Travel slowly with the discovery of Mayenne on horseback

You can walk in Mayenne along the paths in your caravan by horseback. Le Roc au Loup, 10 kilometers north of Laval, invites you to immerse yourself in nature with a few guinguette-style stops.

9 am in the small town of Andouille at the equestrian center Le Roc au Loup. Welcome sequence with the horse.

A hike always begins with contact with the animal and a little technical preparation.

“LIGHTSyou pass the lanyard well and you have to tighten everything well“Chloé Dumora, the instructor in charge of a small group of novice riders explains.

Then where to walk.

In a day through cages, forests, rivers.

A few hours are shared between the complicity of his mount and the calming natural setting.

Hiking is an activity where you take your time.

Here we rest for the horses“instructor details” because the grass has enough water for the season“.

We’ve just done different hilly trails with a few rocks so we’re having a pretty quiet pace.“Chloe added.

Le Roc aux Loups, an equestrian center in northern Mayenne, also raises Camargue horses.

So all outings are practiced with these modestly sized and fairly peaceful mounts. It is perfect for younger children.

The good thing is that we can be on the horse and we are in the open air“confirm Noah” and not many people“.

La guinguette de Montflours is the rider’s only stop on the long road.

Here mounts can be mounted like in the old West and they can also be restored.

It’s a padlocked bakery in front of the Rochefor . Bridget”exactly Roch de Robien from Guinguette de Montflours.

There is a small lawn for horses to lie in the shade“Roch added.

There is enough to put saddles and bridles and have a quiet lunch with a resting horse.‘ he concluded.

For Lila, a young rider for a day, hiking comes first.” Get in touch with your horse and share a good time with other hikers“.

Today we are doing a great hike on various terrains” she explained.

“It can be roads, paths, lots of places to explore“Lila is delighted.

And in Mayenne there is what it takes“, she concluded with a smile.

But the spike isn’t just limited to parts.

Always accompanied by Camargue horses, the organizers also do not forget the richness of the surrounding areas.

We offer hiking trips in La Plaine sur Mer and we also go to Mont-Saint-Michel“Marie-Anne Lefort, manager of the Roc au Loup equestrian center explains.

We go there in a van with our horses and our riders and we spend the day there“She explained.

We will cross the bay and visit Mont Saint-Michel. We then crossed the bay in the other direction walking, trotting and galloping. With 10 to 15 riders, it’s very popular every year“guaranteed Marie-Anne Lefort.

While waiting to paddle in Couesnon, it is the river Ernée that the horses cross, who have not forgotten their Camargue roots.

In France, there are 7,000 equestrian centers, many of which develop this hiking activity.

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