Queen Callas Rezidal Z officially retired

At the age of 16, Callas Rezidal Z will not start playing again. Gray Lobster who made the good days of the French team has officially retired.

The pony and champion Callas Rezidal Z is now retired. With her absent from the field since March, rumors circulated for several weeks that the Gray Lobster would find no competition. His former rider Clothilde Jausserand was the first to confirm the suspicions by thanking her, before Ilona Mezzadri added that Callas was expecting his first pony the night before the championship. France in 2022 begins at the age of 16 “Queen Callas” Since then, he has devoted all his attention to raising livestock.

Born in 2006 in Belgium, Callas Rezidal Z is the daughter of two horses, Campione and Galathe de Lune and is registered in the Belgian Studbook Zangersheide. His small 1.50m size allows him to compete in horse events. Coach at Clémenterie, Éric Denarnaud acquired him in 2013. Specially coached by Adeline Lefèvre Bigault, Gray then climbed Sorenza le Metayer. After several competitions, the pair finished fourth in the French Pony 1 championship and took eleventh place in the seven-year-old pony championship. Evolving rapidly into As Pony Elite, the duo finished third in the Grand Prix de Compiègne and won bronze in the French As Pony Elite championship.

Sophie Chillet then took the helm of Callas in 2014, notably winning Liverdy’s Excellence, Saint-Lot’s, as well as the Fontainebleau National Cup, where the duo also took third place in the CSIOP Grand Prix. A runner-up at the inevitable Hagen Cup of Nations, the two also finished fourth in the French Pony Elite Championship in 2015. Despite that, the pair were not invited to represent France at the Championships. European enemy in Malmo.

After this fine season, it was Clothilde Jeausserand’s turn, then fourteen, to make the pony shine. Among their best successes were both victories at the Paris Horse Show Excellence, third place at Saint Lot, second place in the As Pony Elite Speed ​​in Jardy and winning the Grand Prix the next day. Of course, we’ll also remember their victory at the CSIP Grand Prix of Fontainebleau, made possible by an unforgettable pick in the jump… The story between a young girl and a gray child ends after one season. half, mid-2016, even before the pair could start in the French championship.

At that time, twelve-year-old Ilona Mezzadri came to pick up Callas. After a complicated start, the pair were almost undefeated and won silver in the 2017 As Pony Elite French Championship. The following year, nothing stopped them. They have won eight As Pony Elite Excellence awards, equaling the record set by Quabar des Monceaux and Ninon Castex in 2014. Among their best achievements this year, they count on a Cup win. Fontainebleau Country, one of Hagen’s legendary CSIOP Grand Prix, and won the title of French As Pony Elite Excellence champion. Second place on the first day of the Bishop Burton European Championship, Ilona Mezzadri fell but on the second day, there was no chance of winning an individual medal. The pair still let the French team win the bronze medal. Winners of the Salon du Cheval’s Excellence and Opglabbeek’s National Cup, champions of France again, the pair are logically chosen for their new European term in 2019. In Strzegom, she The young girl and her horse live their best hours by winning individually and as a team. After the last Marseillaise at the Nations Cup and 10th place at the Grand Prix de Fontainebleau in 2020, Ilona Mezzadri handed the torch to Emma Koltz. Despite some good runs, gray still pops under Léo Nerzic’s saddle during federal winter training in 2021. Finally, along with Alix Chapuis, who is now nicknamed the “Queen of Callas” ” completed his last runs. Leaving the front door, Callas Rezidal Z ended his career in March with a second place in the As Pony Elite of the very difficult Tournée des As de Jardy.

Below, Ilona Mezzadri and Callas Rezidal Z in Super As Pony Elite Excellence of the Horse Show 2018 which they won.

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