PICTURES. In Plestin, more than 2,000 visitors come to participate in the farmer’s day

The agricultural show in Plestin-les-Grèves, placed under the sign of the festival, gathers about 2,000 people on July 30, 2022. © Le Trégor

Arrive Plestin-les-Grevesthe agricultural exhibition are from canton Plestin-Plouaret going well under the sign of Party this Saturday afternoon July 30 : more than a thousand guests surveyed it on the peak of San Sebastian by one sunny favorable for both the viewer and the animals on display.

Diverse audience

The broadcast of ambient music by loudspeakers is interrupted only by consuming stimuli Pancakes and sausage pancakes a Renaud “hot as embers” and a dozen busy crepe makers, while the stands of local producer sold their DIY products.

The crepe makers are busy.
The crepe makers are busy. © Le Tregor

There’s something for everyone, lovers agricultural machineryor “the war between the ancients and the modern” exchange their arguments about the exhibition tractor through the ages, but also across the ages already in the future.

The audience is very diverse includingactive farmers or retiredof the local individuals and of people who are “on vacation” come to breathe the taste of iodized countryside.

Exhibition of old agricultural machinery. © Le Tregor

More muscular animation: of traction who “spit everything they have under the hood” to carry their load as far as possible on the ground. Some sluggish phenomena testify to their limits.

2,000 visitors

For all the audience, the explanatory comments from the announcer are presented beautifully cows and bulls “Strong, Balanced, Symmetrical…” by different races whose Jersey “Small in size, strong and rustic with exceptionally rich milk” from Benoît, the show’s performer, visibly tense, leaves their island.

State-of-the-art agricultural machinery was on display.
State-of-the-art agricultural machinery was on display. © Le Tregor

At the same time, the presentation of horse : breton and postman characteristics are headers; of the Hounds include beagles, spaniels or fawns.

Video: available on Actu

“We want to thank all the volunteers, crepe makers, electricians, Plestin festival committee and everyone who came to our aid, because without them the party would never have been possible. such a great time: thank you all for a great day and see you next year.”

Nathalie Esnault, President

Farmers’ Day get more 2,000 visitorsand night 300 people Share roast pork.

The judges were Alain Mahé, technicians Innoval Sébastien Martin, Julie Galland and Ludivine Chambry. Seven municipalities introduced a breeder: Plestin, Saint-Quay-Perros, Plouaret, Plouzélambre, Lannion, Trevou-Treguignec and Locquivy-Plougras.

The mini train was simulated throughout the afternoon.
The mini train was simulated throughout the afternoon. © Le Tregor

Multiple results

Race Prim’Holstein Consists of 4 parts: part 1EASY won by Le gaec du grand Rocher, 2e by Gaec Le Houerou, 3e by Jean-Christophe Huon, and 4 peoplee by Gaec Le Houerou.

Benoît’s jersey. © Le Tregor

Gaec Benoît Peru Ferme de Lesneun ranked 3rd Jersey in 1EASY section and 3 in 2e section.

Gaec Pasquiou occupies 2 positions in 1EASY3e and 4e part of Like Norman2e section was won by Jean-Christophe Huon.

Give special priceGaec Peru Future best dairy and cheese dairy awards ; Gaec Le Houérou Best Dairy and Holstein Breeding AwardGaec Pasquiou Prices of livestock Normandy.

The horses passed one by one in front of the judges.
The horses passed one by one in front of the judges. © Le Tregor

Horse results

Horse list:

1. Small line after Nicol Benoît de Plouaret with Havane 31

Large suits: 1. Peruvian Théophile de Plouaret with Gina de coat roue 2. Nicol Renan de Trégrom with Elyne 3. Toudic Élise de Plougras with Frivole

Major lines do not follow: 1. Chaumeil Laïla de Trégrom with Apoline 2. Nicol Cédric de Plouaret with Hermione de Languignet.

The reward for the pony is me! © Le Tregor

Major lines do not follow: 1. Coadou Mathieu from Minihy-Tréguier with Hirondelle 2. Nicol Cédric from Plouaret with iden from Languignet 3. Chaumeil Laïla from Trégrom with Ursula from Ellez 4. Hamon Bruno from Plounérin with uhela koant.

Championships: 1. Peruvian Théophile with Gina de Coat roue 2. Coadou Mathieu with Hirondelle 3. Nicol Cédric with Hermione de Languignet 4. Nicol Benoît with Havane 31.

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