Ponce’s whimsical, goring and a nasty environmentalist: echo of callejon

The Valencian diestro (2327 bullfights, 5257 toros lidiés) made a public appearance on a television program and was filmed from the convent of the Almeria Cathedral. Withdrawn from ruedo as of June 28, 2021, the conductor was questioned by journalist José Enrique Moreno for 1:30. He explained to him that he had never regretted his decision, almost as a whim after confronting Léon, with his stepfather. “When I bought this toro, I didn’t think it would be my last. After dinner at the hotel, I said to Ana (her companion editor’s note): You know what? I won’t tear anymore. “


Caption to say goodbye to one of them

According to the Huelva Informacion media, many people came to greet the legendary Miguel Báez Espuny “Litri” one last time in a frame erected in Huelva, where he rests before his funeral on Saturday, May 21. Political figures, anonymous but also great movie monuments such as Espartaco, Paco Ojeda, Victor Puerto or El Tato. Marquis Alvaro Domecq was also discovered. Curro Romero also traveled from Seville to attend the funeral.

Emilio de Justo returns to Almeria

Empresa Lances de Futuro announced the return of Emilio de Justo, who was mortally wounded on Palm Sunday, when he attacked the first of six bulls he faced during a bullfight in Las Ventas, in Madrid. The conductor, who won there last year, will therefore re-appear in the Feria de la Virgen del Mar starting on August 21, which is five months after his injury.


Mexican player Joselito Adame, suffering a rough blow from Arauz de Robles on May 17 in Las Ventas (he fell and hit his head badly), strained the cervical ligaments. Practitioners should determine its duration of immobilization according to the course of the injury. The master craftsman hopes to return to the ruedo within two weeks. Gines Marin was discharged from La Fraternité hospital on Thursday 19 May, four days after being injured in Madrid, where he underwent surgery after receiving a serious cornada. His unavailability is indefinite.

Morante, savior and dancer

On May 15, in Jerez, the Morante de la Puebla that should have saved the evening before Torrestrella was deemed complicated. In Jerez we obviously love wine, horses and Morante almost as much. When he got there, the shops were closed for race time with the only explanation being “Torea Morante” written on a sign. So when in the capital of flamenco and the city of Lola Flores, the cigar “baile”, the magic of his blow extends into the night of the feria del caballo.

Roca Rey wins the Manolete Trophy

At the end of the Cordoba feria, Roca Rey won the Manolete trophy, the 72nd trophy of its kind. The last prize was awarded nine years ago in 2013 to a certain Morante de la Puebla. It was the performance of the Peruvian conductor on May 21 that convinced the judges. An hour before the race, Roca Rey visited Manolete’s home and shared on social media his admiration for the fourth Caliph killed by Islero at the age of 30 in Linares in 1947.

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Alvaro de la Calle flirting

Since 2016, Alvaro de la Calle has not appeared on a poster of a cartel. The player is coming back into focus after hurling five balls into the field in place of Emilio de Justo, injured in the first game of the Palm Sunday match, April 10, in Madrid. According to Cultoro media, the investment in Cuellar will bring him a contract by the end of August. Negotiations are still ongoing but Alvaro de Calle will regularly ring the phone since Sunday evening. That famous Japanese.

Less alcohol, more study

Will Las Ventas bullring turn into a nightclub? In any case, this is what many fans have denounced, sorry to see many spectators arriving at paseo’s time in a state of intoxication after being “loaded” in bars with the police and losing their sanity. god for playing music during the times of Las Ventas shortly after the masters left the ruedo. Thus, Asociación Juvenil Taurina Española launched a banner of clear merit: “Menos alcohol mas educationacion”.

Bullfighting memory, a photo exhibition in Seville

The Archive of the Indies in Seville will run until October 2 “La memoria taurina”, a photographic exhibition showcasing great moments in bullfighting history from the 19th to the 20th centuries, with photographs photos of Beauchy, Serrano, Baldomero, Cerdá, Cano, Arjona and Cuevas. We are indebted to this exhibition to the Directorate of Fine Arts of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

There is no bullfight at the Carcassonne feria

Scheduled for the last weekend of August, the Carcassonne feria will not be holding a bullfight this summer. The Carcassonne Aficion association was dissolved due to financial difficulties. City Hall wouldn’t be willing to support it.

Cartels of Tyrosse

On Sunday, July 17 at 6 p.m., Tyrosse Morenito de Aranda, Thomas Dufau and José Garrido will march in the sands of the arena facing bulls from the Pagès-Mailhan ranches. In the morning, a novillada without a picador is scheduled.

Dorian Canton’s Summer Program

Diet team Béarnais Dorian Canton is scheduled on June 18 to meet Valdefresno in Aire-sur-Adour then in La Brède on June 25 before Fuente Ymbo. He will be offered August 9 in Villeneuve-de-Marsan bulls from Robert Margé’s crossbreeding. Finally, he will face Pedraza de Yeltes on August 20 in Mimizan and Bayonne on September 3.

A bullfighting environmental protection candidate causes trouble

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