Percherons will premiere on Saturday, July 30 at Decize

Braids and tails, decorated with red wool for the Percherons, white pants and shirts and red ties for breeders: that’s the evening gown that will be required, Saturday 30 July for the model and gait contest, held all day at the Promenade des Halles (next to Champ-de-Foire), in Decize.

The last meeting of its kind was held in 2018. The event, which was halted by the health crisis, returned this time with only about 20 horses registered. “This competition has been around for almost thirty years. But I think it’s one of the last editions. It is still possible to have an appointment or two. But there are fewer and fewer Percheron breeders in Nièvre. This doesn’t really interest young people. In addition, the trees on the promenade des Halles, the ideal venue for this event, will disappear in the years to come…” said the president of the Percheron equestrian association of Nièvre, Jean Brest, breeder in Charrin , explain.

Physiology and pacing are closely studied

Formerly used for agricultural work, today the Percheron is mainly used in Nièvre for horseback riding during events such as the next agricultural show in Moulins-Engilbert or at weddings. Jean Brest adds that other tasks like clearing wooded areas can guarantee a better future for Percheron breeding, “but you still need to have capable people who know how to lead them.” “.

The jury will scrutinize the horses from head to toe

Possibly, a handful of breeders showed up on Saturday, July 30 (they were about fifteen twenty years ago), and it will be a pleasure to meet again to share her passion.

For the competition, a jury of three breeders, will scrutinize horses at head, neck, back and rump levels, but also at flying and slow-moving levels. A program that future generations may not have the opportunity to follow…

Practice. Saturday, July 30, the Percheron will begin at 10:30 a.m., promenade des Halles. In the morning, paintings of mother hens 1, 2, 3 years old; from 3 p.m., mare scramble. Refreshments on site. For the event to proceed normally, the circulation and parking of all vehicles and turns will be prohibited on Saturday, July 30, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., allée Marcel-Merle (from location du Champ-de-Foire to rue du Port).
Walks, weddings, etc. For all information on horse-drawn carriage trips, contact the president of the horse breeding company Syndicat, Jean Brest,

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