Pu Mat National Park by the bed of seven tiger cubs

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Tiger cubs are cared for at Pu Mat Wildlife Rescue Center.

Photo: Nguyen Ty / VNA / CVN

Founded in 2018, the Wildlife Rescue Center has grown into a “special hospital” dedicated to the care of wild animals. At the beginning of August 2021, the Environmental Police Department, Police of Nghe An Province (Center) dismantled a wildlife trade case, saving seven tiger cubs (two males, five females) transported from Huong district. Son (Ha Tinh, Center). ) to Nghe An.

To protect this rare and endangered species, the Provincial Police have handed them over to the Wildlife Rescue Center of Pu Mat National Park for them to be cared for and fed.

A successful rescue

Due to over-transportation, the tiger cubs arrived at the center exhausted. They also suffer from intestinal diseases and diarrhea. Veterinarians gave them medication and fed them specific milks. After six months of treatment, the average weight of each person decreased from 4 kg to 30-40 kg.

Today they are healthy, active and can eat raw meat.
According to Dang Thanh Tuan, head of the tiger care team of the Wildlife Rescue Center, raising 7 cubs is not easy. After receiving, the facility must develop a special treatment regimen, creating the best care conditions. Veterinarians used antibiotics and digestive enzymes to stabilize their guts.

At first, the tigers could only drink normal cat milk. At 2e months, they started drinking milk mixed with meat broth. Gradually, when they get used to the smell, they eat meat cut into small pieces.

Thus, at 7 a.m. daily, Mr. Tuan and his colleagues cut more than 10 kg of meat to prepare for their meal. After mincing, the meat is divided into seven portions corresponding to the weight of each part. Food variety between beef, chicken or rabbit.

One of seven cubs at Pu Mat Wildlife Rescue Center.

Photo: Nguyen Ty / VNA / CVN

From 3e There are months when tigers can eat bones of the neck, ribs, spine… They also drink calcium to make bones strong. Now each one weighs almost 40 kg. Food is very high, about 5 million VND a day“, Anh Tuan shared.

After recovering, the center’s staff began to recover so that they could survive in the natural environment. “During this period, we don’t feed them like before, we hide food in their cages to force them to forage on their own. Some animals have been kept in captivity for so long that they can no longer return to the forest“, Notify veterinarian Nguyen Tat Ha.

Inadequate infrastructure

Our joy and happiness is to see the rescued animals recover in good health, run and dance, have fun and soon return to the natural environment.“, Thanh Tuan said.

According to Tran Xuan Cuong, Director of Pu Mat National Park, the purpose of the Wildlife Rescue Center is to rescue animals injured by traps. In addition to these 7 cubs, the facility also takes care of other rare animals such as gibbons, pangolins, civets, bears, monkeys and other otters. In total, the costs related to taking care of 7 cubs amount to nearly 500 million VND (including food, human resources and medicine), which are covered by benefactors.

According to Mr. Cuong, due to the lack of suitable infrastructure, this mission is not easy to carry out. The cages quickly became too cramped for very fast large tigers.

“Because we could not keep them in cages, we proposed to the Provincial People’s Committee to transfer these 7 tigers to rescue centers in other localities to continue the process of care and education.“, he shared.”We also propose the Wildlife Rescue Center to become a biodiversity conservation facility and expand the area of ​​cages to carry out the rescue of large mammals.”he added.

I want all animals to have the right to live. It is important that they can live in their natural environment. The earth is a common roof, where all species have the right to live so that the ecosystem is balanced.”Congratulation Mr.


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