The next generation is in the field… at Karine Perreau!

Heading a rancher that just glowed yesterday in the UK with the Gaelik Coast, Karine Perreau continues to develop her structure and clientele near Saint Gratien Savigny in Nièvre. She presents her 2022 vintages, which are mostly composed of stallions and stallions from the neighboring Cercy la Tour stallion.

Karine Perreau with Divine Sainte, one of the best born in her pasture, and today the leading mother flock of breeding

If the breeding of jumping horses is usually a family affair in the Middle East, Karine Perreau build their own from scratch, at Saint Gratien Savigny right next to Cercy La Tour. By relying on excellent local lines like the Armaillé family line, she ended up producing some fine horses. Together with Nicolas de Lageneste, she gave birth to the winner Gr.1 under the skyalso stand out in good AQPS races on the ground with Greet or Goda mare whose heart has now become a hen at her place La Marquise.

Goliath, handicap double winner this spring at Auteuil, including here on Grand Steeplechase (aprh)

His students are distinguished today on both sides of the Channel, but above all on our land, where the Hades has made indoor farming shine in recent seasons. Winner of the Congress and the Ferdinand Dufaure Prize, he is in Jehan Bertran de Balanda, a coach who has had a lot of success with the students of Karine Perreau. Thus, he led AQPS to victory in the first half of 2022 Playing card on his apartment in Strasbourg, but also a brave man Goliath, a double-handicap winner at Auteuil, including one on Grand Steeplechase. Karine also saw her color win this year in the provinces with Tazkar, and some of his students overcame the lead in England. This was the case yesterday Gaelik Coast on Worcester’s “obstacle”, who now has six wins across the Channel.

And let it gallop in Saint Gratien Savigny!

Karine continued to rely mainly on neighboring stallions from Haras de Cercy, just as promised Karaktar. He is the father of one of the hopes of livestock, I am divinehas been carefully preserved for autumn by François Nicolle after the 3rd place first crossed the Compiègne barrier. Its owner, Lynne and Angus McLennan, are working more and more with Karine, with whom they bought this pony but also the regular Hermitage. Other young elements will come.

Made up almost exclusively of bulls, of course, the 2022 classic at Karine Perreau is centered around Cercy’s stallions, but also has some Norman likes Jimmy twice and Marvel wears a mask. As the father of the last Grand Steeple winner Sel Jem, he is the origin of a woman to be kept by Karine Perreau. She is actually the daughter of the Divine Saint, and therefore the sister of I Am Divine and He is the Divine…

Among the rare women born this year in Karine Perreau, this is the daughter of Marvel wears a mask and Divine Saints. Winner in 2 AQPS groups and 2nd in Jacques de Vienne (Gr.1), her mother is the original of the group placed Il Est Divin but also the promising Je Suis Divin.

This is a strong pony of Game St Eloi and Vega de Beaumont. He is the brother of the famous Gepetto, who has had 5 victories in the ring, including the important Prix du Tremblay.

Via For me and Venus de Beaumont, this powerful male is the brother of one of the jewels of breeding, Hadès, winner of the bell tower race at Auteuil and placed in the Grand Prix (Gr.2) and Ferdinand Dufaure (Gr.1).

This is a sprinter’s son Jimmy twice, but was born for obstacles. His damn Walkada is sister to Danaw, the Gr.3 hurdles winner in Auteuil and Enghien. It is also the strain of the famous Darshaan.



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