The next generation is on the grasslands… at Marc and Olivier #Trinquet!

Breeding the legendary AQPS breed not far from Cercy La Tour, Marc and Olivier Trinquet’s establishment continues a lineage policy where males are sold and females kept. Stay in the spotlight since this winter, whether across the Channel or in France with Hollée and Filup, the ‘keepers’ presenting vintage 2022, bringing pride of place to the boys!

Walking in the clouds, the young guardian of the Trinquet ranch welcomes you to Verneuil!

In the heart of Nièvre, if you get the chance to enjoy a short bike ride along the Aron, and pass the Cercy La Tour, you’ll arrive a few kilometers later in the middle of a land entirely dedicated to horses! In addition to its famous pasture, where every year about fifteen horses cross a tributary to the other bank, the breeding ground of Trinquet’s family known for its success in France and throughout the Channel for many years. Still settled in Verneuil a few generations later, Marc Trinquet, and now his son Olivierworks daily to renew this facility according to each spawning season.

Olivier Trinquet represents the 6th generation of livestock in his family

Currently, Trinquets does not sell any or very few stallions, which has allowed them to build a collection of more than 40 AQPS mares, most of which are from house lines. Not all of them are bred every year, but allow for several generations to be made, then sold friendly either on rings at 2 years old as recently at ARQANA, or mined in France. For several years, Olivier and Marc Trinquet worked closely with Mansonian Sylvain Dehezand recently started collaborating with Erwan Grall.

Not early, but rock-hard, the Trinquet students were very popular all over the Channel, where the brothers Friend and Kelami were of course talked about in the 2000s, in the Doumen era. Again this winter, good thing Park, The Great Cruise, Destroyer, Gamaretor Guily Billy, has been talked about on lawns in England and Ireland. The change made in recent years can also be seen in France, where Trinquets won for the first time the Jacques de Vienne, the famous Gr.1 prize for young AQPS, with talent. Hollee. Again this year, the beautiful chestnut won in Vichy, and made the appearance of groups in the Paris area. Another bred “mascot”, filup showed themselves to be unalterable throughout the spring, placing fifth and earning well-deserved success at Auteuil in the Pot d’Or awards.

Filup, one of the good elements of crossbreeding for show in France, in his spring success at Auteuil (aprh)

In short, if any species that reproduced to this extent had a low period, the Trinquets could have regenerated themselves over time, while keeping an intact coastline for Channel trade. Vintage 2022 should be on the lookout for the future, as it is very rich in males, making up a large part of the thirty ponies born this year at Marc and Olivier. What has not changed is the faith placed in the stallions of Haras de Cercy, especially in the Cokorikoand for young people Tunisia. No need to advertise any more, it’s time to look at this young generation, there are sure to be good hands to shine on our path in a few years to come!

Honoring women with the first product of Cokoriko Good Flakkane, the winner on the plane and jumps over Jerry Planque. Flakzane is the granddaughter of Impek, one of the livestock starters, who won the Prix de Craon (Gr.1 AQPS) in France and 4 Gr.2 in the UK bell tower race.

Via Tunisiaand Qape Noir, this pony is the brother of several winners including Faivoir, the hurdler Gr.2 winner and the group placed over the fence

This strong Cokoriko pony is Be Work’s 2nd pony, winner of 4 jump races, and sister to good-natured Hallegro (Coq Gaulois at Auteuil).

This son of For me is the latest offering from Une Brik, one of the few sisters that still crossbreeds L’Ami and Kelami well, both of which are viewed at the highest levels in France and across the Channel.

We end up with 2 young men with few mouths! This is a son of Cokoriko and Uvanana, brother of Hakerman placed in Auteuil and cousin of Innox…

… and finally the youngest, a man by Ivanhowe and Noisete. He is nothing more than the brother of the excellent Hollée, winner of the Jacques de Vienne (Gr.1 AQ), and still considered very good in 2022.



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