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Against the background of the global crisis facing paper suppliers, the summer issue of GUDD! is, this time, only in digital version. This publication, designed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Horticulture and Rural Development, is committed to providing clear and reliable information to people, to encourage them to consume locally and more responsibly.

Like previous issues, this edition covers a wide variety of topics around food and nutrition, animal welfare, agricultural and production know-how, and their transmission. Content is written in Luxembourgish, French or German.

Livestock, key industry in Luxembourg

In the body of this issue, Claude Haagen, Minister of Agriculture, Horticulture and Rural Development, talks about his commitment to the animal cause. It refers to a leading measure banning the export of live animals for slaughter, from Luxembourg to countries outside the European Union.

The profile highlights the Luxembourg livestock companies celebrating their anniversaries: the 100th anniversary of the Union of Poultry Companies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (small farm animals), the 50th anniversary of Limousin Lëtzebuerg (ox limousine) and 101 years Lëtzebuerger Ardenner Studbook (Horse-drawn Ardennes). On this third anniversary, stamps and postcards will be on display at the Ettelbruck Agricultural Fair from 1uh until July 3, the program is revealed in this issue.

The year 2022 also corresponds to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of MBR Lëtzebuerg, the largest agricultural cooperative in the country, the essential role being reaffirmed in the newspapers.

With goat’s or cow’s milk, Luxembourg cheese is produced step by step.

Modern house


Focus on the new building of the Lycée Technique Agricole and the training program offered.

Modern house


The Kiki Ricki section for kids talks about the robotics process of the farm.

Modern house


Dossier magazine highlights 250 years of breeding in Luxembourg.

Modern house


Advertise local products

This new issue highlights the local terror with the production of goat and cow cheeses in the Bio-Haff Baltes and Schmalen dairies, the viticulture in the Le Clos Mon Vieux Moulin wine estate and the agreement between Breeders and producers rely on sheep pastures in private orchards.

The Gielt Band action set up by the Ministry is detailed. To avoid wasting fruit in the garden, any private or municipal producer can attach a yellow ribbon to their fruit trees to signify that the picking is for a reason to use. Private is allowed.

Resources and their management were also addressed by Gerber van Vliet, president of LUGA (Luxembourg Urban Garden) in the context of an interview.

Growing Expert

For the public, consumers, teachers and agricultural actors, this issue of GUDD! particularly concerned with adolescents and their parents. The focus is on the new infrastructure of the Lycée Technique Agricole and three of the training courses for future professionals: technician-mechatronics technician for machinery and agricultural machinery, engineering market horticultural technicians and horticultural and landscape technicians.

The kids are not forgotten, as they will find in the Kiki Ricki section, a presentation about the robotics process of the farm. Perhaps this is an occasion to rekindle vocations.

To view the new issue of GUDD magazine!, click here.

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