Presence of the wolf confirmed in the Lot division – Medialot

The prefect decided to take a number of measures.

Since May 31, reports of damage and predation on flocks of sheep present in open-air pastures have been reached by the General Department of Territories and the French Office of Biodiversity. Nine attacks on eight farms located in six cities in the heart of the Caucasus were observed. At this stage and officially, the French Office of Biodiversity, based on elements specially collected by the department’s wolf-hunting lieutenants, has noted the presence of a wolf in the set. Lot. The wolf’s predation was halted in seven attacks, resulting in 22 animals dead and 20 injured.

> Measures taken

Measures have been taken and will be consolidated. They are part of the National Plan of Action on Wolves and Livestock Operations, developed by county chiefs. This includes in particular the following measures:

put in place protective measures;

pastedGraphic.pngmeets twice a year with a departmental wolf committee in the presence of local stakeholders;

pastedGraphic.pngprevent distress for certain breeders and shepherds, and assist affected ranchers;

pastedGraphic.pngAssist in awareness raising and training of wolf lieutenants.

In fact, wolves are strictly protected at the international, community and national levels. In that context, the measures taken must be commensurate to harmonize the protection of the sheep and the protection of the wolves. From the first suspicions of predation by wolves, a provincial decree was issued ordering the wolf lieutenants a specific task of tracking and repelling, in the form of non-lethal shots. deadly, to thwart the herd’s predatory efforts. . These scenes can occur day or night, from June 10 to July 8, 2022, by specifically designated wolf-hunting lieutenants.

Since this measurement, predatory behaviors are less likely to occur even when the presence of wolves in the same area is consistently demonstrated. State services have brought together affected farmers to assist them and raise their awareness of the risk of predation for their herds. This meeting, initiated by the authorities of the State, in the presence of the breeders, the mayors concerned, the wolf-keepers and the OFB took place on June 13. A technical meeting A meeting with the Chief of Staff of the Province of Lot, the Department of Territories, the French Biodiversity Office, the Department of Agriculture, the Sheep Federation also took place on Thursday, June 16, to grasp the situation. and inform farmers of the precautions that may be taken. Governor Lot convened a ministry coyote committee on Wednesday 22 June to share the inventory by providing all available information, to analyze the vulnerability of the farms before predation taking into account the specific characteristics of the Lot and recommending with expertise measures to prevent and protect the swarm. After this meeting, Sheriff Lot decided to take the following measures:

pastedGraphic.pnginvite the local elected officials of the area to come down to take all measures to prevent stray dogs so as not to cause additional problems for the farms in the area;

pastedGraphic.pngprovide workers with electrified “sheep” cages as an additional safeguard;

pastedGraphic.pngestablish, on the basis of the findings of the French Biodiversity Office, a procedure for compensating attacked animals;

pastedGraphic.pngrequires the establishment of zoning (“circles”) set forth in the National Action Plan so that long-term preventive measures can be financially supported for Lot farms.

In addition, given the geographic concentration and number of attacks, once effective measures to protect the herd are in place, it is possible to empower simple defensive fire around a few. Limited ranch for wolf lieutenants is designated for this purpose, consistent with National Action Plan protocol, to allow for the prevention of attacks and the protection of herds.

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