The next generation is on the grasslands… at Jean-Philippe #Schaller

A former gentleman racer now raising AQPS in the town of Achenheim, Bas-Rhin region, Jean-Philippe Schaller is proud to present to you two “newcomers” who have arrived to expand his workforce this year , those are two of Prince Gibraltar’s beautiful dishes, check out below.

Jean-Philippe Schaller, surrounded by his fields in Achenheim, not far from Strasbourg, in Alsace

Since he still only wears shorts (and he has to, since the climate can be harsh in Alsace at times, especially in winter, editor’s note), Jean-Philippe Schaller had a deep admiration for horses, more specifically racing. An almost unconditional love even led him to wear silk for a while, when first racing in events organized by SHR (Société Hippique Rurale) then in the ranks of Gentlemen-Riders . The race shoes are now good and really take off from a breeder that this purebred Alsatian, also licensed to train, has been wearing for several years now, heads a 6-hectare farm consisting of grasslands and scattered forage crops. on either side of the town of Achenheim (bas-Rhin), west of Strasbourg.

The verdant grounds of Jean-Philippe Schaller, in Achenheim (Bas-Rhin), where his AQPS livestock are located

Going to a purebred for the first time,Reproduction of Jean-Philippe Schaller gradually switch to AQPS. By crossing not only some thoroughbred mares with stallions Selle Français from very good bloodlines, such as Useful, Dom Alco or Nidor. But also by collecting AQPS females from more or less other neighboring farms, such as Princess Alcoborn in Fontaine’s familyin the Côte d’Or, and then brought two good winners JJean-Philippe Schaller as a breeder: Gamalco and Coraline.

Coraline, one of the main spearheads in the breeding process of Jean-Philippe Schaller

Two eclectic products if ever, each shaped by ingenuity Jerry Stash, on the side of the Senonnes (53) and won both on the flat and over the obstacle course, no less than eight times for the last man named, from Vannes to Angoulême, via Limoges, Argentan, Méral or Corlay. Now 10 years old and one of four families ofReproduction of Jean-Philippe SchallerCoraline horse this year from a very beautiful female by prince gibraltarlike his “previous girlfriend” Unicene which we invite you to explore in the image below … and come and encourage in the near future or less, once released on the green settings of the racetrack!


Let’s start our field tour with this AQPS woman by prince gibraltar and Unicene, a multiple jump jumper from Akamini’s close family, winner of the Prix Soya (L.) at Maisons-Laffitte under Patrick Biacone’s rule and Éric Legrix’s saddle

Let’s continue with this AQPS also by prince gibraltar and the good-natured Coraline, winner of both the flat jump and the jump over and sister to the equally talented Gamalco, winner of both the flatbed and the obstacle course

Among people our age, we really like this one because Ellipse and Unicene, has repeatedly overcome jumps from Akamini’s close family, the winner of the Prix Soya (L.) at Maisons-Laffitte under the rule of Patrick Biacone and the saddle of Éric Legrix

We cannot leave Jean-Philippe Schaller’s pasture without saying hello to a former glory of horse racing, Ambassador, Welsh mares Part-Bred, who joins the 2021 Étrier d’Or and star apprentice Simon Planque was crowned Champion of France in 2018


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