“small” candidates trying to stand out at the end of the campaign

The first round of the 2022 legislative elections takes place on Sunday, June 12. In Champagne-Ardenne, a total of 118 candidates are competing in 13 constituencies. In addition to NUPES, Ensemble, RN or Republican, the “small” candidates all tried to convince.

No name, no face but a bird. The Animal Party has chosen a duckling for the common poster for all its candidates in the legislative election. After a kitten or a dog, this time it is a farm animal that has been selected. “The poster is the same for all candidates. It’s not the most important candidate but for the animals. We’re not asking people to vote for us, but to vote for a cause. animal protection”Rémy Cruz, the candidate of the Animal Party in the 4th arrondissement of the Marne, explains.

The lineup that was born in 2016 has limited financial means and has fewer fighters than traditional parties. Therefore, it must focus on the essentials. For cost reasons, his confession of faith is common to all candidates, and is only available in digital form. It is not in the envelope addressed to each voter. “I want to reassure voters by telling them that there will be a ballot from the Animal Party in the polls,” he said. Remy Cruz confirmed.

“It is true that we are not as powerful as the major political parties, but we have great determination. That is what motivates us. It will not be a problem if we do not have enough financial and post-war means. need more than the party big boys, the more we talk about this animal cause, the more we can change mentality”candidate explained.

The party presented eight candidates in the 13 constituencies of Champagne-Ardenne. District 4 candidate Marne tries to multiply to convince. “I went to the market in Châlons, Sainte-Ménehould, Mourbage, Boulingrin to meet people, explain to them about the Animalist Party program. It took a lot of energy, but it was a great adventure and I don’t do it. disappointed’Remy Cruz said.

Our desire is to have elected officials. We know that it is not easy to get party members elected when we have a small party. However, the most important thing for us is to talk about the condition of animals, the abuse, the exploitation of animals that we see in hunting, overfishing, in experimental animals.

Remy Cruz, Animal Party

Rémy Cruz, who presents her party as “transparent, and right and left”, Protective measures are key “there is a department of animal status or a state secretariat of animal status, which is not dependent on the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Ecological Transition. It can carry out many projects.”

Thomas Rose, candidate Lutte Ouvrière in the 2nd district of Marne, has more experience in electoral campaigns. As an activist since 1986, he has participated in many elections. His party presented candidates in the 13 constituencies of Champagne-Ardenne.

“We are present everywhere in the territory because we want to represent this revolutionary communist present that believes that society is moving forward a little bit and that humanity can live better and more with dignity in another society”, he explained to us. “We have no problem getting candidates, of course we have enough militia for that.”

“We have very little access to the media. So we compensate with actions on the ground. But of course we want our message to be heard more. […] We are doing a field campaign like everyone else. We go to the market, we put up posters, we go door to door, we talk. We are all working people, we are not professional politicians.”he says. “We all have jobs so we try as best we can, we try to discuss our political ideas, our campaign, which Nathalie Arthaud worked on during the presidential election. It’s the same program, the same ideas we’re defending today.”

While the French are affected by the inflation of prices such as food or fuel, the activist believes some have heard speeches defending workers defended by his party.

We defend powerful axes. We believe that wages, allowances and pensions should be price-based. And not spoon as such an energy check, such an additional allowance.

Thomas Rose, The Labor Struggle

Unlike some candidates who bring up local issues in legislative elections, Lutte Ouvrière focuses on common proposals in all constituencies. “‘Localism is sometimes like customerism’, pointed to Thomas Rose. For him, we must reconsider the place of workers. “At the time of our incarceration, we found that it was the workers who made society work. During this period, if there was one category that didn’t work for me, it was the capitalists. We think that the workers have a collective ability. Social management is much better than today’s management.”he says.

