These (false) received opinions about breeding Aga Khan

Magazine / 10.06.2022


These (false) received opinions about breeding Aga Khan

When a popular outfit goes through its ups and downs, we all have our own ideas of what to do. Following the return of “Aga”, we have screened for some common misconceptions about this crossbreeding.

By Adrien Cugnasse

We also sometimes hear that a lack of consideration for Lagardère strains will penalize all Aga Khan Studs, with the idea that they are the most successful. This is not verified. Lagardères – whether of American or French origin – represent 17% of stallions, 27% of Boussac mares, and descendants of Mumtaz Mahal (hence, historical distortion) 12.6%. If we take the most recent 100 wins of Stake the kashāya shirt, there are 55 different winners. And not surprisingly, the final distribution is also quite close toshe found in mare origin: 14.5% black type win for Mumtaz Mahal, 18% for Lagardères and 29% for Boussacs. Therefore, there is no clear success like Lagardère.

Among the alleged reasons for the recent lack of performance was the option to retain many mares of excellent blood but of no athletic value. A hypothesis is also not true on closer examination. In 2021, Aga Khan Studs has 84 black parent rabbits (44% of the total). Similarly, 82% of their mothers won at least one race. Therefore, we base our standards on fairly high this opinion.

Enjoy playing rugby 14v15

What we can say, on the other hand, is that the majority of silkworms that rely solely on their livestock to supply the racing stables have to face frequent desert crossings. The Wertheimer & Frère stallion has the best mares in France and certainly has the biggest budget for mating. But during the first part of the season, the richest Wertheimer was a horse bought on sale (Pao Alto). Like two of the top three representativesS by Al Shaqab Racing. If Goldolfin and Coolmore dominate so much, beyond their overwhelming financial prowess, it’s because their workforce is made up of both products purchased on sale and products created by themselves. When home students do not make progress, buy up. And vice versa. Relying only on your own crossbreeding, as in the case of Aga Khan Studs, is like playing 14v15 rugby: missing part of the team. You can win some games. But in the long run, winning the European Cup is still much harder! I will always remember the cover of the Ao Dait 2008 from Owners and Breeders: “Exclusive interview with Lady O’Reilly, breeder of 14 Gr1 winners: “My advice? Don’t buy your own stud.” Continuing, Chryss Goulandrisy explains: Arrive If someone is considering breeding, I would say: don’t buy a sire. It is much easier to delegate this task to someone else. And certainly, you’d better go somewhere where there’s been a lot of good horses being raised lately. » With this interview for Julian Muscat, Lady O’Reilly allows us to put our finger on the fact that the quality of the stud farm’s staff, related questionsegrounded … all of these are difficult factors forIclassified, but has a positive or negative effect on the farm. Just like the quality of the cross or the mare.

Solid first half of the season

It is very difficult to win three Bets in the same day. And that’s what Queen Aga Khan did last Sunday in Chantilly. To find such a performance of “silver face”, we have to go back to October 2009. Meanwhile, the silk strip has experienced ups and downs.

Arrive At the time of writing these lines, the students of PRince has had an unusual success rate since the start of the season in France: 21% of winners per runner. In the top 200 breeders, the average is 12% and the median is 14%. So it is anything out of the ordinary. And almost no large farm (currently) can achieve such statistical success. We have not found a year in the last decade where “Aga” has known such a “daily” form. A forgettable 2009 season, with 34 wins in black and 7 Grs1, also where the mating ended with 20.7% of winners per runner in France. When a team is in good form, the entire workforce is pulled up… From there to say that “Aga” will be as successful in 2022 as it was in 2009, there is a step that would not make sense to pass. June. But in any case, aside from the classic victory of Vadeni (Churchill), the ingredients are there to give the big house color.

In addition to the great victories, The runner’s win rate is a valuable indicator of the good health of the barn or breed. For the top 150 French breeders in 2021, the average is 12% and the median is 10%. For stallions, the mean was 12.1% and the median was 10.7%. Among the top 150 coaches, the 2021 average is 13.2% and the median is 10.8%.

In 2022, Aga Khan Studs not only won the Classic, they also high success rate.

The jackets that make up run exclusively their studentsand those who do not buy in the market will suffer more period of poor shape.

Magic dictatorship

Arrive By comparison, 21% of the previous winners were almost as good as André Fabre’s entire workforce in recent seasons in France. Or by Aidan O’Brien in Ireland for the past five years! However, Fabre’s workforce, made up of the best elements from a few large farms, is a good measure of what constitutes a solid success rate.

Producing a lot of winners and especially a lot of black guys is very difficult. Sometimes we tend to focus only on Grs1, but the great success of a Galileo (Sadler’s Wells) for example, which also has the best black skins per runner ratio of any breeder of the contemporary era. One does not go without the other in the long run.

That being said, the release of the Gr1 winners, even more canonical, is not planned. There is no magic formula other than investing more resources than others (and even that doesn’t always work). In the past, actors and observers of our sport were more patient.

Yes, but now, today we demand miracles. More forever. Let’s take an example. Aidan O’Brien is the most successful coach in the history of European horse racing. Ballydoyle is the most productive plant for Gr1 winners we’ve ever known. But, even with the strongest team, it is not possible to maintain such a form permanently in the big races. The first part of his 2022 season attests to this. Ballydoyle, from the great Vincent O’Brien to the eponymous Aidan, has always had its ups and downs. Of course with more ups and downs, hence their top position. But like all great houses… they must be judged over the long term.

Elevator of emotions

In 2021, Aga Khan Studs horse has won 15 victories Stake. Even without Gr1, this exercise would fall within the upper third of the past two decades by this criterion. The most difficult seasons were probably 2003, 2004 and 2018. Knowing that twenty major productions of Redoute’s Choice (Danehill) fromS Aga Khan Studs were born in 2014 and 2015. The lack of success in Europe with this stallion is not enough to explain the lack of success of the stables. As always, in such a situation, everyone goes there to comment. And too often, it’s the reign of oversimplification in the Longchamp or Deauville bands. Everyone has their own ideas. But in general, the simpler it is, the more it makes its way! However, in the case of poor form or outstanding performance, at stud as in racing, there is rarely a clear explanation. As Aga Khan Studs celebrate their centenary, it’s exciting to look back at the roller coaster ride that is the history and award list of this jersey. Sometimes there’s an obvious reason, such as when the team significantly cut the workforce by the time of succession in the early 1950s and 1960s. But more often than not, it’s simply hard to find. out the culprit, that he was on the grass, in the crosswalk or on a horse atx early morning… Especially when the team’s poor form affects at the same time the workforce that is distributed among several coaches. And it’s the same in periods of euphoria when triumphs fascinateInt.


If there is one topic that provides for the conversation, it is the decline of France’s competitiveness at the European level. In the past, the great victories of FranceS Admittedly, much of it is the work of our most important players. And that makes sense, since you need strong backs to sit at the big table in the long run. But when our best coats are not in good shape, as has been the case in recent years, all the equestrian teams in France cry out. Therefore, if Aga’s return to form is confirmed in the coming weeks and months, it will be great news for the entire French region as a whole…


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