Scuderia 1918 and Vivaldi Jumping invest in Feel Good Chance

In the midst of very active development, the Vivaldi team, launched on Didier Krainc’s initiative in 2020, has discovered a promising new mount for Kevin Staut. In partnership with the Scuderia 1918, the investment group acquired half of Feel Good Chance, crowning France’s champion in the Other Books for 6 Years competition in 2021, in the Grande Semaine de Fontainebleau. Still in full training, this lovely bay, described by his breeders, Marie Bourdin and Antoine Dechancé, as playful and close to humans, whose performances are vital Chance is in second place in the ranking of the best breeders in the world. leap, can train the next generation of its new racers.

Kevin Staut, the best French driver in the Longines world rankings for the month of June, took advantage of the Compiègne Classic for a competitive debut with Feel Good Chance (OC, Cazador LS x Quick Star). The seven-year-old Gelding was acquired by the Scuderia 1918, from which he took the commercial prefix, and Vivaldi Jumping, an investment firm that co-owned the Cheppetta (Holst, Chepetto x Cash) and Scuderia 1918 Viking fissures from la. Rousserie (SF, Quaprice Bois Margot, former Quincy x Apache d’Adriers). Owned by its breeders, Marie Bourdin and Antoine Dechancé, until last May, Feel Good Chance was crowned French champion for the 6-year-old Other Stud-book last year, in Grande Semaine de Fontainebleau, under the saddle of Skye Higgins of England. . “Feeling Good is a bit of Mr. Good’s surprise”Marie Bourdin laughed. “He is one of the last foreigners (gelding is a Recorded Origin and does not have access to tests specific to Selle Français and Anglo Arabe, editor’s note) qualified for Fontainebleau. When we caught another mare of mine, Felt Opportunity (SF, Cornet Obolensky, ex Windows vh Costersveld x Diamant de Semilly), we did the Feel Good with us show, to give him some experience. The first idea was to bring him to Oliva in October. And then, at Fontainebleau, he made one, two, three, four clear innings, until he won! We postponed the Oliva trip to March / It was raining heavily. Even so, Feel Good finished third in the tour’s final seven-year Grand Prix. He is undeterred and committed to always doing well.”

Before donning the finest clothes on the court, Feel Good was born in the meadows of Christian Baillet, under the benevolent gaze of Floriane and Jacques Navet, in whom Marie and Antoine had blinded their faith. into raising their guardians. A model pony, son of the very good Cazador, winning 1.45m tall with Irishman Darragh Kenny, then broken into by Antoine Mineo at the age of three and assigned to Louisiane Chesnier for a time in five later, before returning to the field. Teddy Thellier, whom the two breeders worked to apprentice their kids to the top level, took over at age 5, in Training events, followed by a Classic cycle at age 6. A few months before the deadline for Fontainebleau, Skye Higgin withdrew the post with the aim of running international tours. Although shortened faster than expected, the adventure between the two will be a real success. “Basically, we don’t really want to sell Feel Good. Skye adores him and he is the pet in his cage. Even when he is unobtrusive and never jumps too much, she always believes in him. He became gorgeous in a few months at her house. His groom, Sandy Lesade, is also very attached to him. But the chance to see one of our horses rode by Kevin Staut convinced us.”breeder disclosure. “Feel Good has a great personality and he is very funny. He is playful and loves people. He is always very spoiled: sweets, carrots, caresses, he loves it! He shares a bit of personality with Vital Chance, although they have nothing to do with genetics. If possible, both of us will come sit on the sofa and watch TV with us (laughs).

Feeling lucky colt. © Private Collection

“We wish Kevin all the best with Feel Good”, Marie Bourdin

If Vital Chance (SF, Diamant de Semilly x Rivage du Poncel), Irish star Conor Swail and the second best horse in the world according to the rankings published by the World Federation of Sport Horse Breeds (WBFSH), is The head of the Attachment Opportunity, Feel Good comes from a completely different stock. “I had a very good show mare, Queenie II. I haven’t made great performances with it, but it has particularly caught the attention of George Morris and Hubert Bourdy, who would have loved to have it. She is closely related by blood, as she is a cross between Franc Ryk, a pureblood who runs a multitude of races, and Brilloso on the side of her mother. She is very respectful and has enormous strength. I decided to bring her back to breed. She gave me one of Kannan’s mare, named Obain Marie. After that, he also devoted himself to raising livestock. She picked up a good mare from Capital, sold it to an amateur rider who admired her, then the daughter of Fast Star, Unbelievable Opportunity.”, Marie recounted. Particularly close to blood and delicate, the latter took over from her very good stock, from which there are several horses with stats over 140, such as Duke I (Pierreville), Young Lady (Brilloso), Dynasty de la Loge (Quito de Baussy), Osanna de la Loge (Narcos II), Hang Over (Quappa) or Figaro de Ravel (Sunderland). His first pony, the son of Vagabond de la Pomme named Do It Chance, performed at the age of 5 and 6 under the saddle of Teddy Thellier. This was followed by Easter Chance (Dollar de la Pierre), which went on sale in the United States at the beginning of the year, followed by Feel Good, which showed a lot of energy from the first days of life. Among Un Believable’s youngest products, Marie and Antoine particularly credit In Style Chance, the promising four-year-old daughter of Candy de Nantuel. Unbelievably Chance also gave birth to the late Jumping Jack Chance, a descendant of Diamant de Semilly.

