What are the 10 animals on the brink of extinction by 2022?

The extinction of wildlife is a global crisis. the poaching often appear in headlines, but loss of habitat and environmental pollution are also important factors to consider in the disappearance of some animal species.

According to a 2015 study, climate change will lead to the permanent disappearance ofone of six species on the planet if we don’t act.

Currently, there are 17 species of animals on the World Wildlife Fund’s List of Critically Endangered Species.WWF), including three species of rhinoceros, six species of primates, and two species of big cats.

Five of these species list about 100 animals or less on the planet, such as the saola, of which there are only about 20 individuals left to this day.

Top 10 most endangered species in the world

If all the animals on the critically endangered species list of WWF are in danger, some of them in the process of disappearing altogether.

10. Tiger Sunda

Here Tiger originally fromIndonesiasee its population decrease 19% every decade.

9. Sumatran Elephants

One of three recognized subspecies of Asian elephant,sumatran elephantalso the wordIndonesia and its population also decreased 19% every decade.

8. Bornean Orangutan

The gorillahighly intelligent primates, native to Borneo and their numbers decrease 20% every decade.

7. Eastern lowland gorilla

majestic gorilla The eastern lowland gorilla, sometimes called the Grauer gorilla, is endemic to the montane forests of the east. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their numbers are decreasing at a rapid rate 24% every decade.

6. Yangtze Finless Porpoise

Here dolphin of the China River, rare and threatened, saw its population drop by a third (33%) per decade.

5. Sumatran Rhino

the Rhino of Sumatra is the smallest of the living rhinos and the only Asian rhino with two horns. Unfortunately, their numbers are decreasing 35% every decade.

4. African Elephant

L’elephant African forest tree native to the wet forests of West Africa and the basin of Congo. Species lost almost half (47%) of members per decade.

3. Cross River Gorilla

This increasingly rare great ape lives in the forested hills of the border between Cameroon and Nigeria, at the headwaters of the Cross River (Nigeria). Lost species 51% its population per decade.

2. Vaquita

Vaquita is a dolphin found only in the northern Gulf California (Sea of ​​Cortez) at Mexico. An animal that seems to be smiling all the time will have every reason to see this expression disappear from its face, because its species is dwindling. 76% its individuals every decade, which means it is at risk of disappearing entirely by 2050.

1. Why?

the what’s wrongThe , also known as the “Asian unicorn”, is a beautiful crawling creature and one of the rarest large mammals in the world. It lives in the forests of the Annamites in Vietnam and at Laos.

Saola’s population is decreasing 80% per decade, which means it is at risk of disappearing entirely by 2050.

Why are mules particularly endangered?

This animal is so rare that biologists have never seen it in the wild, and few people know that there is not a single one in captivity anywhere on the planet.

A team of scientists plan to launch an unprecedented two-year search to find some of the last few Saola species and set up a breeding program to save them. They are building one of the most specialized wildlife tracking teams ever, consisting of native trackers, specially trained detection dogs and state-of-the-art DNA tracing technology.

They are just waiting for the investment to start. To help save the rarest terrestrial mammal on the planet, you can do so here.


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