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© Scoopdyga – Kool du Caux in victory at the 2007 Prix de France

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As a prelude to Kool du Caux (Bignon’s Pearl), had Calypso from Caux 1’14” (Nulcimo), winner of the semi-classic under the saddle of the Prix Céneri Forcinal (Group II), and Caux heli 1’14” m. (Thourout), successful with nineteen successes and 300,000 euros in income. And in the next extension Kool du Cauxwhose income exceeds 1.5 million euros before 2021, we indicate Caux Treskool 1’11” (Kool du Caux), a six-time winner in Group II or Group III and twice classically ranked, second in the Critérium des 4 Ans (Group I) and third in the Prix de l’Etoile (Group I). There is also eclectic Viscount Boufarcaux 1’10” (Oh James), semi-classic under the saddle and twice won Group III on driving.

It should also be added that Haras du Caux is also the cradle, on behalf of the Dauphin family, of the Billie de Montfort 1’09” (Flora’s Jasmine). The champion also returns to school this spring, at the end of his career, to begin a second life, dedicated to breeding.

A new wave of Caux’s success

The recent form of breeding, heralding a clear innovation, refers to the victories ofThe impact of Caux 1’17” m. (Marceau is so pretty), Jack du Caux 1’16” (Viscount Boufarcaux) or Jeronimo du Caux 1’17” (Uriel’s speed). In total, thanks to his 3- and 4-year-olds, the stallion has racked up seven wins since the start of the year.

“Billie de Montfort, who came back to us in the spring, was tested on ponies before Bold Eagle.” – Francois Bouelle

24H Trotting.- François Bouelle, tell us about your structure, valued together with your wife.

Francois Bouelle– We farm about two hundred hectares, two-thirds of which is devoted to cultivation. We therefore have about sixty hectares of pasture, for about ten mares and their products, which we therefore keep, rent or sell. There was a time when we had a lot of mares at the boarding house. We have deliberately reduced the sail area and now only track Philippe Dauphin’s sails, namely Quismy de Montfortshow fullOnce proud, and her daughter, Billie de Montfortcame back to us in spring and has just been fully tested Bold Eagle. We do not only breed but also raise horses at home, with the proper infrastructure. This way, everything is guaranteed in place, from A to Z, especially since we also have stallions, operating in the wild. Currently, there are two students at home, Verykool du Caux and Viscount Boufarcaux.

How did you come to the horse, namely the trot?

I am a farmer’s son, but my parents have no horses. With Laurence, we were the first to have them. At first they were saddle horses. And then one day we bought a trotter mare, Sadranera daughter of Tivaso P, with whom we were able to qualify, at the age of 4, but failed to do anything in the race. She was not very good and had problems during the competition. Never mind, we got it out, by Nulcimo, a stallion in the neighborhood, and that gave Calypso from Caux, the first sprint product to be born at home, giving us our first win in the semi-finals. Things started off pretty well and that makes us want to keep going!

“I like horses with a ‘close to blood’ personality; in my eyes, this is a guarantee of quality.” – Francois Bouelle

Kool du Caux soon took over…

Right. This is a champion! But, in the early days, it wasn’t easy, like his mother, Venus of the Bond. They are “near blood” horses, with character. I really like those horses; In my eyes, it’s a guarantee of quality. At the time of stripping, kool gave me a lot of trouble. For months he drove the wheelbarrow and we had to be very patient with him. I took long walks on the street to calm him down and get him used to it. Eventually he got used to it and was then able to show his full potential. He was steeped in class and speed. It must be said that I was specifically looking for this over my chosen cross. Venus of the Bond is the daughter of James Pilea descendant of underground Americans Pipe Delco. There is already speed in her. However, I want to take the points home by choosing a stallion. rainbow runner is a very fast horse, son of Fakir du Vivier. Died young, he had few followers. Bignon’s Pearl was one of the few and he showed the same velocity as his father, hence my choice. Well, I wasn’t that wrong, because Kool du Caux however has held the overall Vincennes record for almost fifteen years! By the way, there isn’t even a hint of “young” American blood…

“We barely have access to the big-name stallions anymore, because we haven’t had any luck with them.” – Francois Bouelle

What about the future?

We have promising 3-year-olds, in Alain Laurent, the child has Calypso from Caux and who we continue to work with. He is patient with the horses and very professional. It was an opportunity to benefit from his assistance, like that of Loïc Lerenard, at the Center, with whom we also work. Very quickly, two of our 2-year-olds will reach the level of expertise, Kalypso du Cauxa daughter ofHope Wichunder the care of Vincent Seguin, on behalf of Ecurie Foiret, and King of Cauxthe son of Viscount Boufarcaux, which we have at Loïc Lerenard; one should be seen in Caen; the other is in Feurs.

The last word?

It is safe to say that we hardly ever see famous stallions anymore, because we have had no luck with them. Because Venus of the Bondmother of Kool du Caux and Caux heliWe were predicting about Cocktail Jet. We have a woman Caux Sunlight, which is not good, and so far has not produced well. We can cite other similar cases. In addition, we did not pursue this path.

In memory of Jacques Villetorte

This attention to François and Laurence Bouelle gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to Jacques Villetorte, who passed away a few days ago, who was a loyal member of the Cauchois breeding. Under its color it is illustrated Kool du Cauxas a prelude to Caux Treskool, Viscount Boufarcaux and others. His first day success with “kool“facts encouraged Jacques Villetorte to return, with good reason, to those who were born and raised champions. He was rewarded for it, verifying the adage that you don’t change. exchange a winning team.


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