Saint-Hubert dog: origin, size and characteristics

Endowed with an excellent sense of smell, this breed is often used by the police.

The Saint-Hubert dog is a large animal with a recognizable physique, especially the lips and drooping ears. Dogs are very good housekeepers, they are especially sociable with children and other pets in the house.

His origin

The Saint-Hubert is a breed of dog that originated in Belgium.

The first historical reminders of the Saint-Hubert dog date back to the Middle Ages, even if its origins date back to Gallo-Roman times. The breed was bred in Belgium then in England before joining France. So we owe him other names, such as Ardennes dog or Flanders dog.

Because of its size and strength, this bloodhound is sought after for hunting, as well as rescue missions. “Because of its qualities as a bloodhound, the Saint-Hubert Dog is often used by law enforcement to find traces of missing people”Didier Sallaberry, president of the Saint-Hubert Dog Club of France, explains.

My character

Running is one of the pleasures of this dog.

The Saint-Hubert is a sociable dog that is very affectionate with his owner and protective of those around him. With a calm temperament, he is resolute and fearless, especially when searching for objects, people or prey. His endurance allows him to work for several hours.

The Saint-Hubert loves to have fun and use his olfactory talents, especially when hiding a toy or treat. These observations are still of a general nature. They can vary from one animal to another given their experience, habitat and personality.

His body features

Saint-Hubert dog shows toughness.

The Saint-Hubert dog’s shoulder size can exceed 70cm for a weight between 40 and 55kg. He has a short jacket to show off his muscular body. In addition to its impressive size and wrinkled skin level with the skull, its head has its own characteristics. This is a case of his drooping ears and lips. His eyes are brown. If he can have a clumsy pace, Saint-Hubert is a fast and persistent dog, capable of covering long distances.

His price

As a general rule, the price of a Saint-Hubert ranges between €1,300 and €1,700. This is mainly due to its pedigree, its registration in the LOF (Book of French Origin) or any physical criteria. Breeding conditions are also taken into account in this estimate. Considered a “giant” breed, the cost of a bloodhound’s diet is between 60 and 70 € monthly budget. Due to its short coat, it is not necessary to schedule grooming sessions.

His health

With periodic monitoring by a veterinarian, Saint-Hubert is a healthy dog. It is especially suitable for outdoor life and withstands bad weather perfectly. However, in older animals, special attention should be paid to ocular conditions such as entropion. Saint-Hubert dogs can eventually develop skin sensitization, sometimes leading to atopic dermatitis. Like other large dogs, he is more at risk for hip dysplasia and even patellar dislocation.


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