The Bryant Family, Continuity and Same Soul State

Races / 11.06.2020

Magalen Bryant’s five children decided to take on their mother’s colors to continue the work in her memory. With a slightly different operation. The famous blue with red is ready to be talked about again!

By Christopher Galmiche

Two points are particularly noteworthy. The first is that the Bryant family has formed associations and will continue to do so. For now, this is the case for Englishman Andrew Peake on Just a princess (Ivanhowe) and King to be (Great Pretender), two horses training with David Cottin. In addition, the Bryants are committed to continuing to trust the people who have allowed them to shine thus far. Richard Powell explained to us: “The family will continue to invest in racing in general. It is not forbidden to breed again in the future. Women like Just a Princess were purchased in the sale alongside Mr Peake. He also has livestock projects… Andrew Peake has always had horses in England, especially with Paul Nicholls. In France, he recently general manager (Martaline), Ispano Star (Spanish Moon) and he is sure to grow his equestrian activity. I work closely with him through Highflyer Bloodstock. There are bridges to build between him and the Bryant family. To be able to have fun and take risks. Therefore, we will be able to develop associations. We already bought it. And we’re not barring ourselves from going back to public sales to expand the team a bit more. These are the favorites that can lead us to these purchases over time. La casaque will continue to support the young professionals who have helped build its success and reputation. kick up (Martaline), obtained through sales, will go to Jonathan Plouganou. We continue to maintain the mindset of Mrs. Bryant and my father: supporting the professionals who have been involved in the success of silk and thus supporting our field. »

Trade is not prohibited

In the past, Magalen Bryant’s horses were rarely seen for sale, except for races, of course. But the new entity will be able to sell horses if there is a good offer. “We will continue to buy, rent… depending on the opportunity we get. We could do a little more business to keep the Bryant SAS family afloat and alive, which we must have results in. »

Starting over from begging

Magalen Bryant’s coat had a big story of its own. That of the Bryant family will continue its work, with some new features. “We are starting from a blank page. It was a question of writing a new page in the history of Bryant silks. And this will be for Maggie’s children. Most of all, it’s fun for the family to be able to keep shopping in France. And also a nod to their mother, who was very fond of French races. With the Covid era, it’s been a long time since the Bryant family came to France. So thanks to the Internet and WhatsApp for being able to stay linked and give them real-time information on numbers and results. Here are five of Maggie’s children who purchased the horses in a recent sale: they were not ponies that were acquired. They are the ones who spend their own money to buy horses in memory of their mother and because of their passion for racing. »

An honor

Richard Powell took over from his father, David, as racing manager from stable Bryant family. He is also Shippingbroker, the breeder, while having taken over the operation before breaking in and welcoming the resting horses from his father, is proud to be able to take over his father’s operation:” For me, it is an honor to take care of Bryant silks. Many would say it’s a logical continuation. Not because I never called to be racing management. I am above all a breeder and horse enthusiast. I admire my father very much. How to manage his team. It’s a very technical thing. The Bryants are my second family. When they asked me to take over, I had no doubt: I wanted to do it in memory of my father and Maggie. I can’t say no! »


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