Occitania’s dogs in the limelight at the Salon de l’Ag Agriculturalure!

A true showcase of the diversity of dog populations in France, the International Agricultural Exhibition, which runs from February 26 to March 6, allows you to discover all the diversity of herding Breed French Dogs with dogs that originate from France or come from all over the world! The finest French dog samples will be there and the famous Concours Général Agricole will examine 230 breeds & breeds. This makes the canine the most important population tested in this competition! Various activities will also be held on Saturday 5th March at Racing Village (hall 2.1) to introduce visitors to different activities that can be practiced with your dog: Agility, Dog Dancing, etc

Excellence in Occitan Breeding Gathers in Paris
Occitania will be widely represented at the Concours Général Agricole! Indeed, more than 50 specimens of the best dogs in the region will be examined by the jury during the Show, out of the nearly 1,000 dogs that enter this competition!

The 36 breeds and breeds bred in the area will be represented: Rottweiler, Italian Braque, Samoyed, Borzoi, but also typical French breeds such as Brie Shepherd or French Braque, and rarer breeds, for example. like Azawakh!

Many breeders from the region will therefore meet at the Porte de Versailles, to take advantage of this unique opportunity offered by the Concours Général Agricole Canin to make as much known as possible the fruit of many years of work. , including: crossbreeding of the Sparkling Starlight (30) samoyed, Du Château de Peyre kennel (48) spaniel toy continent, Des Bouilles de Clown kennel (82) light brown pug with black mask, hunting dog kennel Italy Des Tendres Câlins (34), etc.

La Centrale Canine invites all enthusiasts and curious to see the finest purebred dogs at the ring. Its teams will also have access to (Hall 2.1) to provide all information about purebred dogs and about the role of the Book of French Origin (LOF) in conservation, improvement and promotion. they.

Focus on selection for Concours Général Agricole
To qualify for the competition, each participant must first win a First Prize at the breed championship: this is the “National Breed”, an event organized annually by any breed club. which is recognized by Centrale Canine, in which the best of the subjects and breeders are selected.

The most prestigious representatives of the breed gathered for a special competition
Concours Général Agricole Canin offers breeders a unique opportunity to make as much known as possible the fruit of many years of work. The dogs introduced at the Concours Général Agricole represent the “greatness” of French dog breeding. They will be judged by a collective jury consisting of two expert judges and a veterinarian.

This is the only dog ​​show where three discerning connoisseurs judge dogs according to the criteria set forth in a breed-specific document, known as the “standard”, which describes in detail the ideal audience. Hair, size, expression, movement, body type, balance of proportions, color of clothing and more are checked to allow the jury to make its classification objectively. . This is also the only contest where the veterinarian is present to observe the dog from a health standpoint. He can check, for example, the dog’s skeleton, not limping, if breathing is very regular, etc.

230 breeds and breeds are examined at Concours Général Agricole 2022, almost 1,000 purebred dogs participate in CGA 2022, which makes this breed the largest population at the Show!
Visitors will be able to admire 230 different dog breeds and breeds, including very popular breeds like the Australian Shepherd (20,449 Lof 2021 registrations) or Golden Retriever (14,444 LOF 2021 registrations), but also rare breeds like cursinu, a gorgeous species from Corsica that has recorded only 168 births in 2021!

3 most loved purebred dog breeds in Occitania: Australian Shepherd n°1!

According to calculations by Centrale Canine, which houses the Book of Origins of France (LOF), the mixed-breed dog population in France exceeds 2.5 million individuals, out of 7 million dogs in France. In 2021, nationally, 276,506 puppies in the pedigree were registered with the LOF. A record number, an increase of +13% compared to 2020 (245,553 registrations in 2020), reflecting the vitality of the French dog breeding industry. This auspicious year confirms the French people’s interest in breed dogs, as well as their confidence in French dog breeding. Indeed, the registration of a dog in the LOF and its pedigree provides a real guarantee of quality, both from a morphological, behavioral and health standpoint.

