What are the best outdoor cat play places in 2022?

Do you want your cat to be able to play outdoors in complete safety? We have the perfect solution for you! Settled in an outdoor cat park, your little kitty will be able to enjoy the fresh air on sunny afternoons. Focus on the most effective models.

Cat litter boxes, also known as outdoor playpens, come in many styles. There are large, fenced, rectangular parks, and small canvas bags, which are both breathable and waterproof. Choose an outdoor crate that is appropriate for your cat’s size. The animal will not need the same surface if it is only a few months old or if it is an old cat! Also, more space will be needed if you have multiple cats. Install the play in a place away from wind and sun. Of course, don’t forget to water your pet! Your little kitty will love idle moments in this summer residence: indeed, cats love to observe their environment. They have a hunting instinct and are always captivated by the movements of what is around them. Let’s quickly explore the cat park models that we have selected for you!


  1. Lightest
  2. Best waterproof
  3. Valuable
  4. Easiest to clean

Petloft cat playpen, breathable mesh

This tent is very easy to fold. Since it has mesh walls, it allows the animal to benefit from a 360° viewing angle. In addition, this park is waterproof and easy to clean with sponge and soapy water. It opens in just a few seconds because it has a pop-up system. When unfolded, the enclosure measures 120 x 100 x 38 cm. When folded, it becomes very compact as it measures only 20 x 20 x 5cm: the ideal size to put in a pocket.

DaMohony kitten playpen, with six mesh sides

Available in a variety of colors, this collapsible cat cage is both transparent and breathable. Its mesh walls allow air to pass through, avoiding the influence of the sauna. The playing pen has a polyester bottom, perfect waterproof and easy to clean. This way, urine cannot drip onto the floor. This small outdoor or indoor enclosure can hold both cats and small rodents: chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. To clean it, scrub it with a sponge and soapy water, then Let it dry in the sun.

Trixie cat cage, with mesh roof

All panels that form this outdoor cover measure 58 x 38 x 38 cm. As for the narrow galvanized wire meshes, they allow pets to stay safe while still allowing them to observe their surroundings. The enclosure comes with an expandable mesh roof that protects rodents from birds. The roof also includes a non-transparent section, creating shade within the park. This cat play pen is very easy to assemble, no special tools required. There is a small door on the side that the animals cannot open on their own.

Floving cat playpen, waterproof fabric

This very versatile cat cage can follow you anywhere. When folded, it takes up very little space. Available in multiple colors, made of Oxford cloth, which makes it waterproof, waterproof and easy to clean. It has a diameter of 73 cm and a height of 43 cm. Plus, the play is set up in seconds. It consists of a small door on the side, which is closed with a zipper. There is also an opening at the top, with a mesh panel. The structure of the notebook is made of non-toxic and sturdy PVC.

Why should you buy an outdoor cat litter box?

By purchasing an outdoor cat litter box, you allow your little companion to enjoy the garden or balcony in complete safety. The outdoor parks are large enough to let the animals grow as they please. It’s a real pleasure for him, as cats love to observe everything going on around them. However, most parks have bars around their entire periphery. Therefore, small cats can benefit from a 360°C viewing angle.

Cat parks are the ideal solution to taking your pet out when it’s not safe for you outside. Small cats especially love to climb and squeeze through the tiniest crevices, to explore the world around them. Unfortunately, this can be very dangerous for them, especially if you live near a road.

The outdoor cat park also allows you to take your cats outside while you wait for them to be vaccinated. This way, they don’t risk getting sick from contact with other cats.

How to set up an outdoor cat park?

It’s important to have a good outdoor play area for your kitten so that they don’t get bored. First of all, you can give your baby a mattress or a basket in which he can curl up as soon as he wants to sleep. Also buy bowls to keep outside, so he always has his soft drinks and food on hand.

It is also necessary to have a system to shield from sun, rain and wind. Of course, you won’t take your pet outdoors when the weather is really bad. On the other hand, it is important to protect cats from summer heat such as drafts. This is why there are protective tarps, which are attached directly to the tops of outdoor parks.

Also get some toys for your cat to occupy: stuffed animals, chew objects, etc.

Which cat breeds are suitable for outdoor cats?

In general, most cats like to spend time outside, enjoying the fresh air and distractions brought about by this constantly moving environment: birdsong, leaves blowing, wind in the bushes, etc.

However, some breeds of cats especially like being outside in the garden. This is the case with the Maine Coon, which has a highly developed hunting instinct. If they can’t get outdoors from time to time, these cats may be depressed. However, it is a large breed, so choose a cat litter with plenty of space.

Burmese are also one of the very active cats that need constant stimulation. If you have, it’s important that you invest in an outdoor cat playpen.

This is also the case with Chartreux, Abyssinian or British Shorthair.

What size should you choose for an outdoor cat kennel?

To choose the size of the outdoor cat litter box, you must take into account the space you have available, as well as the size of the cat. Indeed, a Singapura or Skookum won’t need as much space as a Savannah.

In general, veterinarians and breeders recommend a minimum of 6 meters per cat. The animal must be able to move around the house and exercise. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, don’t hesitate to buy an enclosure with multiple heights: you can add floors to it. Moreover, it is necessary to stop at more mass at the surface above the ground, since the cats are real climbers.

Of course, if you have many cats, you should choose a larger cat litter. Some individuals do not hesitate to build it to measure!

Are outdoor cat cages suitable for multiple cats?

Outdoor parks are perfectly suited to accommodate several cats. Of course, you must choose a model that is large enough to provide space for all cats. Everyone must have their own personal space and must not invade the space of others: otherwise, it may cause a fight!

If you have several cats in a large outdoor park, be sure to provide plenty of hiding and sleeping places for the cats. Also add a big bowl of water and toys for everyone.

In addition, there are parks divided into sections, with tents and tunnels. As a result, the cats benefit from some playing field, while remaining separate from each other.

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