TRUTH OF THE DAY Choose your hallway at the feria: everyone has their own preferences, but everyone’s tastes

A part of the gaur herd of Garcia Jimenez (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Pentecost in Nîmes certainly took place in the streets but most of all, it began in the arenas. It is in this more than two-thousand-year-old amphitheater that eight performances (including last night’s Camargue race) are taking place for this 2022 edition.

Some bet against each other on the future of such and such racing, others secretly noted the monsters observed at the outcrops to say that, when the time came, they loved especially when some people talk about their genes, their iron age or the know-how of the breeder. That is for the bulls. Of course, pedestrians too! Who never thought so and sure to win and that we shouldn’t miss this outing at hombros? Who has never been a “fan” of the conductor? Feria, in the arenas, too.

Driven by its fiction and moral underpinnings, bullfighting persists. On this first day of Spanish tradition, let’s take a look back at the force present and the performances to watch. Everything after that is subjective, so don’t take it as obscurity but see it as a simple choice backed up by your servant’s words.

Part of the bulls of El Parralejo (Photo Anthony Maurin).

This Friday is probably the late day when the bulls are at their best. Take a look at the El Parralejo breeding graphic, it’s a bit funny, but let’s not forget to talk about these bulls. Created in 2007 and introduced in Madrid in 2015, this ganaderia originating from Domecq through Jandilla was created to serve the success of bullfighters while keeping the wood on top of the fighters. cow. This iron will also be presented in France. Face these native gaurs from Huelva, Curro Diaz, Juan Leal and El Rafi. The first, from Linares, was a jeweler of toreo. Slim, rounded lines and very natural curves. The other two, the cubs, both French, will fight in another match. Arlesian Juan Leal put himself on the horns and developed a dominant bullfight. Rafi places his intentions at this point between his two companions. A race to see. Real and without chauvinism.

Curro Diaz is here in 2019 (Anthony Maurin Photo Archive).

Fast forward to Portugal’s evening bullfight with João Moura Caetano, Marcos Tenorio Bastinhas, Léa Vicens and Juan Manuel Munera, who will have to march in front of the bulls of Irmãos Moura Caetano. Two positive points to go to the race. On the one hand, the presence of the forcados (a group of brave people who stop the toro by clinging to its horns to immobilize it and return it to the toril), and on the other hand, it has been more than 20 years since it had no Portuguese bullfight in the arenas at night!

Andrés Roca Rey last September (Archive Anthony Maurin).

On Saturday, the hallway of Garcia Jimenez. Bulls from Salamanca, but the bloodline is dominated by Domecq through Jandilla as was the case with Friday’s bullfight. Face them, Jose Maria Manzares. From Alicante, his family lineage did not prevent him from being known and recognized for his own talents. He has nothing left to prove and he likes to win in the city of the Antoninians. Beside him, another strong bullfighter. Andrés Roca Rey has replaced him here, in our arena, but he rarely wins there, it’s time for things to change and let him capsize the drunken boat. Two years older than this last bullfighter, Alejandro Marcos will still be the cartel’s third. He presented at Nîmes and, as tradition dictates, he confirmed his doctorate for the occasion. We don’t know much about him but it’s a great reason to come see him, because last year he cut an average of two ears per bullfight.

Soalito was here last September (Archive Anthony Maurin).

It is from Sunday that the frenzy will absorb the races every day. In the morning, novillada of the Cape of Gold of the peña Antonio Ordoñez. A bullfight not with four-year-old bullfighters but with three-year-old bullfighters whose apprenticeship continues. First, the head of the lidia, Solalito, a Nîmes, who knows the place and the stakes that come with it. Solal is a good bullfighter and he’ll be eager to show his best in front of his audience. Alvaro Burdiel, let’s face it, is a Sevillian that started last year in this category and about whom we know almost nothing about it, he comes to Nîmes and has to choose ten novilladas. The chef’s surprise was the presence of Lalo de Maria. A young man (the native of Montpellier didn’t blame him) who had a great history with the arenas of Nîmes. Only judge he is at the end of his career, not his parents, not his youth. He has things he wants to show you and he intends to show you them from all angles. Cape d’Or novillada is always a good time for fans. Things are going there, young people who want to present themselves in the best light and Roland Durand’s novillos, if they come out like last year, will contribute to the show.

Pablo Aguado here in 2019 (Anthony Maurin Photo Archive).

For those who are late, the bullfight will be artistic. Thanks to the Jandilla toros who ensure the quality of the needed and carefully selected cattle. Why are there bakeries this Sunday? As for their normality, their identity, their nobility, and their way of cooperating with bullfighters. Morante de la Puebla will also lead the race for these stars. It leaves no one indifferent but only rarely opens the wonderful doors of first-class arenas. Some will say that a single pass from their favorite is enough to quench their sluggish thirst for bullfighting. In any case, it’s been six years since he arrived in Nîmes! It took Juan Ortega a long time to get off the wheel, but for two years he performed in an uncomfortably bully manner. A measure of verticality, hinting at a circular ring and the entire view of the temple. Finally, Pablo Aguado has his small fan club in Nîmes and the south. Aguado hasn’t been to Nîmes since the Covid crisis started, he misses the frenzy and he thinks the Sevillan will be the replacement the Morantists have been waiting for so long…

Léa Vicens in 2020 (Archive Anthony Maurin).

Last day of feria and last morning. As always, make room for the horses. Bullfighting has its audience, the audience usually isn’t that of a classic bullfight. Here, the audience will come to see the costumes and possibly forget the foundation of this equestrian art. Toro becomes meaningless and does not pose much danger to the mount. This is also why we see in this type of show a veritable artsy arms race. At times, the audience should also watch carefully what the centaurs do and how they do it! Briefly. The great dynasty of Hermoso de Mendoza will be reunited with father Pablo, general manager lidia and young Guillermo to close the march. Lea Vicens, from Nîmes and recently debuted in triumph from Madrid’s arenas, completes the cartel. Beautiful horsemen, different bullfights so there is little chance of getting bored.

Alejandro Talavante last September during his return to center stage at the Goyesque bullfight in Arles (Photo by Anthony Maurin Archives).

Closing the festival with a Champagne lobby! Here too, the quality and regularity of the herd will ensure a good performance in this final race. The people of Victoriano del Rio are the blood of Juan Pedro Domecq y Díez. They indulged in the muletas of bullfighters and kept an attractive mobility while often having strength on horseback. Face them, Nîmes’ darling, El Juli. Yes, he replaced him here a long time ago. Yes, he is open to criticism about many aspects of his bullfighting but he seems to be returning to the purity that we so enjoyed in him. Juli is still Juli, a geek, a real conductor who knows everything about bulls. Don’t worry, he won’t fail. Alejandro Talavante is also in good form since returning to business. His prowess in bullfighting is easily recognizable among others, his sense of rhythm, his sweetness in bullfighting give him effective gestures and a sought-after serenity. . For his presentation and thus his confirmation of the alternative, Tomas Rufo will be the trigger for the bullfight to end. He was born a year after Juli replaced him in the arena of Nîmes. Even if his number of bullfights in 2021 isn’t crazy, two, he managed to cut off eight ears and one tail!

There is no order, but take a chance… No, there is no way to get there, so come as often as possible. In any case and you will understand it, except for enthusiasts a bull los, pure of pure, everyone will find their account. If you like horses, opt for the nighttime Portuguese or simply a Monday morning bullfight. If you like the fight without the excesses, choose the lobby on Thursday, or Monday night. If you appreciate art from all angles, enjoy the Saturday or Sunday afternoon races. And if you want to help with tomorrow’s bullfight, come to novillada because you need it here too!

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