The next generation is in the field… at Domaine Saint-Georges!

After taking over a historic site of breeding and racing in Allier, Clotilde and Antoine Domenjoud have recently bred but can boast of having appeared winners in France and England. Head a workforce of 7 models, and after shining in the modeling and gait competitions, they present to you their young protégé born this year in Domaine Saint Georges.

Clotilde and Antoine Domenjoud welcome to Domaine Saint Georges!

Since the late 19th century, Domaine Saint-Georges, not far from the Moulins, is a high place in the history of races in the Middle East, conquering the whole of France. First it’s the coach Edward Foul who installed his provincial staff there, before arriving with all his troops. After his death, Duc de Castries created Haras there, and nurtured the winners of the Jockey Club there. Frontine and little duck. Vicomte d’Harcourt then took over the stallion and bred excellent horses. For training, the site offers natural sand that runs along the banks of the Allier River. If the old songs are no longer in use today, the material is still there!

In a very cool and quiet old building, Antoine and Clotilde rebuilt a coop for the mother hen and ponies…with LMS Bourbonnaise of course!

Clotilde and Antoine Domenjoud thus awakening a centuries-old equestrian tradition by keeping horses on the premises! They are basically two racers and enthusiasts, as Clotilde is a speech therapist and Antoine is the head of LMS Bourbonnaise, one of the leading horse-making companies in France. They bred sport horses for the first time, and it still happens, before welcoming their first AQPS racehorse in 2015. From Haras de Saint Voir, One two Three‘s granddaughter special thanks and Man of the dayquickly give them a first win. George SaintThe first pony to be born under their name, won against the bell towers in Pau and Compiègne last year, before traveling with Venetia Williams to England.

Georges Saint, the first winner yet in Saint Georges (aprh)

Born next year, and son of A Toulouse, Holmes St Georges arrived in England under the Munir/Souede shirt, and immediately won a bumper sale in January, providing Clotilde and Antoine’s first success on the Channel. So this very young racing crib has worked well and has grown in numbers. Clotilde and Antoine recover for the first time Aspolinathe winner’s mother is listed at Auteuil Ateriskwho gave birth to a full brother of this person in 2022. Daughter of the good person Nadou, Welcome Allen! also come to level up, like Gazettean excellent girl Shockwaveand thus sister to recent winner at Auteuil Immediately.

Thanks to the daughter of Muthalia and Jeu St Eloi, the Domenjouds, affiliated with the Zwaenepoel family, won the purebred women’s competition at Chaser Day 2022

Regularly entered into model and gait competitions, Domaine Saint Georges won a section at Chaser Day for the first time in 2022, and was even crowned among the thoroughbred mares with Molly Malone. His mother Muthalia run in conjunction with Nathalie Zwaenepoel. With some chicks soon old enough to perform on the track, so Clotilde and Antoine Domenjoud are just at the dawn of their racing adventure, an adventure that has already begun with a bang!

Let’s start our pony review with this gorgeous son of There’s no risk at all and Aspolina. He is thus the full brother of Aterisk, winner of the Prix d’Iena (listed) and 3rd in Sagan (Gr.3) at Auteuil.

This pretty male is the youngest of the bunch. Via Ivanhowe and Une Deux Trois, he is the brother of Georges Saint, the first victor crossed by Clotilde and Antoine Domenjoud.

This is a very beautiful girl from cloak and Royal Malinelle. Already a winner of the jumps, Royale Malinelle is the aunt of Fracafigura Has, and the granddaughter of Millenium Royal, winner of Gr.1 at Auteuil.

We leave with our eyes on the future of our son Aspolina… If he is as handsome as he is, we will see him again one day!


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