The next generation is in the pasture… at the breeding process of #Thaix!

Heading a well-known brand that has recently been able to renew itself brilliantly, Michel Bourgneuf presents the young protector born in 2022 at Thaix in Nièvre. She showed herself at the Sprinter Sacré Show as a thoroughbred pony champion, a great first for Michel, who also shone with two promising 3-year-old AQPS, Jonca and Jeu de Thaix. .

Michel Bourgneuf will take you to meet the young “De Thaix”!

After experiencing great success right from the early days as a breeder in the 1980s thanks to Old river and Thaix AlaskaMichel Bourgneuf had a bit of a slump with his “De Thaix”. But the trait of any breeder is to know how to work in the dark to get the effect back on the slopes, and this is how the brand got its name, taking its name from the town in which Michel Bourgneuf is based, 2 steps away Cercy Tower, has returned to its glory.

Dica de Thaix, a sacred phenomenon (aprh)

This is especially a collaboration with Guy Cherel allowing “De Thaix” to return to the front of the stage. First have River of Success in the early 2010s, double list winner, then Totem Flow. Then two “D”s, Dica and Duca de Thaix. Auteuil bell. Breeding has spread throughout the Channel with some horses and again recently with Freedom to dreamgrouped this winter in Ireland.

Jonca de Thaix, the promising 3-year-old child of Michel Bourgneuf

In France, good form hasn’t changed since this winter, and the meeting in Pau, where Hupeca de Thaix won twice. Very often Great of Thaix meanwhile got to the finish line listed at Auteuil, in the Jean Granel award (listed). And of course, there is the younger generation who are showing a lot of promise. AQPS 3 years old Jonca de Thaix and Game Thaix both won. Thaix’s game, in this case, made its debut at Les Sables d’Olonne, and looks set to be next in the coming weeks.

Michel Bourgneuf and his team were crowned thoroughbred ponies in Decize with Stellar Mass’s son

Michel Bourgneuf has thus been able to maintain the so important consistency in his recent results, and the successes don’t just come from the tracks! For the first time in history, Michel Bourgneuf won the Decize contest, crowning the thoroughbred pony champion at the Sprinter Sacré Show with a son of his Stellar Mass and The whole car who knows how to impress the judges, and who will stay in France to train what more! In short, everything is going well at Thaix breed, where it is time to discover the young guardian born in 2022…

Let’s start with this woman with very fashion Marvel wears a mask and Glycine de Thaix. This is the sisters’ first pony with the good Brin de Thaix, winner of the steeple pass at Auteuil and placed in Jean Stern (Gr.2).

Paving the way for this young man by Ivanhowe and Victoire de Thaix, an outstanding flat AQPS awarded the Glorieuse. She is also a promising Jeu de Thaix smash, the usual winner of her debut at Les Sables d’Olonne not long ago.

This brave daughter of Cokoriko was the 2nd pony of the excellent Divine de Thaix, the winner of the jumps and jumps, notably the Prix Jean Sens at Auteuil.

Let’s conclude with this woman of Sageburg and Nouca de Thaix. She is the newest descendant of the great lineage, as she is the sister of Duca and the excellent Antartica de Thaix, but also a close relative of Dica, Volca, Fraca, or even Baraka de Thaix.



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