Saone-et-Loire. 45 sheep killed in Charolais, Province of the Wolf Plan

Press release from the province

“On July 21, the governor brought together the relevant MPs and mayors in Charolais, the regional and departmental councils, the agricultural profession, the Charolais sheep selection agency and the hunter union of the ministries. department to review the situation.

Sheep attacks continued in Charolais. Since July 8, there have been seven attacks in the cities of Charolles, Champlecy and Fontenay, leaving 45 sheep dead and 20 others injured.

Twenty camera traps installed in the area have so far not identified the enemy responsible for the attacks. However, certain predatory traits that led to the wolf’s responsibility were not dismissed. This is what justifies the implementation of different terms of the wolf plan.

The sheriff invited the industry’s breeders to protect their animals, either by returning them to the sheepfolds at night or by grouping them in electrified parks. The departmental directors of the territories provided breeders with access to the grid to enable them to set up nocturnal gathering parks.

The sheriff also reminded breeders that since the first wolves attacked in Charolais in 2020, the 4th call for regional projects will be open until July 31. it is to assist breeders in protecting their herds, by funding up to 80% of the purchase and maintenance of guard dogs, and the purchase of electric fences.

Breeders who have protected their animals can benefit from simple defensive firing spells, allowing them to shoot an approaching wolf in the event of an attack. So far, the prefect has issued 8 authorizations.

For ten days, wolf-hunting lieutenants, along with trained hunters, were mobilized nightly to carry out simple defensive fire.

Breeders whose herds have suffered a canid attack are invited to contact the French Office of Biodiversity (OFB) as soon as possible (tel: 06 20 78 94 77). The procedures for on-site observation by specialized OFB agents and the measures taken by the breeder are clearly outlined on the website of the State services. »

“Stop Plan Loup’s outrageous rural carnage”

In a press release sent out this Friday, Jean-François Farenc, president of the Union of Mayors of Rural Communes of Saône-et-Loire (UMCR 71), reacts to the sheep attacks in Charolais . First, he recalls that “the presence of the wolf is not suitable for farming in a cage environment” and that “rural mayors offer their full support to herders affected by this wave. “.

UMCR requires sample capture

If the sheriff allows for simple defensive shots of an approaching wolf, UMCR 71 “asks the sheriff for permission to photograph specimens…. No need to wait for the number of animals killed to increase to 200 like in Clunisois, avoid a new record! »

UMCR 71 continues: “We will be intervening with the new Ecological Transition Minister, Christophe Béchu, so that the Wolf Plan prepared for 2023-2027 is not a copy/paste of the current Plan but omits. the performance conditions of agrarian pastoralism and ranching. The Wolf Plan 2018-2022 indicates a level of 500 wolves for species conservation. We are today, according to the State, with more than 1000 wolves present in the national territory, 2500 in the agricultural world. Saône-et-Loire is the land of wolves; It’s time to think about protecting the sheep and herdsmen of Saône-et-Loire! »

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