PRIX DE DIANE J -2: Authorized man Imad Al Sagar wants to win Diane with Nashwa

Races / June 16, 2022


Authorized man Imad Al Sagar wants to win Diane with Nashwa

Imad Al Sagar enjoyed glory with Authorized in the 2007 Derby. Sunday in Chantilly, Nashwa, who wears the colors of Kuwait, will try to give him his first classic as a first. is a breeder. Imad Al Sagar confided a few minutes before the draw ceremony and when preparing to join Royal Ascot.

By Adrien Cugnasse

Gallop day. – Where does Nashwa come from?

Imad Al-Sagar. – As you surely know, we are of course running after the first classic success with our breeding. NOTwe bought Authorised (Montjeu). Again Nashwa (Frankel), she comes from my breeding. So his final victory will be more important than all because we have the whole family. Everything goes back to his mother’s purchases, Princess Loulouin 2011. It is a Crucial (Polar Falcon) and we all know him as a top demon. His paper was sturdy, the page was gorgeous and the mother gave it a black color. I also like the presence ofHighest honor (Kenmare) in her mother’s genealogy. We bought her all for 310,000 Gns, when she was yearning in Book 1. She is a docile person, bgood. As we say in such cases: she checked all the boxes.

So much more than we knew at the time of buying it. Looking back and considering what she became, it wasn’t expensive. Then she proved us right on track and at stud. She is notable for second in the Prix Jean Romanet (Gr1). She is Innext went to Frankel (Galileo) and for us this choice was obvious. We know that he works well with Pivotal girls. look Cracksman (Frankel)! [Avec les mères par Pivotal, Frankel a donné dix black types pour vingt-cinq partants à ce jour, ndlr].

Nashwa’s mother raced three times in France. As a breeder, how would you rate the value of French selection tests?

I think the French races are of a high level. Regarding the Diane event in particular, this is clearly an event of great international prestige. The many appointments on your program are part of my goals as a breeder and owner. Sunday in Chantilly, I will be there, with my loved ones, to support Nashwa.

What are the best racing conditions for you?

In general, the terrain was not an issue for him. As Frankel’s good daughter, she adapts to everything, except of course to harsh conditions, which means really heavy and very light. Honestly, it’s not the terrain that scares me in Chantilly. Here is the drawing of the plots for the locations at the wire. On this road, it is difficult to bend anywhere, if it is too much outside, it is difficult. [Nashwa a tiré le 2 à la corde, ndlr].

You bought Zotilla for €75,000 in December 2019 and her daughter Mangoustine won the…

As a breeder, I try to diversify my bloodline. Zotilla is a girl of the Zamindar (Gone West) and she is a beautiful mare, of outstanding form and a classic triumphant sister. Beautiful page. At Blue Diamond Studio [son haras, non loin de Newmarket, ndlr]we have very few offspring from the male line of Halo (Greetings to Reason). In Arqana, I also bought a daughter of Than friendHan is ready (Southern Halo): Manasarova. Before joining us, she gave Sicilian Defense ** (Muhaarar) who came to show a good face in the Prix de Sandringham (Gr2).

During this day in Deauville we had a lucky chance to buy two delicious young chickens. And honestly, I think Mangosteen (Dark Angel) has a very good chance tomorrow in Coronation Stock (Gr1). I will be there to support her!

Friday at Royal Ascot you will also have a head start in your colors!

In fact, Rizg (No Nay Never) will host the Commonwealth Cup (Gr1). We strive to produce high-level horses, the subject of great races, without any particular preference regarding distance. From sprinting to holding, passing the classics and the mile… all great races are beautiful.

You have been breeding for fifteen years. What are the main lessons you learned from it?

In our first steps, in 2007, we lacked experience. However, breeding is much more complicated than imaginedIt. This requires a lot of knowledge, research… but you also need to have a good sense of the horse’s physique. I made a lot of mistakes when I started. But I have no bitterness, withar I have learned from these failures. And we can clearly see in the results of the stud farm that the production quality has improved a lot in recent years. The difference is really clear, knowing that I don’t want too many horses. When I talk to you, we have forty mare at Blue Diamond Stud. My plan is to reduce it to thirty. My strategy is not quantity, but quality. So I’ll sell some of the my workforce, while continuing to invest in diversifying learners’ bloodlines.

Furthermore, my strategy is to favor established stallions. I use male like Dubai (Dubai Millennium), Frankel, Lope de Vega (Shamardal), Sea the Stars (Cape Cross), Siyouni (key), No Ney Never (Go, Dad)… This stallion is almost a different breed. They are above a lot. My hope, my ambition, is to be the champion. Or at least to try.

You’ve taken an important step in managing the career of your steed Knight on your own…

At first he was an excellent racehorse, with an exceptional pedigree. Today, he is a very promising steed. Last week, he gave away four winners! His production has yet to show us everything: the best is yet to come…

You are the first vintage owner to award the original equipment contract to a woman. Why did you choose Hollie Doyle?

In the past, car races made me suffer a lot. I lost races that I wouldn’t haveS should not have lost. Since then, I decided to contract a pilot who is able to demonstrate stability in his work. Before taking this step, I started to enjoy riding Hollie a lot. She knows how to put a horse on a course. He is quite simply a super racer, with a mind of steel and the ability to make quick decisions. Our partnership is working very well and we are both very happy about it. At the age of 25, Hollie has accomplished a lot. I am proud of what she has achieved.

Every breeder and owner has their own source of motivation. What is your?

It’s hard to describe in words! But I think I can say that the passion for horses is in the nature of some people. It was in them from the very beginning. I was born like this. From my childhood, horses have fascinated me. And over the years, this tourist spot has just developed. Consider that I got my first racehorse in 1988. Almost thirty five many years! My first steps in the race, I took them in person in the UK. I am the only one in my family interested in horses. I read a lot, I watched a lot and the passion for horses was added to that of racing. Little by little, one horse after another, everything became bigger. So much so that in my life, all of this takes up more space than a mere hobby.

I find that the passion for racing is something of a rather outlandish thing. It overcomes questions of generation, nationality, social class… This is also the strength of races. I cannot speak for others and this opinion is purely personal.


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