Perce-Neige Farm (55) introduces its animals

Continuing our series on must-do activities as a family in August. Head to the Perce-Neige farmhouse in Brillon-en-Barrois (Meuse) today to discover exotic animals like who.

“They have to be sheared like sheep, with their ears raised like a horse, they eat like a dog… It’s a mix of everything! Héloïse Dziewulski is not alone, every Wednesday in July and August, when she welcomes visitors to her Perce-Neige farm in Brillon-en-Barrois (Meuse). Two alpacas accompanies him and will travel in small groups throughout the visit. Recently, the owner of this farm for 20 years decided to open it to the public. An ideal outing to capture the hearts of children during the holidays.

Sheep, cows, rabbits, poultry, horses, alpacas… You can find everything at the Perce-Neige farm.

Because in two hours they will learn a little more about the many animals raised on the Perce-Neige farm. Judge for yourself: 420 ewes and sheep, 56 dairy cows, 9 dogs, about 10 rabbits (not counting the small ones), 300 poultry, 15 goats, 4 horses, about fifty beehives , a guinea pig and two alpacas (like at the Frampas education farm)! If you don’t see poultry – as professional breeders selling direct, very strict hygiene guidelines – and Limousin cows, Salers and Vosges, in the pasture this season, then it is. is with rabbits that will visit.

A rabbit weighs more than 6 kg!

“We have taps from Burgundy, silver from Champagne and giant butterflies. We call them that because of the stain on their noses,” explains Héloïse Dziewulski, opening the wraparound door to let the kids in, who can pet these little fur balls. And the owner even came up with a mini-game: “Which one do you think is the biggest?” The children hesitated. You have to check…and it’s the award-winning Fauve de Bourgogne, with the weight of 6,165 kg shown on the scale…

“It makes guildis in hand! »

Then go to the goat park. And well, it’s time to eat. Seeds in hand, the children approached the animals, which quickly devoured their meal. “It makes guildis in hand! “One boy said, without hesitation to start over, a smile fixed on his lips. All under the supervision of a majestic Leonberger, one of nine on the Perce-Neige ranch. And after the meal, milk Riga, the goat Lorraine. The kids are back to work once again, but milking goats isn’t easy when you don’t have a maid. Fortunately, with Héloïse Dziewulski’s valuable advice, the first drops of milk flowed quickly.

Watch out for the trap!

Then it’s the sheep’s turn to let themselves be admired. Velay Black Sheep and Merino Sheep are fun for the little ones. The chance for the owner of the Perce-Neige ranch to come up with a new game for children: recognize which animal comes from the wools locked in the box. Not so easy, especially since there is a trap, of dog wool! Yes Yes ! The visit ends with the horses (Shetland, Camargue and Arabian ponies), with a snack of goat cheese, honey and apple juice.

A visit was unanimous, on the morning of Wednesday, July 27. “It was really, really good. Really nice! This guest said his final goodbye to two alpacas, the real stars of the Perce-Neige ranch.


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Visit every Wednesday in July and August from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Information and reservations at

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