Palm Dog of Cannes, the secrets of a dog rack!

Cannes, the red carpet, the stars, the parties, the awards… and this “parallel” trophy that never goes unnoticed: the Palm Dog, by Dogamì. This award, created more than 20 years ago by Toby Rose, an absolutely insane British film critic, was presented this Friday to the amazing poodle, Beast, the outstanding poodle in War Pony movie. It was originally a parody, but this trophy has become a must-have little item on the Croisette.

Complimenting a dog show on the big screen, crazy? Not much ! There have been because more movies than you think include one or more dogs in their screenplay. And depending on the importance of the role, people will conduct preliminary casting, time preparation and of course filming. On the other hand, this distinction is also a way of honoring and talking about the essential place of dogs in society and in our daily lives.

“Is he serious or he is funny, I don’t know! »

Who decides? An international jury of six journalists. As part of their classic work as film critics, they watch all of the films shown at Cannes: competition films, directors’ Fortnight films, or Certain Awards. As soon as a movie featured a dog (beyond the simple look, of course), it was included in the list of eligible movies for Palm Dog. The choice is then made based on criteria such as the size of the role, the underwear that will be needed by the animal to represent it, and the apparent complicity between the dog and the man. Peter Bradshaw, the famous film critic of The Guardian, has been on the jury for many years: “However, I never knew how to describe this award. Is he serious or he’s funny, I don’t know! “.

This year, six films can really compete in Palm Dog, including the Elvis biopic, Nicolas Bedos’ Masquerade or Godland. In the end, Beast, the dog from the movie War Pony, directed by Riley Keough and Gina Gammell, won the day. The story takes place on a Native American reserve in the state of South Dakota, USA, where young people compete ingenuity to find lucrative adult activities. One of them chooses to embark on breeding royal poodles, thanks to a dog, Beast, which is magically explained by Britney. The star dog is a real red thread in the film, fueling competition between the young protagonists. This is the second edition in which a poodle is sacred, the previous one dating back to 2013 for Baby Boy, in the movie My Life with Liberace, in which we specifically found Matt Damon.

The jury agreed on its choice the day before the ceremony, and there it was, the beginning of tumult for Yoann Latouche, the organiser. “We are in contact with the cast members of the film; this year, the directors intervened in the video, they are no longer at Cannes. As for the dog, you can imagine that getting the winning dog to the Croisette was complicated, so we had less than 24 hours to find… its looks.” Mission accomplished, it was not one but two royal dogs (one white and one black, Gulietta and Rapunzel) that took to the stage to represent Britney and received cheers from the conquered audience. .

Crus is clearer than others

Some drawings stand out more than others depending on the edition, but what is certain is that Dogamì’s Palm Dog has really made a name for itself. Toby Rose enjoys the hair comparison: “It’s like going from a Chihuahua to a Rodhesian Ridgeback.” And some years, the choice is obvious! In 2011, Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist entered the competition, the dog Uggie easily won the Palm Dog (moreover, since then, he has received the Palm Dog from the Palm Dogs of 20 years ago). Ditto when, in 2018, a movie from the official selection was called Dogman and featured a dog sitter in the lead role. Of course, the dogs don’t get their prize “directly”. The director, producer or actor representing them. In 2019, Quentin Tarantino replaced Brandy, the pit bull in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It must be said that the dog played a decisive role in the script (spoiler alert), even saving Brad Pitt at the end of the movie. For last year, Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton portrayed the award-winning Springer Spaniel in the film she played, The Souvenir, Part II.

This year, note that a special award was given to a dog who excels not in the film but in a war zone: Patron, Jack Russel, a dog that specializes in mines and becomes a national hero in Ukraine. Like what, even in an unusual ceremony, we are equally committed!

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