Spanish Hound: origin, size and characteristics

Easily identifiable by its slender and slender appearance, the Spanish Greyhound is a calm, quiet and affectionate dog breed.

the spanish hunting dog This is an affectionate and gentle dog, suitable for family life, especially with children.

His origin

The Spanish Hound is a breed famous for its speed.

Nicknamed “Galgo” in Spain, the Spanish Greyhound is a dog known for its speed. Very popular since the Middle Ages for its qualities as a hunter, it was used to hunt hares but also rabbits and foxes.

He is probably the result of a cross between a Celtic cordhound and an Arabian shorthair. We owe its integration in Spain to the Romans, in antiquity. The Spanish Greyhound is believed to have been introduced from the Iberian Peninsula.

My character

The Spanish Hound is a breed known for its spontaneity.

Although each pet has its own personality, the Spanish Greyhound is a dog known for its discretion and his goodness. He also enjoys the game without his master or entourage.

Its sociability greatly depends on its education level and early months of life. Without any difficulty, he can live with children or other dogs. With rare exceptions, the Spanish Hound never barks without reason.

His body features

The Spanish Greyhound breed is athletic and slim.

The Spanish Hound is a large breed with a shoulder length of 60 to 70 cm. In terms of its weight, it ranges between 20 and 30 kg. Particularly agile, this dog stands out with sporty and slimaccented by a short haircut.

The head is narrow, long, the ears are high (but not necessarily erect) and the eyes are almond-shaped. Its coat color can show many variations; from lightest to darkest. Therefore, we distinguish between white, fawn and black spanish terriers.

His price

the Price of a spanish terrier ranges between 600 and 1,200 €. This estimate involved both puppies born during parturition and adult animals acquired by associations. Origin, age, and pedigree can form other evaluation factors for determining purchase or adoption prices.

For his diet, the spanish terrier requires an average budget of 40 to 50 € per month. Plus it’s about 30 euros per month for veterinary care. Note that it does not require maintenance at a healthcare provider. One brushing per week is enough.

His health

Inasmuch as rustic dogThe Spanish Greyhound has a strong constitution. No specific pathology is known. With daily physical expenditure, he is not inclined to gain weight. Furthermore, his appetite remains moderate considering his size.

As far as temperature variation is concerned, spanish terriers are used to heat waves and intense heat. On the other hand, its short coat makes it vulnerable to the harshness of winter.

Adopting an animal makes you commit, it’s a decision you’ll have to think about carefully. Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest veterinarian or shelter before starting. They will be able to advise you on the breed that is best for you.


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