Saint-Front: good reasons to go to the Goat Festival on Sunday

Like every year since 1999, Foire aux Chèvres takes place on the third Sunday of July in Saint-Front. Therefore, this Sunday, July 17, the Massif Central goat will be celebrated in this village of Mézenc.

Sunday will be the 22nd edition of the Foire aux Chèvres. So much ground is covered, more than twenty publications will be able to help promote an endangered breed of goat and participate in the development of the territory.

Garage sale Saint-Frontin

Exhibitors at the garage sale will open their shops in the town hall square from 6:30 a.m., craftsmen or farmers will open their stalls at the weighbridge from 9 a.m., and breeders will unload animals theirs in the park of the Reception Center from 10 a.m

The country market will bring together about fifteen local producers and artisans on the Place de la Scale. They will display various products of excellent quality: honey, cheese, jewelry, leather, duck, jam, marshmallows, ice cream…

Proof …

Protest by herding dogs (at 10:30 am and 4 pm in central park) : This year, herding dog shows will be provided by members of the Association Chien de herding 43 and will focus on teaching young dogs. We have provided a swimming pool to refresh the dogs and demonstrations will be conducted in a calm manner so as not to inconvenience the dogs. sheep.

Sheep shearing protest : the black Velay sheep from the education farm can finally take off their winter coats. The shearer, Daniel Pignol, will spread the canvas from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Two parades (11:30am and 3:15pm) in the streets of the village, always loved by the public and photography enthusiasts, will feature some of the animals present at the festival. As every year, the public has the opportunity to be satisfied with the beautiful bulls and goats.

Marie-Françoise Delettre from Vastres, Sandrine Bailly and Didier Chaptal from Saint-Front will present three wonderful chariots fitted to goats or goats from Massif-Central.

A surprise is expected with a mascot goat…

Lectures on varieties…

Massif-Central will be the star of the fair. Several goat breeders from Massif-Central will be on hand to provide young broodstock for sale. The jury will be in charge of testing the goats to confirm they are fit for purebred breeding. The presentations of the herd will take place in the ring. Louise Joly, from the Breeding Institute, in charge of genetic monitoring of the breed, will comment on the animals and allow you to appreciate all the characteristics of this local breed.


Musical entertainment in the presence of two artists from Ardèche, who will stroll through the village and accompany the parades.

Goat game : as every year, the traditional “goat fighting” game will be worshiped by children, adults and children. This game allows you to explore the goat in a fun way. What does she eat? How does it reproduce? What lifespan? The answer will be given at 4:30 pm during the presentation round with small surprises …

ride a horse : from 1:30pm, for children, a short horse-drawn carriage ride is possible (paid activity).


Poultry show : a gallery dedicated to free-range and ornamental poultry shows with the presence of Limousin hens, Cou nu du Forez, or even Goat rabbits. Animals will also be sold.

Bracket ARCM-C : This is the place to learn about the Massif-Central goat but also the place to support the association that helps protect this low-numbered breed. Surprise: a “greedy” goat will gladly gobble up your donations… Heaps of ARCM-C dummy items for sale: posters, postcards, t-shirts, badges badges, caps, key rings and, novelty, wooden toys.

Meal in the banquet hall

A menu has been developed to allow you to enjoy the taste of goat products. It will be served from 12pm at the village hall, a meal for 14 euros including green salad with organic goat cheese from Orcellas farm, goat stew from Saint-Front education farm served with Green lentils from Velay or a potato gratin and an apple tart for dessert. For those who do not like to eat goat meat, they can choose Godiveaux. A children’s menu will be available for only €9.

No reservation required but tickets will be sold at the hall from 9:30am.

Local goods

goat beer : In cooperation with the microbrewery “Manev’ale” in Mazet-Saint-Voy, an amber beer “La Cabriole” has been developed, which will be both sweet and characterful. And if goat was a beer… it would be a distinctive, local, rustic, generous and volcanic beer.

Organic Massif-Central Goat Cheese : found on the counter ARCM-C, cheese and marmalade from Léo Bouet – Ferme d’Orcelas in Saint-Clément or goat pate – Produced from the ST-FRONT educational farm and sourdough bread made by a Farmer baker, Bérenger Colin produces de Retournac.

Laurent Cabiron’s cowbells and sheepskin items will be sold in their stall at the entrance to Central Park. Meeting place for all shepherds and pastoral lovers.

Nicole Tardy will host a stall selling Angora goat Mohair products.

Detailed program

7 o’clock : garage for sale in town hall square. To get a place, you must register from July 1 at the town hall at

8 o’clock : Water market on location of scale.

10 o’clock : Goat Fair – Open to the public Breeders will display their goats in the park of the reception center (in the lower part of the village).

10:30 am : demonstration of herding dogs

11:00 : presentation of Massif-Central goat.

half past eleven. : parade / Goats from the Massif-Central and animals from the educational farm parade through the streets of the village.

12 o’clock : self-service meal at the village hall.

15 hours : Noire-du-Velay shearing demonstration

3:15 pm : Goat’s confirmation result.

3:30 pm. : parade / Goats from the Massif-Central and animals from the educational farm parade through the streets of the village.

3:45 pm : presentation of varieties Auvergne: varieties to be identified at present

16 hours : demonstration of herding dogs.

4:30 pm : the result of the game goat


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