VIDEO. Mass attacks on livestock in Hautacam: “It’s ranchers or wolves”

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About sixty sheep were killed in a month on the summit of Hautacam. In question, the wolf follows the breeder. Proof, a video that Marie Aberet has decided to make public to put the State before its responsibility.

“Tonight, I don’t sleep here. I’m about to be scolded by my wife. Six nights, Jean-Michel Duclos stood helpless in the summer meadows of Castelloubon, where he lost two battles on the night of May 22-23, and at Vic-de-Préchac, where Marie Aberet’s flock was attacked in night of May 27-28. He hopes to identify the animal that has caused the deaths of about 60 animals on the summit of Mount Hautacam since the first attack on the herd by Claude Vielle on May 8.
Having never faced a pack of wolves, the first ten herdsmen attacked thought of a wild dog. But the closest area of ​​frequent wolf presence – in the Pyrenees-Orientales – includes Soulor, they wanted to clarify.

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Jean-Michel confided: “Since I couldn’t stay, I advised Fabien to put two night vision cameras. Yes, he took it. Right in the night, the new attack. While logging the next morning, Marie’s son saw the wolf appearing in the images he was reviewing with his mother. Two silhouettes stood out in the dark, that of a 60-kilogram sheep held tightly by its throat and that of a wolf pulling it a few meters.

Jean-Michel Duclos sent his flock to attack on a mountain meadow in Hautacam.

The images are reminiscent of Marie’s horrifying scene as she reached the mountain meadows during the first attack. “The sheep lay down. I called her, she was up. That’s when I found my belly sticking out and the lack of a lamb. I hugged him and left. The environmental police honored her. We don’t raise them to see them die this way. »

It is necessary to make the ewe seriously injured in the first attack of the wolf.

It is necessary to make the ewe seriously injured in the first attack of the wolf.

The next day, like dozens of other herders in Hautacam, she took her herd back 1,000 meters below, to dry pastures for winter storage. A matter of conscience for Marie, who advanced to one of the pastures mowed with 3 weeks ago, while the 48 demons survived grazing in a field with a slightly higher fence.

The 63-year-old herder sighed: “The grass here is of lower quality than the mountain pasture. And so much so we won’t be able to mow the lawn for the winter. We will cut 2.5 hectares out of 5, max. So we’ll have to buy fodder, and we won’t be the only ones looking for it. Except that a hay ball costs 22€, while the right to leave my herd in the summer pasture costs me €35 for 4 months. »

All that for a protected organism, but unprotected breeders.

“If the wolf comes in, we have to leave. But it needs to be made clear,” adds Claude Vielle, who doesn’t believe in the solution of keeping dogs in the midst of the pack, even if the purchase of dogs and their food is funded by the State. “If hikers have to take a detour to avoid being bitten, they won’t come,” the breeder said.
“And even then, what’s the point of this offer of help?” I got it from the Department of Agriculture in early April! Which means the State knew that the wolf was in our house and it didn’t warn us! If I had known, I would never have led my flock up there! All of that for a protected bug, yes that’s okay! But the breeders, they are not protected. »

Wolf lieutenants come to the rescue

Following the attacks on Hautacam, the governor of Hautes-Pyrénées issued an order on 2 June authorizing defensive firing. “There will be no trace of the wolf,” then appoints Pierre Landaburu, OFB 65 curator. However, an additional predator observation was made on the area, in the process. onion.

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In total, 7 decrees were issued on 22 June, the day on which, with the consent of the prefect of the regional co-ordinating, the prefect of the Hautes Pyrénées decided to mobilize, together with the herders, a Additional resources by inviting wolf-hunting lieutenants. As a result, 14 volunteer lieutenants were mobilized to intervene in simple defensive shootings concentrated for 5 nights (2 people shooting per night).
These decrees are “illegal” for the Ferus association, which has the right to challenge them in court.

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