Never call them “penguins” again! We went to Penguin Day in PAL (Allier)

“Pssst, hello, I’m Minidou, number 13, aka Marseille. I am a young African penguin. I work … in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre, in PAL, in Allier. It’s far from South Africa, where I’ve never been anywhere else, but it’s great here. We have a great pool, a beautiful beach, cabanas, a hill like Beverly Hills, a cave, the temperature is getting closer and closer to our natural environment. In winter at home, many times the snowfall makes you cold. The pieces, it’s sticky, so sweet and fun! »

Carla, Misty, Zorro, Chicken, Reblochon…

“This Saturday is OUR day at the park. We are a showcase to encourage people to raise money to help our wild friends with the Sancobb association and Le PAL Nature Foundation. In one game we had a lot of weirdos trying to count us down to win a stuffed animal. I’m tired, it’s mission impossible. There were three chicks hiding in the nest. And then there’s Misty, 24, canon. She was always shy, she stayed hidden in the shade. And even Carla, our second oldest, 23, has caught up with her age and she’s still cool in her nesting box. Come on, I’ll tell you, we’re 44 years old, one each. There are also Zorro, Poulet, Reblochon, Léo, Chouchou, Paris, number 75 of course… We have nothing to do with the first names! »

“Marie and Amélie, healers, they told us we were up to 70. They are great. It’s just, we don’t understand this Saturday, they came to see us, but no fish. Just to take pictures for the newspaper La Montagne, for you. An hour before our usual lunch, we were a bit, come on, skeptical, confused! We were almost exhausted, manipulative and…nothing. Luckily, the meal arrived on time! »With Marie and Amélie, humorous caregivers, it is thanks to them that we were able to conduct this exclusive interview.

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“I’m not telling you, we’re a super sociable species. We live a lot in the community, we swim together, we shower together, we chat on the beach. Sometimes we warm up nana stories, in Fiery love mode. But the final word is up to them. The girls choose a boy by visiting the nest. According to Marie, we were “far from Valérie Damidot” (I don’t know who she was). We love the decoration of branches, sand, gravel, bamboo and the room fragrance made of manure. Each of their own! »

“All of that to say we’re super loyal. carla, e
She stayed with Bogosse until the very end. After being widowed, she knocked on the door of Scarli, who to this day remains a hardworking bachelor. This Carla is so strong, it’s like our grandmother to all. She made babies out of them! Many generations live side by side in our village: those who have failed are the youngest. Growing up, we turn gray (1 year), then brown (2 years), before putting on beautiful black and white outfits, they become radiant again with each peel annual body. We waterproof our beautiful coat by drawing secretions from a gland with our beaks, toward the rump. »“By the way, never call me a penguin. I am a penguin. “Penguin” in English. “The penguins of Madagascar are penguins! We are from the Southern Hemisphere. Well, of course I live in the Northern Hemisphere. Don’t get confused with me. Keep it up, it’s not difficult, see you soon. »

PAL Fund, for what?

12 guardian animals

HenrySea lion (born July 19, 2014).
Picturehippo (2004-09-27).
Naokired panda (July 1, 2012).
yukonBald eagle
(May 8, 2020).
TaruSumatran tiger (May 5, 2011).
KenaiCanadian Wolfhound
(May 9, 2014).
Maleosnow leopard,
(May 6, 2015)
tomAsian elephant (March 19, 2014).
Opiesquirrel monkey (September 17, 2014)
FIFAwild dog (September 24, 2019)
dyemandrill (December 3, 2018)
ElaRothschild’s Giraffe
(May 19, 2012).

30 associations

The money does not go directly to the sponsored animals: donations for “Friends of Le PAL Nature” are donated to thirty associations, supported by the Le PAL nature organization. , in France and abroad. Such as the Sanccob Association, which works for the conservation of Cape seabirds; Pic Vert association (solar pump to supply ponds in Zimbabwe); StandUp4Elephants (Nepal); Seeds from Vercors breeders (revival of the “Villard de Lans” cattle breed); Chimpanzee Conservation Center (Guinea), Rhino Rescue (anti-poaching), Atoupic (Cher hedgehog), LPO Auvergne (hound, care center in Clermont)…

1 coordinator

Camille Molinetti, under the care of veterinarian Rosemary Moigno.
As. or
Mail: fondationlepalnature @ On the website, under the heading “commitment”.

130,000 euros

This is the total annual budget of the organization, which includes €60,000 from the PAL, but also €30,000 through the “coach” activity.
for a day” or even 16,000 €
from selling recycled diving bracelets
in 2021 (made in France).

Mathilde Duchatelle

PAL in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre (Allier) has had a good start to the season!


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