In the 1st district of the Marne, Corentin Dejoie is the youngest of the candidates. The 19-year-old law student introduced himself under the label The Patriot, a movement founded by Florian Philippot. He is not yet of age when he decides to be active in the party. “I joined Florian Philippot in 2020. I almost immediately applied for the position of referee because I wanted to help. I was appointed in a few weeks. I tried to bring my ideas and ideas to the table. we”he says.

He particularly highlighted his opposition to the European Union and the deprivation of freedoms experienced during his incarceration as motivations for his commitment. His campaign for these legislative elections experienced the same imposing figures as other candidates. “We do a collage of posters. We put official posters first, then stick posters around. Of course, we will meet voters in the markets, to discuss about it. our program for France and for the constituency. I also consulted the mayors, we held public meetings”he listed.

When asked about the difficulty of distinguishing himself from the National Election or the Election from voters, he immediately corrected: “We’re really not on the same side politically. We tend to categorize ourselves along the same lines, but we really do identify ourselves as separatists. We’re actually anti-gay. the European Union.”

Even as he made sure he didn’t get a nomination because of his age, his youth allowed him to distinguish himself from eight other candidates in his constituency. “It is quite surprising to see a young person standing in the legislative election, but it is also a strength. I am not for work, I am going for my beliefs […] I want the National Assembly to be the representative of the people”, pointed out Corentin Dejoie.

When asked about an important proposal, he just “beyond all that is contained in the profession of faith” the establishment of a congressional office that listens to the citizens. “The first thing I will do is simply put democracy back at the heart of our territory. If the voters give me the mandate, I will establish an office that is open to all. It will be administered by my congressional aides and by myself.”

In Haute-Marne, Théo Caviezel, 25, is running in constituency 1 without a political label. And he considers it his main political argument. “I have a vision, a project more than a program”he says. “In Haute-Marne, out of 400 municipalities, 175,000 inhabitants, we have only two congressmen. If we want to represent and defend our territory, we cannot be members, we cannot be members. could be an elected country. The residents who elect us completely have different problems from village to village, from living area to living area.”

Last year, this young man made a name for himself when he toured Haute-Marne by bike, meeting the locals. “This Haute-Marne tour allowed me to see that we lack real ambassadors and real spokespeople. […] Haute-Marne’s world tour wasn’t started for a political purpose at all. It was done very naively. “ he says.

I need to feel useful every day, to fight for something far beyond us

Théo Caviezel, candidate without a label

The Langres native was for a time a parliamentary assistant to Bérangère Abba, the outgoing deputy minister. “I resigned very quickly because it represented everything I didn’t want for our countryside and Haute-Marne. […] This allows me to say today that an independent member has more positions than ever before. Political parties cannibalize our delegates. “

He kicked off his campaign very early, in March. “I don’t mess around with gold. So I don’t contribute personally. I count on donations from Haut-Marnais. I didn’t ask anyone for money and I still raised more than 4,500 euros for the campaign.”, According to Caviezel said. The more limited means at his disposal did not prevent him from replicating the meetings in the constituency, to the point of, according to him, attacks from other candidates who saw that he I’m a little too much everywhere,“but that’s because they can’t be everywhere,” he say.

In recent days, he has been working with his team to put his posters on all the official election boards. “I’m the only candidate currently stuck in 100% of the village”. In legislative elections, unlike presidential elections, it is not the responsibility of a service provider to post signs in front of all polling stations. How candidates and their teams do it.

“I showed that we can be successful without a party, that we can link up, raise funds without a party.” He hopes to convince abstainers to vote and surprise older parties. “There’s really going to be a choice being made in Haute-Marne and our countryside. Tomorrow we have the chance to elect the youngest deputy in the history of Haute-Marne and I think it’s a big one. signal really needs to be sent.”

He’s not defending a particular show. If elected, he wants to be the voice of the residents and “to put the deputy minister back to what he has historically been: the representative of the people. It couldn’t be clearer.” The first round of legislative elections took place on Sunday, June 12. Second batch on June 19.

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