TOROS Without sequins, the Feria des Vendanges would be pure fiction

The arenas will certainly be fully stocked (Archive Anthony Maurin).

Done, the cartel for the next Harvest Feria was announced on Monday. As expected, but not as announced by the mayor of Nîmes, Jean-Paul Fournier, Jose Tomas will not be there. Not once, not twice. As for the rest, three bullfights and one novillada will be in full swing this weekend in Nîmes.

Some expect to see the stars of bullfighting led by the very rare Jose Tomas. It won’t be for this time and it probably doesn’t get any worse! Empresa Simon Casas, who was reappointed to head the Madrid bulls team (La Ventas), chose default or by choice, for the nationalization of the posters.

First of all, the inaugural bullfight will be joined by Margé, whose livestock is located on the border between Aude and Hérault, on Friday 16 September at 5:30 pm. The next day, it was Novillada’s turn to see examples of Pagès-Mailhan who were, for their part, raised in Camargue, but also of Avec Maria (same owners).

Gamus the toro was pardoned by Margé a year ago (Archive Anthony Maurin).

But the French presence doesn’t stop at their bakery! Always with Margé at the opening, in addition to confirming the replacement of Mexican headman Leo Valadez that we saw in Nîmes when he was novillero, we will have two Nîmes: Adrien Salenc and El Rafi. Repeated after the grace of Gamus during his last visit to Nîmes, the Margé ganaderia will want, a year later, that its future aligns with this same line. The three walkers will be there to shine their cores while highlighting their intrinsic qualities. A Mexican and two young people from Nîmes, will certainly be there. Even if Leo Valadez did very little tearing the net last year (two short races on the clock), the Frenchman had sixteen in total. Eleven for Salenc and five for Rafi.

Christian Parejo made an impression here in August 2021 in Saint-Gilles (Anthony Maurin Photo Archive).

Let’s move on to the next day, novillada day. Saturday 17 at 11:30 am. Pagès-Mailhan, a breeder, a duo who made mundillos talk. If Philippe Pagès hasn’t appeared in a few months, Pascal Mailhan is continuing his efforts and has even just offered Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse a very nice bullfight. De novillos, with Pages-Mailhan you never get bored!

Right on his first try, Lalo made a good impression for his presentation at this year’s Nîmes (Archive Anthony Maurin).

To do the best, what’s better than the best of the moment? In front of them was Madrid’s triumphal song, Diego Garcia. He also exclusives the first slots of the escalators and will present at our arenas. Another young practitioner will do just that, Christian Parejo. Christian with an H. Local fanatics have known him for two or three years. He is from the Béziers bullring although he is originally from the province of Cadiz. Here he found his background and the passion that sees him as a great future. From Bellegarde to Saint-Gilles, he pulls his mules like a pilgrim with his staff. Finally, Lalo de Maria continued. After the presentation at the Cape d’Or at Pentecost, it was ready to return to make an impression. Reviewing his gestures won’t be a bad time, the little one becomes big. A novillada of bullfighters in their twenties, a guarantee of quality!

Knees still embedded in the ground, Roca Rey finally decided to emerge victorious from its arena, alternate arenas, this past Pentecost! (Archive of Anthony Maurin photo).

Saturday night, Victoriano del Rio corridor for an atypical gang. The head of the lidia will be Juan Leal from Arles. He has replaced himself in our arena and every time he fights there, he emerges victorious. Or nearly so. After nine alternate years, a brief desert crossing, Juan found his job. He put himself in the horns, went on a show, and it was he who felt the most awe. With him, who else but Peruvian Andrés Roca Rey? Since he has also replaced Nîmes, he has continued to win everywhere except here. Things calmed down after his victory at the last Pentecost, but he still had a nice revenge. He is currently the leader of bullfighting. Finally, Isaac Fonseca is a very recent Mexican on the track. Realize that he started in novillada less than three years ago and despite going through tough times, he will get his PhD next August, at Dax, with Roca Rey as a witness. At Nîmes, he will, therefore, make his presentation, but he will also confirm his alternatives, as is traditional for a conductor to present himself in these arenas.

A toro from Fuente Ymbro (Photo Anthony Maurin Archives).

Don’t expect to see bullfights on Sunday morning, or even the horses. Nothing, nothing will please partygoers and those who enjoy enjoying the city during the day and the arenas later. The final bullfight will be intense with the discovery of a popular breed, the Fuente Ymbro. Their presentation will leave no doubt and will tarnish their “domecquian” side. And to bond with them, two great moderators in the person of chef lidia Paco Ureña and Daniel Luque. Regarding the third thief of the group, it was Alvaro Lorenzo, another bullfighter who replaced him for Nîmes (like Luque) who would stick to it. These three conductors had to ensure a quality performance by providing different, complementary but always effective bullfighting.

The morning of the cartel presentation at the town hall of Nîmes (Archive: Coralie Mollaret).

New, tailored and intricately assembled, this feria will have a beautiful dress and lots of noses. The vault boss made a bet. A fair less flashy, but more serious. An event without glitter, but with links, interest and concerns will be brought back to the center of the debate. Let’s hope that the toros combine well with this part and that the fervor doesn’t bother some stars’ absence. Bet those present will be happy to be there and they’ll do whatever it takes to come back!

Registration will be open from August 1 to 19. Separation of places from August 22. Opening hours, August 1st, will be Monday through Friday, 9am to 2pm, and 22nd August, Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 6pm, and Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. On performance days, the box office remains open non-stop at 4, rue de la Violette, BP 61480 – 30017 Nîmes Cedex 1. Tel. 0 891 701 401 (0.225 euros including tax/min).

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