Feel Good and Kevin Staut in Compiegne. © Ecary Agency

At Compiègne, Feel Good Chance takes its first steps under the new rider’s saddle in classes dedicated to seven-year-old horses. The rookie duo finished the competition with two four-point runs and a clear inning. What a glimpse of beautiful things for the future. “We wish Kevin all the best with Feel Good and hope they write a great story. Maybe Feel Good will enjoy the same glory as Vital Chance in the future”, Marie Bourdin dreamed. Demonstrating the sense, blood and very good technique of his forefoot, his dance is also reminiscent of Quel Homme de Hus, who won bronze with Belgium at the last Olympic Games, in his dancing. . “He leans in a bit when he dances, but, like Quel Homme de Hus, that reassures me.”Its breeders joke.

“For Feel Good, we provide a real sports goal”, Didier Krainc

Thanks to his loyal supporters, Scuderia 1918 and Vivaldi Jumping, Kevin Staut will therefore be able to continue to train this young talent. “We created Vivaldi Jumping two years ago. The idea is to buy ponies and grow them long, or even keep them for Kevin if they reach the top level. Since 2020, we have invested in this view. However, these first two years were very difficult due to Covid and the problems of Cheppetta and Viking (due to an eye problem, the first is recovering for a long time in Bordeaux, while the second is injured during CSIO 5* in Rome in 2021, editor’s note). As a result, the project was suspended stay closebefore leaving very strong this year”Didier Krainc recalls, who imported this model from the racing world, in which he also participated through the Vivaldi team. “We have been looking for horses for quite some time, not necessarily whole horses but more in cooperation with other owners. Kevin therefore frequently tries the frames. We recently acquired two people: a six-year-old, Vida Loca (Z, Vigo d’Arsouilles x Cornet Obolensky) and Feel Good, 50% with Scuderia 1918. We are delighted with this association. For Feel Good, we provide a real sports goal. Although he is young, he has shown great potential. Kevin has a good feeling about him and we hope he can take over Viking, Cheppetta and our other good horses. In any case, Kevin loves him very much and has kept him in his stable, just like Vida Loca, while our other ponies, like Halko (SF, Quinoto Bois Margot x Quatro de Riverland) and Riverland Feeling (SF, Kannan x Kashmir van’t Schuttershof), which we purchased last year in the auction of the breed of the same name, is ridden by Eliott Souster and is going well. We also count Fantastico Riverland (SF, Riverland Quatro x Apple Juice) on our team, was handed over to Cian O’Connor late last year. “

Feel Good and its new driver at Compiègne. © Ecary Agency

Based on pooling resources trying to reach the highest level and sharing, the Vivaldi team seems to be doing very well, as evidenced by the latest performances of Cheppetta, 5* Grand Prix winner* of Saut Hermès in March then ranked in Sopot, and the Scuderia 1918 Viking d’la Rousserie, back in very high and clear form during the Longines Global Champions Tour in Ramatuelle, followed by the Nations Cup in Sopot. After a rough start, marked by the decline of Cheppetta and Viking’s health, months of lack of sport, and a health crisis, this love affair seems to have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. “We started by going through things that weren’t fun. First we ate our rye bread. Now we fully enjoy white bread! “Didier Krainc adds. “Kevin has a soul of steel. He now has four or five 5* horses. It’s really great. When he ended his partnership with Haras des Coudrettes, he almost started all over again. To see him back in the top 10, three years later, after a year of Covid, is unbelievable. He is an outstanding racer. All of our team members were especially delighted with how this adventure turned out. What we experienced at Saut Hermès was amazing and we will all meet again on June 25 at the Eiffel Tower (place of one leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour, nldr) to see Cheppetta in the Grand Prix. This concept, imported from racing, works great in leap and allow us to come together, all together, around the horse. We held festive meals with Kevin and everyone was involved in the selection of the horses. We will be hosting a day dedicated to the Vivaldi stables at the Clairefontaine racecourse. We’ve combined everyone from racing and dancing, which is really cool.” And to conclude: “We have happily invested in Feel Good, which we love. He is very nice, adapts very well to the new environment and seems to be exceptionally talented.” Let’s now hope that Marie Bourdin and Antoine Dechancé patrons continue the great adventure initiated by enthusiasts centered around Kevin Staut and add other championship titles to their roster. he.

Featured photo: Kevin Staut and Scuderia 1918 Feel Good Chance at Compiègne. © Ecary Agency

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