5: Your cat misses you

Your cat may be so attached to you that they miss you when you’re away. As a result, as soon as you return, he feels the need to follow you everywhere to take advantage of your presence.

Which solution?

Make time for it when you get home. It only takes about ten minutes to satisfy his need for attention and then he will return to his routine very quickly.

Reason #6: He has a disease of too much attachment

Hyper-attachment syndrome can occur in cats separated from their mothers too soon or in kittens who are pampered by their owners too much. Indeed, some adopters are both heartbroken and delighted to welcome this little baby who has just been separated from its mother, and then they tend to compensate for this uprooting with much care, caresses, caresses, etc. This is very often how the phenomenon of super-attachment develops, a small flash of lightning that transfers his attachment to his mother to his master, who becomes his sole guide. him, his lighthouse. Being a second mother, you is essential to him, that’s why he follows you everywhere, because he can’t do it anymore without you.

Be aware that a traumatic event (bereavement, accident, fall, etc.) can also promote attachment.

Which solution?

Hyper-attachment sounds cute at first, but very quickly it can become frustrating for owners and flashers, who have to endure the absence of owners in disproportionate dimensions. . You don’t have to let it work. Consult a behavioral veterinarian for solutions that may help your animal.

Reason #7: He’s stressed

A cat’s stress can quickly subside as it is a sensitive, habitual animal and is not supportive of change. If your little companion follows you around, it’s possible that stress is a source of anxiety and discomfort and he’s asking for your comfort. He may be anxious because of changes in his daily life, anxious and worried when he sees a stranger (animal or human) on his territory or nearby and he may seek to identify Prove that you are there to protect his space.

Which solution?

Investigate the source of his concern to fix it as much as possible. If that doesn’t work and his anxiety persists, you can consult your veterinarian to help you find a solution.

Reason #8: Cats are cuter

Breeds of cats that are more affectionate than other cat breeds still exist. These cats are generally more cuddly than others and may follow their owners everywhere in search of caresses and attention. This is especially the case with Maine, Persian, Ragdoll or even Siamese dogs.

Which solution?

There is really no solution. These cats are naturally more affectionate and it’s hard to go against their natural instincts or temperament. If you don’t want a glue cat, look for a breed that doesn’t have this behavior.

Reason #9: The cat is in heat

Cats in heat are very changeable and more affectionate towards their owners. This behavior is especially strong before her ovulation, pushing the kittens around to rub against his paws.

Which solution?

There’s also nothing to do in this case, except neuter the kitten if the behavior upsets you.

Reason 10: your cat is sick

Most cats isolate themselves when they feel bad. Cats tend to hide their pain and distance themselves from themselves. When she sees herself, she’s usually a stable and especially annoying person.

However, for some young cats, distress creates a need for support and comfort. Therefore, they will follow their owners in search of tenderness or simply to ask for their help. Quite often, they tend to meow adamantly to get people’s attention.

Which solution?

If in doubt, consult a veterinarian. It is imperative to seek his advice to identify the disease as early as possible in order to give an appropriate response as soon as possible.

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