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Presidential election 2022case

If animal welfare and industrial farming are covered in EE-LV, LFI or PCF programs, this question is not related to rights or right, Marine Le Pen excepts.

They may have rushed to the Agricultural Show to get a feel for the butts of the cows, candidates with little to say about the final stages of farm animals’ lives. As if, sheltered from the enclosure of slaughterhouses, what would happen between these walls, where, according to L214, more than a billion animals are slaughtered each year, did not exist. Despite the shockwaves in 2016 with the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the conditions of animal slaughter in France, and the launch this summer of a plan to modernize slaughterhouses financed grants 115 million euros, proposals to improve the working conditions of the agency. difficult occupations and animal welfare are not among the candidate’s priorities. Most committed to the topic, Hélène Thouy, Animal Party candidate and L214 attorney, known for her numerous videos denouncing animal abuse in abattoirs, did not get the numbers. signature required to be able to present yourself.

Animal abuse and working conditions

At Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, we talk a lot about “animal welfare”. The two candidates also intend to break away from industrial livestock, upstream of the slaughter chain. But the terms of “abuse” and “slaughterhouse” does not exist in EE-LV. The rebel is perhaps the most reformist in this field. It’s program of“ensure the effective application of regulations on slaughter conditions and strengthen these regulations, in order to minimize damage to animals and facilitate slaughter on the farm”.

Yannick Jadot, for his part, recalls that “With regard to meat, European animal welfare and traceability rules must apply.” Farther left, communist and steak defender Fabien Roussel is also against “industrial livestock facilities” and plan to end “Unspecified conditions for the transport and slaughter of animals”. Lutte Ouvrière’s candidate Nathalie Arthaud and NPA’s Philippe Poutou clearly link cases of animal abuse observed in slaughterhouses and staff working conditions. First, the end of capitalism will lead to the end of this industrial system. For the second time, “Vegetarian food” will allow “Stop the industrial abuse of both animals and employees”. Finally, Anne Hidalgo announces that she will be debuting “Animal Welfare Foundation”.

Nothing in Pécresse or Zemmour

Emmanuel Macron plans to continue the momentum of its slaughterhouse modernization plan, this time at the livestock level. He bets on “Farm modernization projects with a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare”. The further to the right, the more non-existent the measurements are. We found nothing in Valérie Pécresse, Jean Lassalle, Eric Zemmour or Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Only Marine Le Pen has made animal conditions a campaign axis. There’s even a 16-page booklet dedicated to “animal protection” in his presidential project. In addition to her antiphon about banning ritual slaughter, the far-right candidate plans to appoint “Animal Guardian”who will have access and be able to investigate “all places where animals are kept in captivity (zoos, laboratories, farms, slaughterhouses, etc.) to ensure compliance with applicable regulations”.


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