veterinarian Thierry Bedossa embarks on the race for legislative elections

On June 12, the French will drop their envelopes in the ballot box in the first round of legislative elections. In 4e Oise’s constituency, veterinarian Thierry Bedossa decided to wear the colors of the Animal Party by proposing his candidacy. Together with his replacement Elisa Gorins, he hopes to create a better world for our furry, hairy, and scaly companions. Woopets went to see them.

Relationship between Thierry Bedossa and animals are not new. As a child, he observed birds in the wild and often curled up in the hands of the inhabitants of a farm. His grandmother, who accompanied him to the early days of his life, opened the door to this fascinating world and served as a veritable “animal encyclopedia”. In a secluded setting, surrounded by birds, cows, goats, dogs, the boy experienced his first feelings for wild and domestic animals.

As she grew up, her dream of becoming a veterinarian came true. The young man, imbued with motivation, wanted more than anything to work for the happiness of species other than our own. Long study abroad trips in France and North America allowed him to meet beautiful and diverse people, and also enrich his knowledge. However, at the beginning of this great adventure, Thierry sweep away your ideals with your fingertips.

From the first week of training, I was scaredtold us our interlocutor, discovered that the man in the high-income country I used to organize hell on earth in a way that was almost systematic for all animals, and apart from the main operators was a veterinarian y (no veterinary controls, a closed abattoir), it was terrible for me. Every year, in France, nearly 850 million land animals are in anhedonia, meaning they no longer feel anything because they are being raised intensively. In my 35-year career, I’ve spent my life being angry. There is a major type of rejection in my career, which I have always found unacceptable. »

In addition to fulfilling her dream job, Thierry establish an association Action for Animal Life (AVA). ” Taking care of animals is important to mehe explained to the editorial team of Woopets, I bought a farm to be able to receive and save animals that would otherwise be killed. »

Despite his various actions, the man who was whispering in the ears of the small animals did not notice any improvement. Like ” there are still a lot of animals being abused and killed », Thierry Bedossa reached a new milestone: political commitment.

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Speak for the voiceless

Thierry has begun a new chapter in its history in the company of its right hand, Elisa Gorins. Former wildlife journalist, 29-year-old young woman in charge of communicationsAVA and his longtime friend’s veterinary clinics. United by an equal sensitivity to animals, joining together in the legislative race is obvious.

And in Oise, the pair has an important card to play. Hunting, horse exploitation, forest protection and biodiversity are the main axes that need to be protected in this area. And then, for the 50-year-old maniacally in love with green spaces full of life, expressing himself in a rural setting has proven to be bonding.

The interest of the Animal Party’s presence in these legislative elections is to force other candidates to take a stance on animal welfare issues. “, valuable Eliza. For his friend, supporting his group is a guarantee of animal welfare above all else. ” It also votes for a person who is a part of his country’s life “, he added. After years of care and concern, representing the voiceless has become the main mission of this passionate duo.

Humans tend to anthropomorphize and speak for animalsspeak Eliza, it starts with a very good intention, it is full of benevolence, but not necessarily with knowledge behind it. “From their childhood, Thierry and Eliza carry on their shoulders a package filled with personal and professional experiences, which have continued to grow over the years. According to them, their journey will help them complete their political journey.

Who will represent the animals?request Thierry, During the Middle Ages, they were represented by lawyers, especially to put them to death. Personally, I want animals to be considered in their own right, i.e. intelligent, sensitive and vulnerable creatures. It’s a real political idea. »

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A daily struggle

On the path of political engagement, Thierry and Eliza find themselves faced with a series of animal-related problems, problems that have remained unresolved for a long time.

Wearing Animalist Party colors is to promote progress. “ There is a kind of animal revolution going on todayguaranteed replacement, Our relationship with animals must change through better knowledge of animals later on, through a desire to go beyond stereotypes, dusty habits and preferences that prevent things from moving forward. before. »

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In the question: ” What have animals taught you? “, the young woman did not hesitate for a moment before telling the story of her first dog. His new 4-legged companion, a far cry from his vision of the “touchy and perfect dog,” has shaken his clichés. The Spaniel Papillon, having joined his small family 10 years earlier, had taught him to love and respect others without prior prejudice. Each hairball turned out to be different.

For Thierry, he evokes the importance of intuition. “ It is something very animalvaluable Eliza, to listen to his instincts rather than a series of external considerations that often baffle us and take us away from our true selves. Veterinarian and Animal Party candidate has learned to act on instinct thanks to the creatures he meets since he first stepped here on earth.

His fight to protect animals and his right to life continues through legislative elections. As long as suffering and cruelty persist, Thierry Bedossa not ready to lower the arm.


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