sheep, milkman and pony in the spotlight

Sheep. To reunite with the public and professionals, the agricultural fair Nouvelle-Aquitaine, located in the Parc des expositions as part of the Bordeaux International Fair, dedicates two days to sheep breeds: Tuesday and Thursday, 26 May. This year. The first day is for dairy breeds, the second day is for meat sheep. There are no less than 127 breeds: from the Charollais to the Berrichon du Cher through the Romanov, Rouge de l’Est, Tarasconnaise or Béarnaise. The public and professionals were able to attend this Tuesday morning the IGP Agneau de Poitou-Charentes, Label Rouge le Diamandin and IGP Agneau de Pauillac lamb competitions. On Thursdays, in addition to genetics presentations, visitors will be able to attend herding and shearing dog shows.

Hairdresser at the salon

Beauty. Limousines, stars since the show opened on Saturday, May 21, went home Monday night. And 110 dairy maids landed from Cantal, Aveyron and other dairy agencies and areas. Prim’Holsteins will be participating this Wednesday in a competition dedicated to their breed, in the show ring. As a result, as soon as they got off the truck, the beauties had to fall into the hands of the “barber” or rather the overpowered lawnmower who would highlight the breasts and spine in accordance with the beauty pageant’s rules. given. Even, sometimes we will allow ourselves to apply makeup to “catch up” with natural dark spots whose contours are not as clear as expected. Beauty lets herself be fulfilled… without suffering.

The diaper girls head the hairdressers at the salon.

Valérie Deymes / Southwest

The judge is a woman

Competition. 110 cows from the first dairy breed will compete this Wednesday, May 25 in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine agricultural show, which will be decided by a judge. And once out of the ordinary, female judge Caroline Marsaud is one of the few female judges. A 35-year-old Vendean, born to a family of Prim’Holstein herders and has lived in Brittany since 2015. As a tourist, she discovered Aquitanima and the neo-Aquitaine fair, but this is her first time there as a judge. A “hobby” that she practices in parallel with her work as a technician and geneticist Holstein in the French association prim’Holstein. Caroline Marsaud, accompanying her husband in the ring, will apply to the contestants the breed evaluation criteria, that is: the contestant must have breasts with good nipple attachment and position, in balance with the skeleton. , has many open ribs. and a milky temperament. The back, cared for by their breeders, should reveal a well-arranged pelvis and a supple gait with limbs parallel to the stop.

Caroline Marsaud will decide between the Pri'Holsteins this Wednesday in the ring.

Caroline Marsaud will decide between the Pri’Holsteins this Wednesday in the ring.


Free Horse Day

Equitanian. Throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine agricultural show, horses are also featured through the Equitaine, which offers the opportunity to explore the functions of horses in agriculture and winegrowing, and to meet experts in the field of equine production. , raising horses, ponies and donkeys, to attend demonstrations of maneuverability, aerobatics or even hunter parity or even to treat the youngest child riding in a chariot or on a horse. This Wednesday, May 25, Equitaine will be hosting free rides for kids, in the giant pony club near hall 4. In addition to horseback riding, kids activities will combine wandering around. quarry, workshops, discover the preserved breed “Ponies des Landes”, a very old breed probably descended from the Tarpan tribe of the steppe, more recently influenced by Arab contributions or English. The next day, Thursday, May 26, we’ll be focusing on the Equidae Cup: Riding and horse handling (drawn and ground horse) and hitchhiking, pulling and packing competitions (deceive).

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