The Carthusian: of silence and gold

If we had to name one cat of a typical French breed, Chartreux would surely be at the top of the list! Soft, at heart by its bluish coat, it captivates writers and families.

The Carthusian is one of the oldest cat breeds: the first mention of a “blue cat” dates back to the sixteenth century.e century, in a poem by Joachim du Bellay. Then it will be necessary to wait until the eighteenth centurye century for the expression “cat of the Carthusians” to appear in texts, especially -Buffon’s encyclopedia. A powerful cat, known for its thick, woolly coat, unfortunately, has long been prized by leather traders.

At the beginning of the twentieth centurye Century, the Carthusian enjoyed its first successes as a companion cat thanks to a selection carried out in Brittany by the women of Léger, at Belle-Ile-en-Mer, where nature gave birth Lives a flock of cats with blue-gray fur and yellow eyes. . After several decades of confusion with the blue British Shorthair, breeders have tried to impose the breed in its own right and give it aristocratic features.

Today, the Chartreux is considered the only typical French cat breed. But also par excellence of the “writer’s cat”, especially thanks to the works of -Colette. It is not surprising that:Chartreux is discreet, quiet and gentlesynthesizer Patrick Watrin, founder of the Arche Bleue cattery (Hauts-de-Seine). And if today the authors entrust their speech – instead of to the computer, the breeder determines that “Carthusian won’t squat your keyboard or knees. It is a cat that is never far from its owner, but also not intrusive. And he very rarely meows.»


Love Carthusian “the unparalleled presence he exudes”, Patrick also appreciates his great adaptability and gentleness, even with children. Many qualities have made Stéphanie Berthaud happy since Mermoz joined her family six years ago:” Until then, I’ve only got a cat in the alley and I’d like to consider myself a purebred cat, – Elisa’s mother, 12 years old, said.At first I loved the look of Carthusian, a big, strong cat with all the muscles (he now weighs 8.4 kg), with silky golden eyes. And then I discovered his personality… Mermoz was very kind, loyal and attached to me. It’s hard to explain: he’s independent, but at the same time desperately needs to participate in family activities. Let’s say he’s in the background, but he loves being there! And he is Elisa’s best friend. »

At first, Mermoz lived in an apartment,”no problem as it is a calm, albeit playful, cat“Stephanie said. Then the family moved to the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, a complete change of life to which Mermoz immediately adapted: “ He discovered the joy of hunting, his favorite activity! And he goes every day to meet our goats, sheep, and horses that live on our doorstep. Not forgetting Someone, the Australian cattle dog, who came after him but he got along very well with it. “Here, Mermoz has a family life with animals. He goes out at will but never goes far. He is there, near them and near us… It’s the house of happiness!»

Price: €1,000 to €1,400

Carthusian Cat Club
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91170 Viry-Chatillon.
As. : 01 69 21 82 89/06 74 99 94 50,
France’s Carthusian Friendship
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