On the Occitanie side, the region alone has recorded 31,486 puppy births in 2021, of 188 different breeds according to the results of the Book of Origins of France (LOF) 2021!

A true showcase of the diversity of the dog population in France, Occitanie is the third region with the largest number of breeds in its territory: the result of the work of more than 2,478 passionate breeders! The region also comes in at 3rd for the number of purebred puppies born in 2021.

Occitans’ pet is the Australian Shepherd which ranks #1 for most births in the region in 2021 (2,089 LOF registrations), followed by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (1,916 LOF registrations), then herding dog Belgian sheep (1,732 LOF registrations).

At the national level, these three breeds are ranked 1st, 4th and 3rd respectively in the ranking of French favorite purebred dogs.

At the national level, according to the 2021 results of the Book of French Origins (LOF): The Australian Shepherd for the fourth year in a row is the most loved pedigree of the French, with 20,449 births in the territory! The golden retriever is back on the podium by placing himself directly in step 2 with 14,444 LOF registrations, followed by the Belgian Shepherd taking 3rd place with 13,542 LOF registrations.

In terms of names, 2021 is the S year for purebred dogs, “Stella” being the most given name for females (3,636 puppies) and “Simba” for males (4,253 puppies). For purebred dogs, 2022 is the year T!

While there are many theories about the origin of the Australian Shepherd Dog, the breed as we know it today was developed exclusively in the United States. This Australian Shepherd is named for it due to its association with Basque shepherds from Australia, who came to the United States in the 19th century. The Australian Shepherd Dog is a young breed, recognized only in 1996 by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, although its breeding in France began in the 1980s. The breed’s affinity with the French has not ceased to grow since its appearance in the territory: in 1997, France counted fewer than 130 registered individuals. Sign up with LOF, to reach over 130,000 individuals sign up today!

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog with an attractive coat, no two are alike, with eyes that can be quirky (different colors) or distinctive (multiple colors in the same color). eyes) and at least a cheerful personality. Intelligent, it is an emotional and powerful companion. Completely devoted to his master and a formidable playmate, he fits perfectly into family life. He learns quickly and is very easy to educate, but his learning will have to be soon. Very active, it is a very active dog and does not appreciate solitude.

What is LOF and pedigree?
La Centrale Canine is the only organization in France that lists in the French Book of Origins all dog breeds selected and recognized by FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

The LOF, or Book of French Origins, is the registry established in 1885 where the provenance of purebred French dogs is listed. This is the only official dog pedigree register approved by the Department of Agriculture. Only dogs registered with the LOF are entitled to this designation
“pure dog”. The LOF dog has a birth certificate attesting to registration with the LOF by the breeder or pedigree once it has been confirmed.

The pedigree is a real canine tree! This is an official document, taken from the French Book of Origin, that includes the dog’s genealogy and confirms the accuracy of its origin. It demonstrates that a dog conforms to the characteristics specified in its breed standard, which is a description of the qualities required to work towards the breed’s ideal.

LOF registration: quality assurance and traceability
LOF registration is required for a dog to be legally recognized
“of race”. If it is not registered with the LOF or a foreign book, for example a dog will “appear” to be a German Shepherd, but cannot qualify as a “pure dog”.

LOF makes it possible to discover the origin of a dog, to find its descendants or descendants. This registration is a guarantee of quality, both from a morphological and behavioral point of view. It allows for “traceability” of purebred dogs, the traceability of which is further improved by identification and the study of the verification process is carried out using DNA, a method increasingly used by breeders to gauge the provenance of their flocks.

Health is really at the heart of dog selection with a variety of breed-specific checks, for breeders to use subjects that adhere to breed association recommendations.

Furthermore, to help breeders in selecting and promoting pedigree richness, Centrale Canine has recently developed “LOF Select” a tool to aid in digital breeding of over 5 million animals. Dog introduced!

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