Some farms will open to you on June 25 and 26.

JFO, Open Farm Days will return on June 25 and 26. 12 farms will be discovered in the Durbuy province in Rouvroy. Not on the JFO program, Ferme Gresse in Rettigny (Gouvy) is also open but only this Sunday from 10am.


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The Walloon Agricultural Promotion Agency (Apaq-W) invites you to explore agricultural practices more closely on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26. 12 farms with different profiles will present. their activities and provide entertainment.


La Ferme Bodson in IZIER: raising organic cattle, sheep, hens and broilers, subsistence fodder and immature grains, selling packaged meat. -> Guided tours of “high biological value” pastures by agronomists from Natagriwal La Ferme Houard in our BOMAL SURTHE: raising cattle and pigs, crops, selling butcher-charcuterie, direct selling, restaurant, cafeteria and breakfast restaurant.> Visit the shop butcher


La Ferme Lamberty in PETIT-THIER: organic farm with cattle, goats and sheep, gardening at the market, grocery store. -> Walking tour of “Agriculture Loop”, milking demo


Orchard next to HARGIMONT: livestock rearing, field cultivation, direct selling, tall orchard and fruit press, reception of youth groups. -> Explore newspapers, concerts, ball games

La Roche-en-Ardenne

La Chèvrerie du Moulin de Wez in LA ROCHE EN ARDENNE: organic goat farming and horticulture in the market, cheese milk and direct sales. -> Demo milking, pulling animals and making cheese


Speed ​​Farm L in VAUX-SUR-SURE: organic cattle, sheep and horse farm, crops and direct sales. -> Sheep shearing, wool spinning, farming, western horseback riding and Naturâne herding dog demo at VAUX-SUR-SURE: raising donkeys, sheep and goats on an organic farm, donkeys produce milk for consumption, production of cosmetics from donkey milk, direct sale. -> Visiting the milking and packing area, riding a donkey


La Coopérative du Grand Enclos in GRANDVOIR: organic cooperative farm engaged in biodiversity maintenance and wetland restoration, dairy, pig and poultry production, dairy and meat shipments and cheeses, direct selling, training in aquaculture, pastures of high biological interest, vegetable gardens. > Demonstration of milking and cheese making in a copper cauldron


La Ferme de la Géronne in CHENE: organic educational farm with cattle, horses and sheep, animals in stables, management of a nature reserve by grazing, selling meat. -> Children’s local product workshop, treasure hunt


L’Asinerie de l’O in HABAY-LA-VIEILLE: organic animated farm, with social education profession, donkey breeding, equestrian school, stables, biodiversity spaces, accepting people with reduced mobility, accommodation .-> Demo of the farm, gymkhana with donkeys, around the Le Domaine Biovallée bales in HABAY-LA-VIEILLE: organic farming of cattle and sheep, gardening at the market and field crops, butcher-charcuterie, direct selling, receiving education. -> Treasure hunt, bio-cuisine recovery


La Ferme Berque in Rouvroy: organic dairy farm, field crops, direct sales and gîte. -> Demo of herding dog and milking robot, maze, char à bancs…


Not part of the JFO program, the Gresse farm in Rettigny is only open this Sunday: walks, activities, demonstration of milking robots, exhibition of agricultural equipment, tasting of the products of 2 cooperatives.” Arla” and “Living from my livestock” and craft market.

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