The next generation is in the pasture… at the #Forez Farm

Featured this year by two wins, including one at Listed level, by Ho La La Forez at Auteuil and Kallipyge Forez’s Supreme Champion title in Chaser Day by Paray-Le-Monial, Marie-Caroline and Paul Coÿne has been raised for more than 35 years on their Vaugirard (Loire) domain, and proudly presents their “N22”, born in the green expanse of Champdieu, in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Paul Coÿne, animator with his wife, Marie-Caroline, of Élevage du Forez, in the Loire

Who thinks that the Demon Race is a very unsuitable part for raising horses, moreover racing, sticking a finger in the eye is the bone! Because if you just dare to go deeper, or even get lost, in this somewhat remote corner of this Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, you will quickly find that all the conditions are met post, floor quality, etc.) to practice. , and good practice, this works. And it’s definitely not Marie-Caroline & Paul Coÿne who will tell us if not! Indeed, it has been more than 35 years since these most beautiful human conquistadors have worn the coats of breeders, in their Vaugirard domain, in Champdieu, where many victors were born and raised. up, AQPS is Anglo-Arab. .

Élevage du Forez, in the Loire, an idyllic setting for racehorse breeding, AQPS and Anglo-Arabs

Among the few standard bearers ofForez’s spawn to shine on the racetracks, in France and elsewhere, let’s mention Clash Forezan Anglo-Arab with 12.5% ​​was crowned Supreme Champion at the 2014 edition of the Grand Show Anglo Course who subsequently won two popular events, the Prix de la Fédération and the Critérium d’Auvergne des Anglo-Arabes, decorated with clothes of light Jacques Grandchamp des Raux. But also AQPS Captain Forezfor the second time at Auteuil in the Prix Oteuil SF for silks by Haras de Saint-Seeand who then appears twice more on the second step of the platform on the Channel, at the Team level (Supreme New Trials’ push, Gr.2 and Mersey’ Hurdle, Gr.1, editor’s note trainees), for training Dan Skelton. The fifth production is not the fifth production of an unpublished film Pourkoipa du Foreza daughter of Robin des Champs has seen two of its other products achieve great things in this first half of 2022, to the satisfaction of Marie-Caroline and Paul Coÿne.

The majestic Ho La La Forez, winner of this year’s Prix de la Muette (L.) and Chantilly on the broom of Butte Mortemart, in Auteuil, under the saddle of Pierre Dubourg (© APRH)

In fact, Ho La La Forezsculptural son of Saddle maker 1m83 at the shoulder, which brought his breeders their first success at the Listed level, moreover in Auteuil, the temple of dance in France, which won the Prix de la Muette with style very well before joining with another success, at the Prix de Chantilly, still on the same Butte Mortemart circuit, and for the same owners/coachs association, including Haras de Saint-See and Patrick Joubert and Arnaud Chaille-Chaille. His sister, Kallipyge Forezresults from the works ofIt’s Ginoalso not to be outdone in the modeling and gait competitions, having been crowned the 2-year-old AQPS Supreme Champion during Chaser Day at Paray-Le-Monial in mid-June.

Kallipyge Forez, Supreme Champion of the AQPS Chaser Day was 2 years old, as she passed the judges, led by Pierre Coÿne, son of Marie-Caroline & Paul Coÿne

A farm that is doing very well in early 2022, also led by two consecutive wins by AQPS Idefix Forez and a good second place starts from Corsica from Anglo-Arab with 12.5% Jetstar Forestand who proudly presents to you, in pictures, his new hopes for years to come.


Let’s start with this male AQPS of Sageburg and En Avant Forez, Matador Forez, grandson of Dynamite Forez (1 obstacle course win, Supreme Seeker’s Day Champion 2015), Captain Forez (2nd Mersey Novices Yacht Race, Gr.1) and Ho La La Forez (Prix de la Muette, L.)

This is now an AQPS female by Free Lux Gate and Geisha Forez, descendant of Venus de Mirande (7 hurdles wins and 2nd Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris, L.), Quarte d’Or (16 hurdles wins and 2nd place) Grand Steeple-Chase de Craon, L.) and another Romeo Conti (6 wins in jumps including Prix Finot, L. and second on the plane in Prix de l’Avenir, Gr.3)

Now it’s the turn of this Anglo-Arab male with 12.5% ​​each Khalkevi and Rockstar Forez, to whom we also owe Clash Forez (Prix de la Fédération in Toulouse in 2016, Omnium des AA second with 12.5%, Grand Critérium des second with 12.5%) in addition to being the granddaughter of Dissent (Grand Critérium des AA at 50%, Poule d’Essai at 50%)

Book now for this luxury Anglo-Arab men’s for 12.5% ​​each Paban from France and Flash Forez, sister of Clash Forez (2 wins, Critérium d’Auvergne des AA and Prix de la Fédération, and 1 in hurdles) and cousin of Uplandeforez (2 wins in flat and 2nd Grand Prix ​​des Anglo-Arabes)

Let’s finish off the ponies with this very cute AQPS pony by Game St Eloi and Quassiopee, daughter of Venus de Mirande (7 wins in hurdles and 2nd in Grand Steeple-Chase of Paris, L.) are related in the same line as Quarte d’Or (16 wins in obstacle course hurdles and 2nd in Grand Steeple-Chase de Craon , L.) and Romeo Conti (6 wins in jumps including Prix Finot, L. and 2nd in flats in the Prix de l’Avenir , Gr.3) …

…and with our favorite, Kazar Forez, 2-year-old AQPS male of Karaktar and Dynamite Forez, Paray-Le-Monial Chaser Day Supreme Champion at age 2 and sister of Captain Forez (2 Mersey Novices’ Hurdle, Gr.1)

See you on new adventures in the Loire, at the Coÿne Forez family ranch!


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