Nike celebrates its 50th anniversary but for 50,000 sports enthusiasts, it’s time to brand…

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Nike celebrates its 50th anniversary, but for 50,000 sports enthusiasts, it’s time for the brand to give up “wool bearing the imprint of animal suffering.”

FOUR PAWS urges market leaders to use certified wool

Zürich, June 8, 2022 – The worldwide animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS recently launched a campaign against the cutting of lamb merino, which has so far gathered more than 50,000 signatures. However, Nike, the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer, is ignoring our call to exclude wool associated with brutal mulesing from its supply chain. And this even after the airing of new images showing countless lambs being butchered has sparked international outrage.

FOUR PAWS hosted an activity today at Nike’s logistics campus in Laakdal, Belgium, the US brand’s largest European distribution hub. On the occasion of Nike’s 50th anniversary, animal advocates predicted the need for 50,000 supporters on the site’s facade at night.

“Nike is known around the world as a leader in sportswear,” said Rebecca Picalo Gil, Wool Campaign Manager at FOUR PAWS. Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to its animal welfare efforts. While many fashion and sports brands have publicly pledged to use certified ‘mulesing-free’ wool to remove this cruel and outdated method from their supply chains, Nike has remained unresponsive and to this day, still not working. Furthermore, Nike not only ignored the requests of FOUR PAWS but also the more than 50,000 sports enthusiasts and Nike fans around the world supporting our campaign. Now is the time for Nike to listen, act, and help end the lounging and suffering of millions of sheep.”

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Due to its beneficial properties such as thermal insulation and odor neutralization, merino wool is used by all the major sports brands in the world for active wear, as a recent FOUR PAWS report shows. Nike has yet to commit to relying on strong transparency and traceability certifications to buy only wool certified as “no fleece”. While many other brands, such as Nike’s major competitors Adidas and Puma, have publicly pledged to do away with this cruel and outdated method, Nike has failed to respond to public demand. .

FOUR PAWS have been working for years to end this cruel method of expulsion. Skinning involves cutting large sections of skin from two to ten weeks old lambs with sharp scissors without anesthesia. For lambs, this means not only fear of death and immeasurable stress, but most of all, great pain that lasts for days. There have long been proven alternatives to this approach, such as raising sheep that are more resistant and less susceptible to parasitic infections. There are also certificates that allow wool to be traced back to livestock farms, which can rule out cruel and outdated methods such as lasers.

In 2021, more than 30 international fashion brands sent an open letter to the Australian wool industry demanding an end to the mutilation of lamb. Australia, the world’s largest producer of merino wool, is the only country in the world that still practices mulesing.

More information is available on our website. The report can be viewed here.

QUATRE PATTES est l’organisation mondiale de protection des animaux sous influence humaine directe, qui révèle leurs souffrances, sauve les animaux en détresse et les protège. Fondée en 1988 à Vienne par Heli Dungler et des amis, l'organisation plaide pour un monde où les humaines traitent les animaux avec respect, compassion et compréhension. Les campagnes et projets durables se concentrent sur les chiens et chats errants ainsi que sur les animaux de compagnie, les animaux de rente et les animaux sauvages – tels que les ours, les grands félins et les orangs-outans – vivant dans de mauvaises conditions de détention ainsi que dans les zones de catastrophe et de conflit. Avec des bureaux en Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Australie, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Kosovo, Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni, Suisse, Thaïlande, Ukraine, USA et Vietnam ainsi que des refuges pour animaux en détresse dans onze pays, QUATRE PATTES fournit une aide rapide et des solutions durables. La Fondation est en outre un partenaire d'Arosa Terre des Ours, le premier refuge en Suisse qui offre aux ours sauvés de mauvaises conditions de détention un environnement adapté à l’espèce.



Pictures of the action are available here.

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