Two Ardennes draw horses win prizes at agricultural fair … in Argentina

Two Ardennes draft horses won prizes this week at Rurale, the popular agricultural fair in Buenos Aires. This great recognition marks a turning point for the breeding of the Chantal Badin and for the expansion of the breed in Argentina.


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This Sunday morning at Libramont, Yves Olivier did not lose a single match in the competition for two-year-old stallions. Stud-Book of the Ardennes vice president of draft horses is here not as a member of the jury, but as an operator: “I was looking for a good stallion to ride with. bred in Argentina”. Argentina … The journey of 11,000 km began decades ago, in the region of Entre Rios, north of Buenos Aires, in the agricultural property of a French couple: Jacques and Chantal Badin. “In 2009, we acquired six Ardennes elements. One stallion, four pregnant mares and one six-month-old mare“, recalls Chantal Badin. Coming from several farms in Luxembourg where she joined the company of Benoît Coppée, the horses immediately showed their adaptability to the Argentinian climate. Since then, the herd of horses. Prosperity even accelerated this past May with official recognition: “The steps are long, but done, the 27 Ardennes are now officially included in the guidebook of the “caballos de tiros de la Societe Rural de Buenos Aires”“, welcomed Chantal Bandin. This week, Gustab and Niebla were even awarded and paraded on the big ring for the first time at the famous agricultural fair Rurale de Palermo, “THE” in Buenos Aires, with the attended by tens of thousands of visitors and by the country’s highest authorities. A prestigious gallery, with the atmosphere of Libramont, where Ardennes made an impression.”The jurors were completely amazed by the gills, by the extent of what they called the animal’s “caja”, its chest, and at the same time its docility. All-new Ardennes’ head in the Argentinian horse scene”Will the Ardennes draft horse be the turning point in its expansion in Argentina? Chantal Badin is convinced of this because the animal, more than others, exhibits the following characteristics: strong, agile, docile, capable of precise work in the plains of the camp or on steep terrain of the southern mountains, in vineyards, and even… in therapy. “Equitherapy is very developed in Argentina. We get great results, and there the Ardennes horse can provide thousands of answers. “But as in any breeding, the danger is inbreeding. This is why the Belgian Ardennes Stud-Book was asked to find some new blood in Libramont. “I think we have what will fit. We went back through the genetics to make sure that there was no crossbreeding“, designates Yves Olivier. This stallion is none other than the winner of the two-year-old stallions, a coincidence and source of pride for breeder Damier Devillers (Marchin):”If it is possible to export semen, that is clearly another recognition for our breeding“If the deal comes to fruition, the stallion will go through the European Horse Center in Mont-le-Soie, where its semen will be collected and then sent to Argentina. There, the foals will be found. The young Ardennes will be born Descendants of the breeding run by Alphonse Gillis in Coustemont.

Christopher Thiry

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