The Summer Breeding Show, the fair’s must-have!

OFFEROrganizing the Summer Livestock Show 2021 is a risky business. It has to be done in just a few weeks, with Covid continuing to prevail. The competition was a huge success, with breeders racing to showcase their products from two breeding seasons (2020 and 2021). With over 150 running horses, breeders were numerous and enjoyed their reunion, which was also noticed by Walloon Secretary of Agriculture Willy Borsus, who was present for the pony championship.

This year, registrations for the official competition are off to a good start and more than a hundred ponies will be shown from July 29 to 31, in the Havrincourt circuit and on the SBS exclusive track.

When a pony becomes an aspirant

What makes this sport horse breeding so unacceptable? Opportunity to watch the horses grow from year to year. Breeders who are very loyal to the meeting and competition can count on a perfect organization, always looking to the future. During their captivity, breeders did not hesitate to put their best mares into breeding in the absence of equestrian competitions. SBS and other textbooks have thus been rewarded with a few more students and about fifty ponies who signed up for last year’s Libramont competition. The title of Supreme Champion of Libramont 2021 belongs in a vague way. Belle du Mas d’Eole Z (Burberry DK Z x Clover Hill xx). With any luck, you’re likely to meet her at work in a young year this year and a two year old next year. This is common in Libramont, although there may be changes in ownership. The fact that the breeding competition is exclusively run by horses and ponies registered with a WBFSH (Open Stud-books) promotion book offers variety and quality.

Libramont is often the first big outing for the ponies. – Christine Rasir

Separate Review: Dance or Dress Up

What’s new in 2022: separate categories are planned for the “Obstacle” and “Apparel” orientations, honoring both products for show dance and those for costume events. Indeed, from the youngest age and by their origin, these horses cannot be judged according to the exact same criteria.

The Foal Fair

Another novelty: in addition to the big official competition, this year SBS also innovated by holding its first Foal Fair, on Sunday, July 31 from 8 am to 12 pm.

Traditionally in the North of France, especially in Normandy, the Foal Fair is a public gathering place for baby birds and chicks born in 2022, not yet weaned (accompanied by their mothers). Foals will be held in half for the duration of the event. The presentation corridor will be open to them for a limited time so that they can be presented individually freely. Thus, our breeders will be able to directly introduce their young to amateurs without having to register for the competition. A new opportunity to promote their products of the year!

Note that you can enter in conjunction with the official Sunday afternoon contest.

Hands-on presentation in front of the Jury.
Hands-on presentation in front of the Jury. – Nathalie Geerlandt


Friday, July 29 will be for ponies from 10am. There will be four

experiment and we’ll start with young kids (born in 2021) who will before
feel in the hand and free within Havrincourt. Hence there will be no freestyle dancing for this genre. The two-year-old ponies (born in 2020) will then be honored with a hand-in-hand performance on the grass. For the freestyle jump, they will participate in the Havrincourt ring. The third class will watch 3-year-old ponies (born in 2019), also holding hands and at the obstacle to jump freely. The sixth day of competition will end with foals and ponies born in 2022. Together with their mothers, they will evolve together on the grass track.

sport horse

Horses 2 and 3 years old will have their day on Saturday. This is an important age to judge dance skills and this competition always has a lot of participants. We will start at 9am with 2 year olds, followed by 3 year olds. Both items will first be presented in hand before the free jump.

Free dance from 2 years old and up.
Free dance from 2 years old and up. – Christine Rasir

Donkey Sunday

The final day of this grand breeding competition will put the youngest generations in the spotlight from 9am. Male and female desires will be shown in the hands and loose (no jumping). The jury will then announce the champion of Libramont 2022. The ponies born in 2022 will complete the competition with the championship in the late afternoon. This dry-die phenomenon is completely inevitable and very interesting, as you can also see the mare in your hand and even up close.

Come, compare and above all… enjoy!

Covid-19 has made our sport horse breeding “boom”. In the face of the cancellation of many competitions, the breeders did not hesitate and continued their work diligently. Take advantage of it this year! Because the future stars who will represent our country on the slopes have frequently passed Libramont. And the Summer Breeding Show is often their first real outing… Before they shine!



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